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Adelaide: Between the Wars

A stunning collection of maps and rare photographs of Adelaide CBD between WWI and WWII. Between 1924 and 1926 the Fire Underwriters’ Association of South Australia produced a series of detailed maps of the main business district of Adelaide.

In this book, each of these maps are divided into six sections, showing in detail the businesses and dwellings of each street, as well as providing some insight to the architecture and features of each property. To accompany each of these maps, the facing pages show photographs of street scenes, businesses and people from within, or adjacent to, that map.

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  1. Exclusive Limited Edition of 200 copies
  2. Beautifully curated, written, designed and printed
  3. Hardback with ribbon bookmark, gloss pages, printed ends, section sewn binding
  4. Size 420mm x 420 mm (about 1/2 meter square!)
  5. 72 pages
  6. 36 giant super detailed heritage maps – focussing on Adelaide CBD streets and laneways.
  7. Amazing rare historical photographs from the period.
  8. Collection of business press advertisements referencing the maps.
  9. Of interest to history buffs, photographers, Adelaideians and anyone interested in Australia’s premier planned city

A remarkable amount of information in amazing detail…

Adelaide Between The Wars maps


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Frida: Chosen to Die, Destined to Live


From Christopher J. Mruk

Ph.D. Fellow, American Psychological Association Professor of Psychology, Bowling Green State University

When Frida approached me as a student to help her work on this second edition of her book by directing it more toward resilience, I knew that I was about to become the student and she was to be the teacher.

As we went through the first edition talking about the changes she had in mind, it became clear to me that somehow this indi- vidual did everything “right” that we know about in terms of recovering from, and growing through, trauma. Her story takes the reader through all the stages of the process. It begins with the most devastating destruction of one’s sense of order about how the world works and the absolute shattering of personal identity. Next we follow her through the common after-effects of confusion, self-blame, betrayal, depression, and anger often associated with the process. Finally, the book leads us through the other side-effects that researchers talk about, especially finding ways to rebuild a sense of meaning, discover a larger purpose in life, being able to love again, and becoming even more than who and what one was before the trauma.
To put it in the simplest terms, this book is alive and powerful in a way that is humbling yet inspiring. It could be read as a story of personal survival, one of psychological transformation, or a journey to spiritual salvation. Anyone who has suffered at the hands of others, people who work with survivors, and those who are interested in the amazing capacity of the human spirit to be resilient could benefit from reading this book.



About the Author

Frida is the only survivor of her family, now married to Rob van der Zaag and the couple has seven children. She graduated from Bowling Green State University Firelands Campus in the State of Ohio with a bachelor’s degree of Arts in Communication. Frida has shared her story of miraculous survival, God’s grace, the power of forgiveness, inner healing and resilience around the world including, Africa, Europe, America and Australia. Frida is also a key note speaker at high schools, universities, churches, business and not for profit organizations and various women groups.
Frida spoke at the UN Headquarters in New York during the 2016 Annual Commemoration of the Rwanda genocide against the Tutsis. In 2019, Frida spoke at Memorial de la SHOAH in Paris and at the Melbourne Jewish Holocaust Centre.
Frida is also the author of In the School of Resilience.


NOOROA, Pastor Iotia

The Journal of John Williams 1823

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In print December 2020/January 2021


John Williams 1823

The Journal of John Williams

Missionary to the South Seas

The effect of the Good News concerning Jesus Christ has transformed the lives of our people from a life of hopelessness to that of hope and blessings.

The missionaries gave us a good knowledge of the English language. It has given us clean and prosperous lives. It has given us easy access to the Country of Australia and all commonwealth nations.

But it did not just come freely; men and women from the United Kingdom through the London Missionary Society suffered so much to avail to us such privileges. Many of them were martyred. All of them were deprived of the luxuries and comfort of their homeland.


VoyaginK Publishing

NOOROA, Pastor Iotia

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Wear a Mask, Cupid!

Love (or at the very least, desire) always finds a way, right? The true stories in this collection reflect our basic human need to connect with others, physically and emotionally – and we won’t let a little thing like a pandemic stand in our way.

Sometimes funny and romantic, often disastrous and heartbreaking, our brave contributors share their adventures in online dating, dating long distance, dating by stealth, and trying to date but failing. Despite being light-hearted or simply-told, all of the stories demonstrate in their own way, how deeply complex, lonely and profound life can be in lockdown.

Tina Morganella, editor of 'Wear a Mask, Cupid!
Dr Maria Isabel Jimenez, editor of 'Wear a Mask, Cupid!'

About the Editors

Ms Tina Morganella

Tina is a freelance writer and copyeditor with an MPhil in creative writing from the University of Adelaide, Australia. Tina writes short fiction, personal essays and travel literature. Her short stories have been published in STORGY Magazine (UK), Tulpa Magazine (Australia), Sky Island Journal (US), Entropy (US) Sudo (Australia) and Fly on the Wall Press (UK), amongst others. Tina also has nonfiction work published in the Australian press (The Big Issue, The Australian, The Adelaide Advertiser). In her bi-weekly blog, Use it in a Sentence, Tina introduces readers to Merriam Webster’s Word of the Day via micro fiction. Tina is currently between boyfriends, and yes, she has tried online dating with varying degrees of failure.

Dr Maria Isabel Jimenez

Maria is an Officer in the Australian Defence Force. She has a PhD in complex Military Procurement Projects from the University of South Australia, and extensive experience in logistics and procurement, both in the government and private sector. Strangely, none of this prepared her for her online dating tour of duty. Maria survives to tell the tale, with only minor battle scars and a motivational speaking tour planned, once COVID is over. She is fluent in Spanish, is learning French, and knows how to cha-cha. Current personal status: It’s complicated!!

BAKER, Andrew

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Fear Free Future

A collection of modern-day fables for today’s children.

In a world full of fear, 13 fables to enable you and your child to live a FEAR FREE FUTURE.

Featuring the legendary fable THE HIPPO WHO POOED ON US parts 1 and 2.

13 fables, 13 Animated films, 13 Steps to a FEAR FREE FUTURE.

  • 216mm x 216mm
  • 334 pages
  • Full colour throughout
  • QR code links to 13 online animations


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Canowie Station

In 2021 Old Canowie celebrates the 175th Anniversary of its foundation in 1846. This historic homestead, mid-way between Hallett and Jamestown in South Australia’s Mid North, is a remnant of the former Canowie station and Canowie Pastoral Company.
The Company was one of the earliest corporate pastoralists. Most such enterprises are owned by just one family, but the surnames of Canowie station owners and managers reads like a Who’s Who of the leading South Australian pastoralists of the provincial era.

Although the once-renowned Canowie estate has long since been subdivided into highly-productive grain farms, and its famed merino stud now operates elsewhere, for half a century the Company ran one of the most influential and prosperous sheep stud enterprises in Australia.

The genetic strength of the magnificent Canowie sheep evolved into a large framed combing wool merino, known generically as the ‘South Australian strain’. At the 1911 Royal Adelaide Show, Canowie stud rams scooped the prize pool in every category, which was a record.

By 1903 over 2,000 swagmen per year received their customary two meals and a bed at Canowie. By 1905 it was the largest private freehold landholder in South Australia.

With some shareholders having returned to England, land reformers complained that it was the third largest absentee landholder in the State, the largest being the South Australian Company. But, having sought and achieved immunity from the land reformers, the Canowie Pastoral Company was unexpectedly liquidated at the height of its prosperity.

A series of lucrative auctions of Canowie land commenced in 1909, culminating with the homestead and stud in 1925. That of 1910 was the largest single auction of freehold land ever held in South Australia to that time.

Exhaustive research now reveals the fascinating history of Canowie’s exciting frontier origins, its expansion into prosperous corporate pastoralism, and then voluntary liquidation at the peak of its success, leaving a remarkable legacy to the Australian wool industry.