ISBN 978-1922452-99-3

Just Right for You

Illustrated by CeART (I am Cadence)


From the moment you began to grow, I knew that you would be just right…

Children’s picture book Just Right for You offers a warm, optimistic way of introducing Autism to your child and embracing their differences.

Written by Reframing Autism founder and CEO Melanie Heyworth and with the brightly coloured, heartwarming illustrations of I am Cadence, the book’s Autistic creators bring a depth of insight through lived experience and passion to this work.

About the Creators

Melanie Heyworth is an Autistic mother of three Autistic children. She has postgraduate qualifications in Autism. Mel is passionate about creating a better world for herself, her children, and the Autistic community.

Mel founded Reframing Autism in 2017 and has been running it ever since. Through Reframing Autism Mel wants to bring parents of Autistic children to a more accepting, optimistic and hopeful way of parenting. She firmly believes that social change can only occur when Autistic individuals are supported to explore and celebrate their authentic Autistic identities.

I am Cadence celebrates the strengths of Autistic neurology and neurodiversity, taking its name from twelve-year-old Cadence – an active, playful and bright Autistic girl. Cadence delights in writing, twirling, patterns, counting and creating. She has a great love for animals, being outdoors and socialising with her friends.

Her first published piece, ‘Autism is why I am different’, at just seven years of age, was made into the Spanish short film Acceptance (released 2016). She has since authored various short pieces describing her experiences of being an Autistic child.

In 2019 I am Cadence produced the short documentary Bouncing Words in collaboration with Reframing Autism. The documentary explores language development and communication in Autistic children who are non-speaking.