Voices from the Village Jennfer Dakuna and Leiana Foua

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ISBN 978-1-922452-31-3 PAPERBACK

Voices From the Village


Brisbane Australia

Edited and Compiled by: Jennifer Faraimo-Dakuna and Leiana Matapuku Foua
Cover inspired by illustration of: Tana Baker – Ancient Beauty

Voices from the Village, a Pasika anthology is a collection of poems and short stories from 39 Pasika storytellers and writers. Our age range is 90 years young is to nine years old. Represented in this book are those who identify with the following islands: Tokelau, Cook Islands, Samoa, Fiji and Aotearoa, New Zealand. It is from this Pasika village we proudly share our stories.

39 WRITERS from the Pasifika


NOOROA, Pastor Iotia

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FARAIMO-DAKUNA, Jennifer~ The Tulma

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