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The Red Curtain

The Red Curtain prologue…

The 21st Century had experienced a rapid rise in both humanities access to education and health outcomes. This was basic stuff, but these gains had huge repercussions. Humans lived longer and wanted more but the Earth had given beyond its means. Humankind had been forced into a reckoning, a fight or flight for global health and a sustainable future.  Amid these tensions, civilisation looked to the stars. Out there were the resources required to replenish the planet and to acquire the energy needed to see that through.  Mars, being the closest Earth-like planet, became the New Frontier of dream catchers who were willing to risk it all in the search of life sustaining resources.

With renewed commitment from global government’s and industry, space agencies from every continent on Earth worked feverishly to travel to Mars, and a steady stream of satellites seeking data, rovers pursuing evidence and expeditions seeking a stake in this new world were deployed.  The stakes were high, even though no country gave away their political or economic ambitions of exploring and exploiting Mars; it was hard not to miss the space race of the 21st Century…

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The Author

About the Author

David Barnes is a travelled Australian climber and writer. Climbing for thirty years,  working for troubled kids in the community and having sustained a brain injury training for an Ironman, he has experienced much. David is frequently published in climbing and adventure journals throughout the world and has interviewed the best in this game. The Red Curtain is Dave’s first novel and his knowledge of climbing and his research in the development of space travel combine to bring readers a reach further into their future. David is married to Rachel and has two kids who are taller and stronger than he is. 

Review for ‘The Red Curtain’

It’s Climbing Jim, But Not As We Know It.

I thought of several other cheesy titles for this climbing on Mars book review: ‘One Small Slap For Man, One Giant Dead-point For Mankind’, ‘On Mars No One Can Hear You Scream,’ ‘Finger-locks, Don’t Talk To Me About Finger-locks’, or my personal favourite; ‘Haston, we have a Problem’ (Haston being everyone’s favourite shedding and ranting grandpa, Stevie).

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Review for ‘The Red Curtain’

Review by Marie Gilbert

A climbing mission on Mars to collect precious minerals to save Earth’s dwindling energy reserves after years of climate change. Sounds far-fetched, right? Well not if you’re Dave Barnes, this could be a reality in the not so far off future.

Set in 2043, Dave takes the reader on a rollercoaster ride—well, a spaceship ride—to the red planet and all its dangers—known and unknown. But thanks to future technologies and a team of climbers at the top of their game, it becomes possible. And, if you think climbing on Earth is tough, try it in a space suit, with the pressure of the Earth and all its inhabitants relying on you to complete the mission

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