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ISBN 978-0-6482394-6-8

Life, Blood and Love: They Flow Together

Clive Brook takes us for a walk with Jesus to Emmaus, and into the field with sheep and their shepherd. He shares insights into subjects preachers don’t often look at such as Hell and Judas Iscariot.
He reflects on how Pilate was placed between a rock and a hard place by the belligerent Sanhedrin.
Clive sees clearly how Jesus defeats the challenges the devil throws at us. He rejoices in the tender love Jesus shares with his Dad and the tremendous power they put into the creation of the universe. Clive ponders how God is flexible and loves all churches, in spite of their different doctrines. He reflects on the dilemma that Philemon had with Onesimus.
Clive tells it as it is – that can upset secular humanists when he calls their self- centred lies for what they are. He delights in the covenant with God that Jesus gave us. He tells us how love flows in blood and gives life.
He challenges the complacent easy-going Christianity that often pervades the church. Clive shares the joy people feel when touched by Jesus’ healing Spirit.