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Mindful Cricket

Mindful Cricket is about one thing that powers a thousand other things: MINDSET. No one masters the game of cricket with the wrong mindset, and  everyone can play better with a Game Mindset. Mindful Cricket shows you how to create the mindset you need to be the cricketer you want to be.​


About the Author

Graham Winter played first-class cricket before retiring early to pursue a career as a Performance Psychologist.

From winning Sheffield Shield and One Day Cup Teams he stepped into a varied and high profile career as the performance psychology coach to Olympic Gold Medallists, Test Cricketers and the Executive Teams of international Corporations.

Career highlights include three times Chief Psychologist to the Australian Olympic Team, Consultant to the ICC Academy and Australian Test Cricket Team, Advisor / Designer with PwC’s Asia Pacific Strategic Change practice and Founder  of Consulting firm Think One Team Consulting (

Graham is the best-selling author of five books published by John Wiley, including Think One Team, High Performance Leadership, and First Be Nimble.

In Mindful Cricket he brings together his unique experiences and passion for performance psychology and cricket to challenge and equip cricketers and coaches to find better ways to play a sport which everyone knows is played above the shoulders.