ISBN 978-1-922337-82-5

Traffic Offences in South Australia

Traffic offences are the most expiated, and prosecuted of any category of offences in South Australia. Arguably no other area of the law so directly engages the community.

Traffic Offences in South Australia offers a concise and comprehensive account of the law regulating drivers and the driving of motor vehicles.
Its coverage extends from drivers licences and demerit points, to driving offences, including driving whilst disqualified, drink and drug driving, and the more significant Australian Road Rules. On each it identifies the relevant Supreme Court cases and the principles decisive to their resolution. The book also identifies issue of procedure, proof and defence at trial drawn from the author’s substantial practical experience in this area.

Organised by subject topic the book serves both lawyers, police prosecutors and the community. Its easy and readable style is designed to offer ready insight and provide quick answers to those faced with questions in this otherwise complex area of the law.