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Killarney Heights

Secrets of a sleepy suburb

This delightfully curated book documents bite sized facts and interesting insights of the area now known as Killarney Heights. Scratch beneath the surface of what’s hidden in plain sight and delve into the past to reveal the secrets of this supposedly sleepy suburb.

This is a not-for-profit publication, with all net proceeds going to support local heritage, environment and community project.


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The Travelling Monkey Lion

This is not another travel book that talks about historical museums and the ecological sights and sounds of famous landmarks. This book is about the deep truths that traveling reveals.

It is about the characters we meet and the unknown places we discover. It is about the hardships and the ecstasies that comes with risking it all to gain what no one else can take away from you – personal growth and life experience.

The content is based on true stories from my own personal experiences – documented stories from my travels over the past fifteen years. The book was written to encourage people to travel. It explains how travelling can enrich your life and excel personal growth. It is a travel memoir written to
encourage readers from around the world to make travelling a priority.

I hope that the book will motivate people to become a member of our travelling community, inspiring them to explore the world. I believe that the essence and truths in finding out who we really are, can only be found or at the very least excelled, by the wisdom and knowledge discovered through exploring the unknown. I have documented this through humor and a sense of realness, using an abstract analogy borrowed from the animal kingdom to set the tone.

I want this book to enable and encourage people to recognise and experience their own travelling ambitions. It should manifest the urgency to compile itineraries and plan trips that will enable them to discover or rediscover their true selves.

In summary this book is written for all the adventurers and should serve as a reminder that it is never too late to dream. God created this beautiful planet not for us to view from a safe distance but to experience it hands-on, meet new people, see places and make memories.



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We Live in a Caravan

Told through the heart of a child, We Live in a Caravan offers though-provoking inspiration for all ages. This book uses rhyme and repetition to reveal life’s most meaningful values wile capturing the experiences lived by travelling families. You will be taken on a journey of reflection, and be inspired to reconnect with nature, culture and family. Featuring real memories and original drawings by Aussie kids met along the way. This genuine keepsake will warm the hearts of every travel-loving family.


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John Williams – Missionary to the South Seas

The effect of the Good News concerning Jesus Christ has transformed the lives of our people from a life of hopelessness to that of hope and blessings.

The missionaries gave us a good knowledge of the English language. It has given us a clean and prosperous lives. It has given us easy access to the Country of Australia and all Commonwealth Nations.

But it did not just come freely; men and women from the United Kingdom through the London Missionary Society suffered so much to avail to us such privileges. Many of them were martyred. All of them were deprived of the luxuries and comfort of their homeland.

This journey will take you back to the history of your ancestors.

Every word jotted by John Williams imprints a vivid picture of how the Cook Islands people thought and lived, confirming practises and inclinations.

These recounts are an unfolding of the Cook Islands history.

About the Author

Rev Iotia Nooroa holds a Master of Arts Degree in Biblical Studies from the Evangel Christian University of America, Louisiana USA, 2013 and a Bachelor of Theology from Prairie Bible Institute, Albertan Canada, 1981. Teacher and preacher within the Cook Islands Community and visiting lecturer at the Takamoa Theological College, Rarotonga, Cook Islands. Pastor at Casey Bible Church, Melbourne, Australia and Principal at Casey College of Biblical Studies, Melbourne, Australia. Married to Terepai Tutu Mani and has two girls Nanua who is married to John Amato of Samoa and have five children: Tarai, Iosia, Tepaeru, Tereapii, Pouna; and Moari our second daughter. Speaks and writes both English and Cook Islands Maori fluently and understands French, Tahitian, New Testament Greek and Biblical Hebrew. Born in the village of Ruatonga, Avarua, Rarotonga, Cook Islands, 1953 and raised up in the Cook Islands Christian Church of the London Missionary Society, at Avarua. Now living in Melbourne, Australia, 2020.
Mrs Terepai Nooroa holds a Master or Arts in Biblical Studies Degree (M.A.) from the USA and a Bachelor of Religious Education Degree (B.R.E.) from Canada. Serving with her husband in all Ministries of the Church.


FOTIAS, Parris

ISBN 9781922629562

Adventures Through Covid


Parris Fotias has just flown home from a work trip through India. Eleven days later, COVID-19 is officially declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organisation. Soon after, the Australian Government closes its international border under Biosecurity Act 2015, essentially banning all Australians from travelling overseas.

Adventures Through COVID is a story of survival, reinvention and self-reflection. It is a personal odyssey that chronicles the frustrations of living through a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic.

From the Author

The irony is, I have always wanted to publish a book, yet on this occasion, it was never my motivation.

Returning to Australia from India on February 29th, 2020, little did I realise that this would be (as of writing) my last trip abroad. 

Throughout the month of March, as the severity of COVID-19 began to sink in, I felt compelled to reach out to as many of our clients and partners as possible, just to check in on their wellbeing.

So I started emailing them and by April 08th, 2020, these had somehow morphed into the Dear Diary series that you see today.

I initially had concerns that I would simply be an unwelcomed addition to their Inbox but was genuinely overwhelmed by the number of phone calls, emails and messages I received in reply.

Some just wanted to chat, some shared with me their own stories, while others just wanted to thank me for reaching out.

Yet I should have been thanking them, for their inspiration allowed me to relive adventures I had not thought about for years.

Travel is indeed a privilege and one that should never be taken for granted.

Parris Fotias



RYAN, Michelle

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Feed the Hike

In my life my hope is to encourage more people to get outside and experience nature and explore what this world really has to offer us other than what is in our immediate surroundings.

I would like to introduce to you all in this new book ‘Feed the Hike’, sustaining your hike with mind, body and diet.

Time spent in nature has been proven over and over to be the medicine we all need, the nutrients our bodies crave. It gives us mentally and physically the goodness that is essential to a healthy happy life, especially in this modern artificial fast paced world we now live in. The evidence of the health benefits have just been overwhelming and I also know through personal experience that yes Nature is the Nurture we need.

In my book I want to share some tips and ideas from my own experiences of many years with thousands and thousands of kilometres walked. You will also hear from well-seasoned hikers as they share with us their own tips and knowledge, perhaps helping to avoid making some silly mistakes, while letting us just focus more on making our journey a great one.

I have a guest writer and Physiotherapist, Damian Vance, he is sharing with us some of his knowledge on achieving and keeping your body in prime condition. Damian will also be giving us those important tips on what you can do on the trail if things go wrong.

You will find a chapter on Menu Planning and on what Equipment you might take with you on the trail as this can be daunting when planning a long hike.

There is also Trail Foods that I have personally tried and tested throughout my hiking life. With my ideas and recipes, I hope to help you avoid many of the prepacked foods and add more healthy choices into your menu planning for your journey. I also included a chapter about Dehydrating, this is something I am asked about a lot so I am excited to share my knowledge with you all.

ISBN 978-1-922337-10-8

The Capes

Guide book to walking Western Australia’s Cape to Cape Track.

*Companion to Michelle’s second title Feed the Hike.

About the Author

Time spent in nature has been proven over and over to be the medicine we all need, the nutrients our bodies crave. It gives us mentally and physically the goodness that is essential to a healthy happy life, especially in this modern artificial fast paced world we now live in.

Countless Universities studies have been done and proven the tremendous healthy effect that nature has on humans. Over time we have been evolving away from nature and entering this artificial world and this has been showing in the increase of health issues including obesity, depression, anxiety, allergies and so on. I am not saying that nature is the cure all, but I do believe that having time in nature is certainly beneficial to one’s health and should not be ignored.

The evidence of the health benefits have just been overwhelming and I also know through personal experience that yes Nature is the Nurture we need.

For some time now, I have been sharing many of my experiences of hiking and exploring through freelance writing for magazines, my Social Media pages, my Website and also expanded into having a YouTube channel. In 2017 I walked a trail in my homeland that has always held special feeling for me. Not completely sure why or even if I can explain the feelings to you but for me when I step on this trail I feel at home. I feel safe, comfortable, familiar like it is an old friend. It could be because I grew up in the area this trail was conceived and I did spend my childhood playing around the bushland it goes through, either way it is certainly a special one.

This trail I talk about is the Bibbulmun Track and it is just over 1000km long bush track that starts in my hometown of Kalamunda and ends at the bottom of Western Australia in the port city of Albany.

I decided after returning from hiking up through Norway that I really should hike the whole of this trail instead of just using it as a training ground. It started off as a hike for me that morphed into something else. It became a journey that I call of two sides and even though I still had my side to the journey with my own personal reasons there was the side of it I very much wanted to share with the world.

I opened up sections of my journey for people to come and walk a little with me having some wonderful people respond and join in. I also opened up my final day (day 54) and the last 20kms of hiking the trail for people to come along, walk and share the experience with me as well as donating to the Foundation that looks after and maintains this track. The response was just

outstanding and even today when I think back of all the people who showed up to support makes me tear up with joy.

The final part to this side of the walk was that I produced a documentary, Bibbulmun Journeys, to just be able to share this truly unique track with the world as well as give back to the track that means so much to me. It’s a film not only on the amazing track itself and its beauty but it is about the people who love it and care for it. This has been a journey like no other and one I have been so very proud of.

In my life my hope is to encourage more people to get outside and experience nature and explore what this world really has to offer us other than what is in our immediate surroundings.