ISBN 978-1-922629-97-5

The Third Last Communique

A Psychological Thriller

Three people from totally different backgrounds with unique gifts, will come together in the most extraordinary of circumstances. Through tragedy and euphoria, these three individuals will discover mind blowing knowledge that inevitably will change the world as we know it, forever.

James an Australian family man, Haloke a female native American astronaut, and Nadeeka a little girl living in a small fishing village in Sri Lanka, venture into realms of unsettling but wondrous revelations.

The story ends as it begun, only in this instance it will occur at a different point in time and place.

About the Author

Living on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria with my wife Liz and having taken up writing only a handful of years ago I have discovered to my great joy the wonderful world of creating stories. I hope who ever may read this book will in some way escape into my vision of wonderment and intrigue of unadulterated realms of the imagination. Photography by Peter Lamont.