ISBN 978-1-922527-04-2

Tic Tac and Jackson the Cat

Based on a true story of Tic Tac and Jackson two cats that connect after a life changing experience. Jackson finally learns to accept the new arrival of Tic Tac into their home and family.

Brightly illustrated with rhyming pages, this book will keep children captivated to the end with its lesson of acceptance.

Connie Knight self-published author of 'Tic Tac and Jackson the Cat'

About the Author

Connie Knight started writing Children’s books 25 years ago when she was a single mum with three very young daughters Olimpia, Candice and Sabrina.

Watching her girls play and listening to their imagination inspired her to write 7 childrens books that the girls loved. Twenty-five years later Connie has started to write again back to creating fun short stories that rhyme and bring joy and learning for children.