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Fact, Conjecture, Speculation

and the Unsolved Murders of Marianne Schmidt and Christine Sharrock

On 11 January 1965, 15-year-old best friends, Marianne Schmidt and Christine Sharrock were overwhelmed and slaughtered in the sandhills behind Sydney’s Wanda Beach. Not only had the killer struck in a public area and during the summer school holiday break, but he’d done it in broad daylight. Despite the brazenness of the act, several police investigations and their ostensibly ongoing inquiries have failed to bring the killer to justice.
Why did Marianne and Christine walk into the sandhills that ill-fated day? Why were they killed? How did their killer, who was almost certainly blood soaked, leave the area unseen? Why have the various police investigations failed to identify the killer? Were Marianne and Christine early victims of a ‘True Crime Anti-Hero’ like the vile Derek Percy, or the sadistic Christopher Wilder? Were they victims of a sexual assault gone awry, or were they the ‘gateway’ victims of a short-lived ‘ripper-esque’ killing spree in the Sydney-Wollongong corridor?
In a search for the truth about the Wanda outrage, these vexed questions are examined through the lenses of fact, conjecture and speculation.

About the Author

John Bicknell is a licensed private investigator. He does not like questions without answers, but is learning to live with them.


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Pleased to Meet!

Does the Rock Roll On, or do we that Roll, Rock On?

We all exist, so why not read on to further imagine yourself creating such a change for you!

I know I did and I wrote this book among other’s and came up with this to say: existence always breeds creation! 


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In-Different Times of Chaos!

True Crime Stories

A true story lived and written by author and publisher Justin Daniel Broughton.

I find its rather ironic that this book I wrote is, too, made from a time of indifference. It was written in Victoria’s Melbourne and designed by a company in South Australia’s Adelaide. Which of course has 30 minutes to an hour time delay in-between both states of Australia. This makes the timeframe, not the same, yet dates unlike my story the very same. Quite ironic don’t you think?


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For Richer or Poorer

I would like to say that in life we as family and people who love and respect one another but never truly get the chance to say how much they truly love someone. These books are my way of telling friends and family that in my heart lies not only love and respect for all lives lived into a place of eternity that has no ending of love and sacrifice. Thank you to all and from within these words let all our love and respect see us through to the love and respect of a sacrificial never-ending eternity, where the end is only the beginning.