Ten Clubs for 27 Years - The Golden Age of the SANFL by Ben Porter

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10 Clubs for 27 Years

The Golden Age of the SANFL

10 Clubs for 27 Years–The Golden Age of the SANFL gives an insight into South Australia’s contribution to the much-loved sport.

In 1964 two new clubs joined the SANFL to make up ten suburban clubs–marking the start of the ‘Golden Age’ of football in this state.

South Australians seriously love their Aussie Rules football and attended the five weekly matches in droves. If the weather was kind, it was common for over 40,000 supporters to turn up and soak up the atmosphere after a hard week.

The SANFL Grand Final played in the spring was televised across the country and attracted 50,000 spectators. In fact, the 1976 classic between traditional rivals Sturt and Port Adelaide attracted an official crowd of 66,897. Many pundits indicated that around 80,000 were actually there, as the Police opened the gates and allowed spectators to sit on the grass!

This a must-read for all Australian footy enthusiasts.

“This is an amazing compilation if you love South Australian football”

Graham Cornes

Ben Porter, self-published author of 10 clubs for 27 years: the Golden Age of the SANFL

About the Author


With my dad playing in the SANFL from 1959-66, Australian Rules football dominated my young life.

Growing up in the Adelaide Hills, I played for Belair Primary School and dreamt of one day gracing the big stage. A typical Saturday during the winter months of the 70s and 80s revolved around freezing cold mornings playing against Mt Lofty up at Heathfield with frostbitten fingers as we threw ourselves around in the slush. Then it would be a rush home for a hot shower, a hotter cup of hot chocolate and then off to either Prospect, Unley or Norwood oval to stand on the terrace and barrack for my beloved team–The Roosters.

My first taste of the SANFL was in 1976 at the Glenelg oval sitting on the wooden steps of the public grandstand. By 1978 I was a regular, although my team finished last. By 1979 I was collecting the footy budgets, wearing a scarf and a duffle coat and collecting autographs after the game as the heroes who trudged off the field sweaty and covered in mud.

The SANFL stood on its own and the suburban-based competition produced its greatest era between 1964-90. I wrote this book to pay homage to the men who graced the fields every Saturday to do battle in the hope of securing the Premiership.


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ISBN 978-1-922890-32-0

Winning the Inner Battle

Bringing the best version of you to cricket

Shane Watson is one of Australian cricket’s finest allrounders, representing his country 298 times.

But in September 2015, Shane was contemplating retirement. At 34 he was still in great physical shape, but his form had deteriorated following a tragedy the year before. Mentally, he was in the darkest hole of his life.

A chance meeting with IndyCar champion Will Power changed everything, prompting Shane to work with world-renowned mental performance coach Dr Jacques Dallaire.

It was a decision that would reshape his life. Shane discovered the keys to a consistent mental process that gave him access to his extraordinary skills once more. Across his career he’d had many glimpses of the right mindset, but had so often sabotaged himself as he lacked the understanding, tools and blueprint to repeat them.

Shane would go on to dominate global T20 cricket, testing his new mental process against the best players in the world.

Shane Watson Cricketer Author Photo

About the Author

Shane spends his time working with some of the best cricketers and coaches in the world sharing this invaluable mental skills framework which has seen many cricketers and teams go on to achieve their full potential. But what he is eager to do now is help you and give you all the tools.


‘Train your skills, train your body, now it’s time to train your mind. This book will teach you everything you need to know to unlock your full mental potential.’


‘The information in this book has helped me out so much. Not only
am I bowling better, I am loving my bowling now, more than ever.’


‘This mental skills program is so relevant and very specific with what actually goes on in your mind before you face every ball. It has really helped me deal with the daily mental battles that we face in cricket. It is now a huge part of my daily routine before every game that I play.’


‘This book gives a simple process to be able to use in all aspects of life
and with cricket, to be able to get the best out of yourself. I have no doubt in my mind that this book will be able to help the current crop of cricketers and all future generations to come.’



ISBN 978-1-922890-38-2

Out of the Frying Pan into the Fire

A memoir

A man is not just what he does for a living, but it can determine the trajectory of his life forever.

Bob Beecroft was a top-tier footy player for 16 years. Though he has achieved many fantastic things in his life, he too has had his average moments. Real life happens when you are living the dream.

Depth, substance, mistakes, growth, love and deception engraved on life with fire.

Discover that reality is not about fame and success, but how you survive it.

Robert Beecroft author photo

About the Author

Bob Beecroft played League Football at the highest level for 16 years in three states. During his career, he was selected in an all-Australian side and is also a Hall of Fame inductee among many other football awards.

This is his life story from growing up in the bush and eventually realising his boyhood dream. This story told in his own words is at times harrowing, humorous and violent.

A story of one man’s determination to achieve his dream and push on at all costs.

Now, in his seventies, he is retired and lives a peaceful life in Mount Baker, WA.


ISBN 978-1-922890-68-9

He was My Brother

The story of Rob Dickson and me

“A compelling story I urge you to read”
Gillon McLachlan, AFL CEO

One phone call, one sudden unexpected tragic event in a distant land. That’s all it took to shatter one man’s world and his close-knit family into a thousand pieces.

The death of Australian football identity, reality TV star and documentary maker Rob Dickson stunned his hundreds of associates and friends across Melbourne’s corporate, sporting and social world.

But none felt it more than his hero-worshipping younger brother, Peter. The bond between them was unbreakable. From an early age they were far more than brothers. They were mates, buddies, best pals and eventually business partners.

Rob’s death hit Peter harder than he or anyone could have imagined. The aftershock has lasted for years, taking its toll not only on Peter’s mental and physical health but also his family and business relationships.

In this uplifting memoir of survival and recovery he tells with brutal honesty of his fight back from intense despair, with Rob as his ever-present inspiration and guide.

He delves back into the pair’s childhood under the strict but loving eye of their Bible-quoting mother, traces Rob’s larrikin rise into the world of Australian Rules and details his ongoing struggles to rival his brother’s skill behind the camera.

An immensely readable story of highs and lows told with the sharp eye of one who has beaten the odds to reach the peak of his profession as an award-winning documentary filmmaker.

“They were the greatest storytellers I’ve ever known, mixing larrikin humor with existential wisdom that left their audiences laughing & crying, spellbound & uplifted. Their love for storytelling and helping others was outshone only by their love for each other”
— Ben Crowe Leadership Mentor & Mindset Coach.


ISBN 978-1-922803-86-3

One Chance

Lessons in Sport, Life, and Success

There is more to the game than just being on the court.

One Chance is a testament to how Todd Perry achieved his dreams and aspirations by following his passion for tennis, ultimately playing the most prestigious tournaments in the world against some of the most revered legends in the sport.

Todd provides his readers with insight into how to become a professional athlete, while embracing and prioritising all that was encountered on this own journey. He truly believes that triumphs are embedded within the lessons on the roads we are willing to travel…


Todd describes what it is really like to be on tour, the dedication, work and resilience that every tour player requires to break in and then succeed.

~ Todd Woodbridge

todd perry author

About the Author

At the age of five, Todd Perry embarked on his journey to pursue his passion for tennis, and by the age of twelve he had become the number one player in the state for his age. Because of Todd’s love for his chosen sport, he was able to find his life’s pathway both on and off the court.

Aged 20, Todd began travelling around the world competing in professional tournaments, and by the age of 22, he had gained a world ranking. Building on his success, this determined athlete played main drew singles at the Australian Open, thereafter focusing on a doubles career which was better suited to his skill set. He won six ATP Doubles titles and defeated titans on the tennis world including Nadal Djokovic and the Bryan Brothers.

After retireing as a professional player, he became the director and head coach of the Todd Perry Tennis Academy. Todd’s passion, derived from his experiences and journey now inspires children to pursue their dreams by utilising sport as a metaphor for their lives.

“We choose our sport for all the right reasons; always let that prevail through the journey.”
~Todd Perry


ISBN 978-1-922452-38-2 PAPERBACK

Flags, Spoons & Knives

The first book on this famous club since 1986, Flags, Spoons and Knives is a unique look at the West Adelaide Football Club, celebrating its rich history and its wonderful players.

Get behind the scenes of the Neil Kerley sacking, what happened when Tony Modra first arrived at Richmond Oval, who was West’s most famous player, which household name nearly coached us in the 70’s, how was the 2015 premiership won, and the facts behind the famous events of a great club.