ISBN 978-1-922722-41-6

Major Grumpy Morning Man

ladies and gentlemen, woo who, of course young children too.

We would, love to introduce you to the Major Grumpy Morning Man crew.

A morning routine doesn’t go to plan, it’s Major Grumpy Morning Man.

From causing strife to a beautiful wife from putting on a shirt to going berserk this is Major Grumpy Morning man getting ready for work.

About the Author

The authors wife called him Major Grumpy Morning Man. Going off if all didn’t go to plan. Yelling over little things gone wrong, same tune, different song.

No goodbye, no hug, no kiss, his unkind words, her clenched-up fist. Until she said no more, she sent him packing, she closed the door. He was left to make some changes, he got help, he talked to strangers. He finally got to see himself, he wrote this book, he wants to help. If you see yourself in this book there’s help out there you need to look.