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Flags, Spoons & Knives

The first book on this famous club since 1986, Flags, Spoons and Knives is a unique look at the West Adelaide Football Club, celebrating its rich history and its wonderful players.

Get behind the scenes of the Neil Kerley sacking, what happened when Tony Modra first arrived at Richmond Oval, who was West’s most famous player, which household name nearly coached us in the 70’s, how was the 2015 premiership won, and the facts behind the famous events of a great club.


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Harry and the Magic Footy Tree

Harry loves footy…
…but Harry was too small to play footy…
…or was he?


To say The Suburban Footballer has had a bit of spare time lately is a fairly major understatement. During this spare time I have been writing and illustrating my first kids book called ‘Harry and the Magic Footy Tree’. It’s about The Suburban Footballers son Harry, who isn’t allowed to play footy because he is too small but then he stumbles across a, you guessed it, Magic Footy Tree. It is the perfect book for any kid that loves footy or any adult that complained that my first book didn’t have enough pictures. 


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The Suburban Footballer


Tom Siegert is The Suburban Footballer

Tom was a below average junior player and his career has been in free fall ever since. It is the final round of the season and once again he finds himself in the familiar position of warming the interchange bench. It’s freezing cold, rain is tumbling down and his head is thumping with his worst hangover since last week. As he sits, wishing he was anywhere but playing a game of footy, he wonders why he does it to himself. Should this be his final season or should he go around one last time?

AMERY, Richard


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The Five and Ten Men


The story of ten men who helped define modern distance running.

The modern era of distance running, which began in the early part of last century, has been characterised by ever faster times and new records as the limits of endurance have been continually re-defined. The world records of today would have been largely unimaginable to previous generations of runners.

The classic events on the track for distance runners are the 5,000 and 10,000 metres, and over the period covered in this book, the world records have been reduced by over two minutes for 5,000 metres, and five minutes for the 10,000 metres. The records for both distances have been broken many times by many runners from a wide variety of countries.

However, despite the similarities in the physical requirements for each of the distances, only ten men have succeeded in breaking the world record for both events, making for an extremely select group. The group comprises runners from Finland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Russia, Australia, Kenya and Ethiopia.

Each came to the sport in a different way, reflecting both the era in which they competed and the country in which they were born. This book looks at these individuals, their sporting careers, the way they trained, their personalities, and the times in which they competed. It is the story of ten men who changed what was thought possible in the field of human endurance.


About the Author

I have always been interested in distance running. Not quite sure why. It is certainly not because of any great ability on my part. On the distance running continuum I would place myself as average – not completely hopeless, but a long, long way from world class. My only ever decent run was somewhat tainted – being disqualified (later re-instated) after winning the state marathon title many years ago. The crime? Wearing the wrong coloured shorts. Let’s just say that my interest and enthusiasm for the sport far outweighed my ability.

It is this interest, and the wish to impart something of the history of the sport that brought me to the point of writing this book. The subjects chose themselves. Of the many record holders over the classic distances of five and ten thousand metres, there have only ever been ten who have held both records. Were it to be a book on the ten greatest distance runners the list would probably not be much different. Each in their own way played a significant part in showing just what was possible, and in so doing raised the bar for those to follow.

I often say that the hardest world record to break or gold medal to win is the 100metres, simply because probably just about everybody at some stage runs a 100m race. If you have some ability it is going to become apparent pretty early. Training will build upon whatever natural ability is present. The distance events are probably not far behind. Requiring little in the way of equipment or facilities, just about anybody can find out fairly easily if they have an aptitude for the sport. That of course is the easy part. The hard part is maximizing what ability they might have.


BORG, Matthew

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A Wrestling Memoir

Pulling no punches. Setting the record straight on Australian wrestling culture in the 2010’s.

Matthew Borg’s wrestling career began in 2011 and ended in 2015. This memoir is a rundown of Borg’s time in the so-called “fake” sport of professional wrestling: the good, the bad and everything else in between.

This leaves one to ponder … is the world of professional wrestling really what it seems?

One night, specifically that of July 31, 2013, I was home alone in the lounge room watching Channel 7’s AFL documentary The Inside Man. A 60 Minutes style expose on the now infamous Essendon drug scandal wherein Luke Darcy sat down with former Essendon strength and conditioning coach Dean Robinson in an exclusive one-on-one interview. Robinson unflinchingly dished the dirt on what happened behind closed doors and the longer the interview went on, the more I could empathise with his firmly held beliefs in his pursuit for natural justice and by the end, I had no reason whatsoever to doubt his version of events.

I did not know it on the first occasion I watched in 2013, but it was to be this hour and a half of gripping television that when watched again later, would provide the impetus for what is to follow.

To be crystal clear, what you will not be reading is an in-depth look at my entire life – that is another story to be told later down the line. What you will be reading instead is an entire rundown of my time in the so-called “fake” sport of professional wrestling.


WINTER, Graham

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Mindful Cricket

Mindful Cricket is about one thing that powers a thousand other things: MINDSET. No one masters the game of cricket with the wrong mindset, and  everyone can play better with a Game Mindset. Mindful Cricket shows you how to create the mindset you need to be the cricketer you want to be.​

self-published author Graham Winters Mindful Cricket book and workbook.

About the Author

Graham Winter played first-class cricket before retiring early to pursue a career as a Performance Psychologist.

From winning Sheffield Shield and One Day Cup Teams he stepped into a varied and high profile career as the performance psychology coach to Olympic Gold Medallists, Test Cricketers and the Executive Teams of international Corporations.

Career highlights include three times Chief Psychologist to the Australian Olympic Team, Consultant to the ICC Academy and Australian Test Cricket Team, Advisor / Designer with PwC’s Asia Pacific Strategic Change practice and Founder  of Consulting firm Think One Team Consulting (www.thinkoneteam.com)

Graham is the best-selling author of five books published by John Wiley, including Think One Team, High Performance Leadership, and First Be Nimble.

In Mindful Cricket he brings together his unique experiences and passion for performance psychology and cricket to challenge and equip cricketers and coaches to find better ways to play a sport which everyone knows is played above the shoulders.