FINN, James

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A Dangerous Utopia 

Why economic ideology is dangerous and how we can fight back.

The economics of socialism and neoliberalism are forever battling. One wrestles against state power while the other smashes away at the chains of corporate domination. What both sides wince to hear is that they share a similar ambition. A utopian vision.

These utopian dreams should be dreaded by all those forced to conform to its mandate. For what purpose is dissent in a perfect ideology? Such closed ended systems are rigid and fragile to criticism which is why proponents fight so vigorously against dissent.

Powerful groups have always found ways to hijack political power by aligning with dominant closed ended ideology. Once the reinforcing cycle of power begins it is difficult to arrest the momentum feeding its appetite for dominance. This accumulation of power is what makes utopian ideologies so dangerous.

It is time to dream of a social contract and empower it. People must see the reason in compromise, otherwise the only path that remains is one leading to two fiercely opposed camps where force prevails over reason.


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Fortress Fremantle

This book is dedicated to the memory of the 84 servicemen aboard the USS Bullhead who lost their lives in 1945.

The Port of Fremantle played one of the most predominant roles of any Australian port or city during World War II. Not only was it a significant embarkation point, and subsequently the last glimpse of Australia for thousands of servicemen heading overseas to serve their country, it was also one of the most crucial submarine bases of the Second World War.

A longstanding passion and interest in military history, plus a realisation of there being little public knowledge on the fortress that Fremantle was – given the significance of its contribution to the eventual Allied victor y in World War II, is what inspired me to write Fortress Fremantle: Its Lost Sub & Contribution to World War II.

Presented in a condensed yet significant manner, my hope is that people reading this book find it a light, easy to comprehend, factual account of what life was like in Fremantle and surrounding lands during the early 1940’s when for a while, Australia stood all alone, in the face of great adversity.

About the Author

Tim Baldock is an avid military historian, with Fortress Fremantle: Its Lost Sub & Contribution to World War II being his first book on the subject. The decision to write about the Pacific War was driven by his personal interest in that campaign, largely influenced through his work as a volunteer tour guide on Rottnest Island in Western Australia where the Oliver Hill Gun Battery still stands today.
A proud West Australian, who grew up with a deep connection to Fremantle, this book has allowed him to share his passion for history with his love of the Port.