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A Personal Empowerment Revolution 

In the rapidly changing world order, there has never been a greater sense of urgency to reclaim sovereignty over our perceptions, decisions and actions. As the masses inch ever closer to blind acceptance of governance from outside authorities, it will be the self-governed individuals who lead the way for humanity.

In any area of your life where you have not taken personal responsibility to empower, you provide someone or something else with the opportunity to overpower you. If you are not empowered mentally and spiritually, you risk being indoctrinated by people who tell you how to think and what to believe. If you are not empowered physically, your body may be overcome by a debilitating illness or dis-ease. If you are not empowered in your intimate relationships, you may attract those who trigger your deepest wounds and take advantage of you. And if you are not empowered in your career, you may have to acquiesce to people who tell you when you can work, what to do, and how much you’re worth.

You live in a society that has conditioned individuals to fit in rather than stand out. In order to step into the person that deep down you know you must become, you must courageously let go of who you are. If you want to cling to fixed beliefs, remain disconnected from who you are and where you came from, and stay stuck on the hamster wheel of life, then you might as well put this book down now. But if you want to expand your awareness, deepen your connection to yourself, others and The Source from which you came, and discover meaning and purpose in your life that transcend your time on earth, then Rebirthing is the book is for you.

About The Author

Over the course of his 17-year career as a trainer and coach, Dylan Willis has delivered well in excess of 20,000 one on one sessions. This professional experience, coupled with the life experience gained by traveling to some 50 countries around the world, has given him deep insight into the challenges and opportunities associated with being human and helped him to deeply understand the commonalities that bind us all. This has led to the creation of the three core pillars of his signature coaching program – Rebirthing: A Personal Empowerment Revolution – and subsequently the nine powerful lessons he takes people through in the program to help them empower all areas of their lives. Dylan currently resides in Brisbane, Australia. All requests can be directed to