ISBN 978-0-6486785-9-5

GPS: Your Guide to Navigating Change

Get help with:

  • Where to start with change and how to get a handle on what’s just happened.
  • Knowing when to take action and when to step back and allow life to unfold.
  • The steps you can take to understand change and work with it, instead of against it.
  • Tips on what you can do to influence change in your world.

Any life change is a journey. There’s a starting point when your world begins to change, an end point when you think you’ve made it through, and a pathway between the two. That pathway can have twists and turns, roundabouts, and hairpin bends, or it can be a direct line from start to end.

The GPS consists of three key tools to help you on this journey:

  1. A compass,
  2. A road map, and
  3. A travel guide.

The GPS as a whole gives you a systemised way to proceed through life’s challenging, confusing, and overwhelming moments. It isn’t the crystal ball you’d sometimes like to have in times of change, but its structure will give you reassurance when everything else seems out of control.

Using the road map, compass, and travel guide, you’ll come to approach change (and life!) from a completely different perspective. Change is usually uncomfortable, it can even be a little (or a lot) scary, but with the GPS you have a strategy that keeps you on track, and in tune with where you’re at along the way.


About the Author

Author, kinesiologist, workshop facilitator

Gillian has first-hand experience in navigating stress and change.  Burnout from a corporate career led her to change life direction to one more supportive of self; and now she helps others do the same! 

Creating personal change takes a combination of logic and strategy, soul searching and insight.  Gillian’s broad experience enables her to bring those skills together to guide others through stress and change and towards happier results.

Gillian is a country-girl at heart, and is on a personal mission to create change by reducing the use of single-use plastic!