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The Journey of 100 Hidden Hearts


A profound program for spiritual connection with your heart, The Journey of 100 Hidden Hearts will help you discover your authentic self, and gift you with the tools to transform your life.

The protective walls you have built around your heart are the same ones that keep you imprisoned.

It is time to find the courage to live a life true to yourself, and not the life others expect of you.

You are invited to take positive action to ignite your soul, live with true joy and fully embrace who you were always created to be.

You are the change you have been looking for, and this book will guide you home to your heart, and your true self.

Dr John McSwiney the journey of 100 hidden hearts

About the Author

Dr John McSwiney is a neuroscience based coach, and author. His coaching and programs are designed to connect you with your heart so you live your best life. He has degrees in Social Science, Law and a Master of Arts and PhD in Philosophy from Monash University. He is also a certified mBIT Practitioner, Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Timline (Matrix) Practitioner and a Conscious Hypnosis Practitioner. Dr John’s mission is to connect every person with their heart. It is his legacy gift. 

WALES, Stephen

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A true story of love & human resilience

On their honeymoon in remote Northern India, Steve and Terri’s lives would be forever changed when their tour vehicle collides with an oncoming bus.

What follows is a series of events only the rarest of people survive.Left with catastrophic injuries and given little hope of ever regaining her life back, Terri’s story is one of true courage, determination and ultimately triumph over enormous odds.

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Fork in the Road

When the screaming fades and the sounds of breaking glass and twisting metal are just distant memories, what happens next?

Putting the pieces of lives torn apart back together is a challenge that will test Steve and Terri well beyond the accident that forever changed them.

Steven Wales Author - Unbreakable
stephen and terri author fork in the road

About the Author

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PAPERBACK, 156 pages

I’ll Give it One Week

Did you know that your
body is always talking
to you, and you have
the innate ability to
find freedom from pain
and suffering?

The messages are always there, we just don’t often pay attention to what they’re saying. When was the last time you sat silently and listened to what your body was really trying to tell you, before grasping for a pain killer or quick fix solution.

In her younger years Emma struggled with severe mental illness and was being treated for depression, anxiety, PTSD, panic attacks and suicidal ideation. Struggles so severe that Emma even attempted to end her own life. Then Emma’s life took an even more dramatic turn when she was diagnosed with a degenerative spinal condition which in addition to leaving her mostly bedridden with limited mobility, led to her suffering from chronic pain for much of her 20s.

I’ll Give it One Week! is a intimate account of Emma’s personal journey and also a step by step program that you can follow to kick-start a new journey too. This book and program is suitable and recommended for anyone wanting to make positive changes, go inward and work on themselves, to discover not only their true self but the limitless potential to self-heal.

Book author Emma McAuliffe

About the Author

Emma McAuliffe: Holistic Life Coach, healer, entrepreneur, author, blogger, speaker & advocate for mental and physical health awareness!

Emma is a certified NLP coach who specializes in narrative therapy and alternative techniques and has been supporting people all over the world to self heal. Emma’s work as a coach involves integrating personalized programs supporting the self healing journey of people awakening to the power they have within.

Emma’s unique approach integrates a number of healing modalities by using a systematic Life planning & organization system which she details in her complete 12 month self development program ‘Life House.’ This signature program helps women and men get back to basics, reassess their foundation and create the environment needed to heal the mind, body and soul from the inside out covering all areas.

Emma’s mission and vision is to help others transform their lives and be free of self-inflicted pain and suffering.


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A Better Way

Burnout, breakdowns, depression and moral failure are on the increase within pastoral ministry. Without change many will struggle and feel unable to find the freedom God has for them

Have you ever asked yourself why ministry can be so hard? Would you like to learn how to find fulfilment in life? If you answered yes to either of these questions then this book is for you.

In this book ‘A Better Way,’ David shares with an open and transparent heart his journey through depression, anxiety and multiple breakdowns. David reveals how God showed him to live in a better way. A way in which emotional and spiritual health walk hand in hand.

Letting go of his past, learning to live in the now and gaining hope for the future has enabled him to understand what it truely means to live with fulfilment and wholeness. Your Soul is waiting, and it’s time to take the first step onto the ‘Better Way’ journey for life and ministry.


About the Author

David is a husband, father of three, business owner and Campus Pastor of C3 New Hope Blue Mountains in Sydney Australia. Along with his wife Emma they have been in ministry 16 years. They have a passion to mentor people and help them live in the freedom God has provide for them in Christ.


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Over the Rainbow

Reflections of Love to Overcome Grief

I hope these words of gratitude and love heal you and my loss helps you.

All babies live on in our hearts and it is your choice to remember them with happiness. There is a place of peace and they are there waiting for you. It is not goodbye, you will feel them again when it is your time to go to the light. Remember them with a smile, not with sadness. You shared your life with them, feel blessed everyday having known them when they were here on Earth.

For all those who have lost fur or human babies, I understand your loss. Know your heart grows the more you love. When you are ready you will heal, smile and love again. x

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A Gift for Humanity

ONE explains food, our bodies, health, emotions, colours, your soul, Earth & our energy connection to all, most importantly messages from the greater consciousness to help humanity.

Using food as the conductor and our body as the reactive, Ilka has energetically proven that living energy is aware and shares a live consciousness with us, physical proof that positive and negative energy can be exchanged and transferred to and from different objects and places. Why everything people speak, do, think, use, apply and feel makes a worldwide effect on the planet. Why is this breakthrough important? Because it is proof we can change the world we live in for the positive by bringing light love and peace to our lives and to all living energy. Read this and know

YOU are the person who can make a difference to the Earth!

Consciousness exists with everything living. This is your new love and compassion Bible. We can change the world loving and nurturing it back to life. We are all connected we are ONE.

It all starts with an apple…



About the Author

Information to come.

Ilka Patten signature

SOLOWIJ, Valentyna

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LEFT OF CENTRE: Turn your Life Right Around

A simple and manageable self-help programme suitable for all ages.

Do you feel frustrated because your back and neck pain never quite settles down, or relief after treatment is only temporary?

Does it feel as though you have tried everything but nothing seems to work and you have been told to just ‘live with it’?

Are you starting to despair because you are developing other areas of symptoms, like neck, shoulder and elbow pain, in addition to your ongoing back pain?

Based on the author’s personal experience of recurrent back and neck pain and the knowledge gleaned over a 40 year physiotherapy career, this book may well be what you have been searching for. Thinking outside the box, Valentyna has developed a simple and manageable self-help programme, based on 3 basic exercises and modification of our every day habits. Read on…

About the Author

Valentyna always planned to undertake a medical career. However, after learning that physiotherapists work more closely with patients during their rehabilitation, she commenced studies in physiotherapy at the South Australian Institute of Technology, graduating with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Physiotherapy in 1981. Further study at the University of South Australia led to a Master of Applied Science in Physiotherapy (Orthopaedics) in 1991. During this time, Valentyna was strongly influenced by the teachings of David S Butler (theory and research on adverse mechanical tension of the nervous system) and Mark Jones (teachings on clinical reasoning), which ultimately contributed to the formulation of her theory of the Right Functional Scoliosis (RFS).

In addition to her physiotherapy career, Valentyna has performed with the State Opera of South Australia as a chorus member in more than 40 productions, over a period of 24 years. She has also taught singing to adults and children, and more recently has trained in vocal physiotherapy techniques as well as the Estill Voice Training method.

A second edition detailing how the RFS can contribute to vocal, throat or jaw issues, as well as to upper limb (shoulder and elbow pain) and lower limb (hip, knee and heel pain) conditions is already in the planning.