ISBN 978-0-9946431-8-6

Greymoon River Road

After their rather acrimonious separation, Alexis Smythe and her ex-partner Martin Thompson find themselves in both the Lonsdale Magistrates Court and the Family Law Court in Lansborough, attempting to resolve the issues surrounding their eight year old twins. 

Alexis’s mother Danielle is in a partnership with the owners of the Foster Real Estate Agency in the future development of a retirement village in Greymoon River Road, near Austenville.

Martin’s brother Justin owns the Thompson Real Estate Agency in Austenville, after taking over the business from his parents Denis and Jean.

Tensions have always simmered between the Foster and Thompson families since a disputed land deal two generations ago. The very same land that the planned retirement village is to be built on.

While Alexis and Martin are battling it out in the Courts, Denis Thompson takes one of his grandsons, Jeremy, out to Greymoon River Road to explore the disputed bushland. They use old maps from the local museum, where Denis is a volunteer guide, and discover something that now draws Alexis and Danielle into the ongoing feud between the two warring families.

About the Author

IAN has spent a large part of his working life in facility management roles in various tele-communications and data centres. He has been an active investor in real estate for many years, and has recently been involved in a Family Law dispute. Drawing on these experiences, he has written the novel, Greymoon River Road. He is married with four children, and lives in Melbourne, Australia.