ISBN 978-0-6485614-2-2
ISBN 978-1-922337-01-6

This is Love

We die for it, we sacrifice for it, we wander the earth in search of it. But what is love really? A collection of poems inspired by love. Love for ourselves, for our Creator, and for those around us. For what are we, but beings designed by Love, and commissioned to Love.

Authentic and real, these poems go deep into the heart of identity and self-worth to discover who we are and the Love that surrounds us everyday.

About the Author

Emma is a debut author from Sydney, Australia who is passionate about empowering people and spreading the message of Love to those around her.

Giving back to the community both through her volunteer and paid work, she aims to use her life and the lessons she’s learnt to spread hope and joy to all those she encounters.