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When billionaire reality TV show king Howard Irwin announces he has cloned 21 of the past century’s world champion racehorses and plans to race them against each other in a globally televised reality show, the racing and sporting world go crazy. The clones are now three years old and ready to race to determine who really is the Champion of Champions.

Howard enlists three high-profile racehorse trainers – Logan Weston, Angus Masters, and ex-baseball star and rookie racehorse trainer Lance Holyfield – to put in front of the cameras. For the past 18 months, Logan and Angus have been slugging it out on and off the track and have brought life back into the racing game. Lance Holyfield, with his boy-next-door image and high-tech training style, is determined he has the goods to beat them both.

The trainers’ lives are exposed to the world 24/7 as the show follows the clones’ progress from training to race days. Howard thinks of one thing and one thing only – ratings – and if that means secretly exposing hidden secrets he will do it.

Providence follows the journey of the trainers as they compete to win the Champion of Champions crown with some of history’s greatest racehorses. Love, betrayal, and the excitement and glamour of the Sport of Kings all come together against the ruthless backdrop of reality TV in this fast-paced account of horse racing’s first-ever foray into racing clones.


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When down-and-out Aussie horse trainer Logan Weston drove an upper cut into rival trainer Angus Masters, his whole word changed forever. He joined Baker Racing in the UK and, under their banner, swiftly becomes the most successful trainer in the world.

Fast forward two years and Logan Weston, Angus Masters and new trainer Lance Holyfield are about to go head-to-head racing the clones of some of history’s greatest racehorses in a new reality TV show. The clones and their trainers are beamed live to the world 24/7 on the reality TV show owned by US billionaire, Howard Irwin.

Howard didn’t become a billionaire playing by the rules. He will stop at nothing to drive the show’s ratings up – even if that means stacking the deck and manipulating his trainers and their relationships…

The Baker Racing family’s secrets are revealed to the world and their lives will change for ever.

Logan’s and Lance’s relationships are tested, along with their clones.

Angus, still fuelled by his need to topple Logan, pushes the limits with both his horses and his marriage until both reach breaking point.

Retribution is the third book in the Contention series which follows the journey of three horse trainers as they pull out all the stops to win the Champion of Champions crown.

About the Author

Author Stephen Irwin is an Aussie horseman born into the thoroughbred horse racing industry. His Contention series is written from a horseman’s point of view and a deep knowledge of breeding, training and racing thoroughbreds. Providence and Retribution are the second and third book respectively in his Contention series.

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