ISBN 978-0-6485862-8-9

My Rabid F**king Soul

My Rabid F**king Soul is a collection of modern, raw and dark poetry with black and white photography.

It is an observance of the human soul when it feels torn apart, wiped out, damaged and downright tearful and dire. Much is about love in all of its darkest forms and configurations.

It’s about repairing from treacherous events with some sanity intact. Many of the photos are taken by the author with additional photos contributed by Craig Stone.

This book is edited, conceived and distributed by affiliate publisher Ship Street Poetry.

About the Author

Debra May is an up and coming Poet whose works have recently been published in the Frances Anthology Australia. Her Debut poetry collection My Rabid F**king Soul was released November 2019.

A fan of Edgar Allen Poe, Oscar Wilde , Nick Cave, Neil Gaiman and Alice Cooper. Her style is more often modern, raw and dark. She lives in South Australia with her sausage dog Colin.