ISBN 978-1-922722-09-6

Finding a Prince to Keep

Ella Hudson didn’t know. She thought she’d found the perfect guy until he called off their wedding, a few weeks out from the big day. Heartbroken she creates her own events planning business, working long hours and weekends, giving her clients their most amazing day, whilst leaving little time to dwell on her own single life.

But a chance meeting with Oliver Finch, hotel manager of The Conrad Hotel NY changes that.

Young, dashing and hard-working Oliver, often works long hours at his career, something his mother always grumbles about despite her best efforts to do a little match making. There’s more to life than work, she always tells him. Until he meets Ella.

So begins a friendship between Oliver and Ella, a little rocky at first, but then an opportunity arises as a small tragedy leads Ella to work closely with Oliver on a series of social events. Can Ella pause enough within her own work schedule to realise her feelings for Oliver? Or will an old flame destroy the relationship as it’s just beginning?

Does Oliver turn out to be her Prince after all?

About the Author

My love for reading began at an early age. I would often spend an afternoon with my head in a book, especially when we were travelling in the car, much to my parents’ annoyance, because I should have been looking out a window.

But a good story transports you into another world, and so grew my love of reading.

My love of writing, however, began when I won a short story competition at school and the story was printed in the local newspaper. This has been my first and only published story, until now, I hope.

Writing and creating characters and their stories is an intriguing concept. You want to create a world that sucks the reader in so deeply that it has them wanting to read further so much that it’s hard to put the book down. That’s what I aspire to: a book that has to be read right now until the end, one you don’t want to put down.