MAY, April

ISBN 978-1-922890-19-1

He is Faithful from A to Z

79 true accounts of God’s Extraordinary Faithfulness in the life of a very ordinary person

He Is Faithful From A-Z is an encouraging alphabetical arrangement of God’s faithfulness throughout a life of ups and downs.

Abuse, Anger, Addictions, Miraculous interventions, Marriage, Separations, Divine reconciliations. A miracle son, High elevations, The loss of a daughter, Deep devastations,

Hearing God’s voice, Seeing His face, Lessons of Trust, Obedience, Grace. Supernatural dreams, Futuristic visions, Angelic visitations, Financial provisions.

Unspeakable Joys, Fear, Strife, Through it all God is faithful in this, my ordinary life.

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About the Author

April May, author and founder of April May Gems and mother of five, calls home where her heart is, which is either on the sun-kissed coast of Perth, Western Australia or amidst the snow-capped mountains of the beautiful South Island of New Zealand. She is passionate about sharing her stories to encourage and inspire others and to restore hearts that are in need of hope.


This excellent book will ignite your faith, you will be SO blessed, inspired, encouraged and changed!!

Sherlie Eady

I heartily recommend this book for all who are confronted with the difficulties and complexities of life and who desire to understand God’s sovereign purposes and plans in their journey. You will be challenged, confronted, inspired and edified as you read this book

Pastor Phil Howell
[Without Walls Inc]


ISBN 978-1-922890-24-5

Hair Loss in Women

Understand why this is happening to you and learn how to turn your hair growth back on

Hair loss for a woman can be a devastating blow. A blow to our self-esteem and our very identity.

As a former Registered Nurse, herself a hair loss sufferer, Bambi Staveley was astounded by the lack of information available for women with hair loss.

If you are a woman suffering from hair loss, you have probably searched the internet for answers, only to discover a world of contradictory information and a sea of so-called magic potions, drops, supplements and miracle cures all competing for our desperate dollar.

Hair Loss in Women is the result of over a decade of research. It contains everything you need to know to understand why this is happening to you and to give your hair the best chance at recovery.


ISBN 978-1-922803-98-6

Reflections from the Shadows

Reflections from the Shadows is a haunting collection of deep emotional writings that Lisa has compiled over many years, during her healing journey.

Included amongst the expressive pieces are informational sections. The topics covered within this book range from obscurity to illumination. It is her dream to help shed some light on abusers’ techniques, mental illness, personal growth and how to own your recovery journey. In a way that encourages you to take charge of your personal healing journey, by allowing yourself the discretion of collapsing down at times and developing resilience to stand back up and conquer your battles.

lisa everingham author

About the Author

Lisa was born in Australia and is a single mother of two teenage children. She enlisted in the Australian Defence force at eighteen years old. Lisa served as a medic during her time in the ADF and it was this basic understanding of the medical field that inspired her to research psychology and sociology. She used this research to grasp an understanding on the darkness that had been cast her way. Lisa worked through her darkest times with great resilience and wanted to share her experiences with people that are on similar paths.

Lisa believes that it is a great privilege to walk beside others in their darkest moments, and she would love nothing more than to be the light for others when they need guidance the most. She understands how it feels to walk alone in the darkest hour, and she hopes to help those that are in need.

It has been her dream to write a book that may become a bible to those that have been abused and learning to navigate the world after abuse. Lisa has lived through much abuse, and wishes to help others through their hardships, with her lived experience.

ANDREWS, Jonathan

ISBN 978-1-922890-14-6

The Reconnected Heart

Do you carry pain from a previous or existing relationship?

Perhaps a friend, family member or partner has hurt you and you just can’t seem to get over it. You try to move forward, but you have suffered injuries of connection and your heart isn’t healing. Injuries of connection can be the deepest and most disruptive of all psychological conditions, leading to deep feelings of betrayal, worthlessness, shame and alienation.

But there is hope.

While it is true that relationships can hurt us, they can also heal us. Your heart can mend by connecting with yourself, connecting with safe and understanding people, and connecting with the God who created you and longs to love you in the midst of your pain. Using his 20 years of experience as a practising clinical psychologist, together with biblical foundations, insights from literature and scientific evidence, Dr Jonathan Andrews will lead you through the steps of healing. . He will guide you through the chaos of psychological injuries caused by disconnection and towards a reconnected heart—and set you up for a life of trust, self-esteem, honour and belonging.

About the Author

DR JONATHAN ANDREWS works with adults and young people helping them to overcome depression and anxiety. His life motto is to live with his “heart in mind” and he encourages others to live this way too, connecting with themselves, with those close to them, and with God.

Jonathan holds a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and is a Member of the Australian Psychological Society (MAPS) and a Fellow of the APS College of Clinical Psychologists (FCCLP). He is the Director of Heart in Mind, a psychological practice in Brisbane, Australia.

He lives in Brisbane with his wife Kylie, their four children and their greyhound, Hazel.


ISBN 978-1-922722-31-7

The Journey of 100 Hidden Hearts


A profound program for spiritual connection with your heart, The Journey of 100 Hidden Hearts will help you discover your authentic self, and gift you with the tools to transform your life.

The protective walls you have built around your heart are the same ones that keep you imprisoned.

It is time to find the courage to live a life true to yourself, and not the life others expect of you.

You are invited to take positive action to ignite your soul, live with true joy and fully embrace who you were always created to be.

You are the change you have been looking for, and this book will guide you home to your heart, and your true self.

Dr John McSwiney the journey of 100 hidden hearts

About the Author

Dr John McSwiney is a neuroscience based coach, and author. His coaching and programs are designed to connect you with your heart so you live your best life. He has degrees in Social Science, Law and a Master of Arts and PhD in Philosophy from Monash University. He is also a certified mBIT Practitioner, Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Timline (Matrix) Practitioner and a Conscious Hypnosis Practitioner. Dr John’s mission is to connect every person with their heart. It is his legacy gift. 

WALES, Stephen

ISBN 978-0-6483239-1-4


A true story of love & human resilience

On their honeymoon in remote Northern India, Steve and Terri’s lives would be forever changed when their tour vehicle collides with an oncoming bus.

What follows is a series of events only the rarest of people survive.Left with catastrophic injuries and given little hope of ever regaining her life back, Terri’s story is one of true courage, determination and ultimately triumph over enormous odds.

ISBN 978-1-922722-95-9

Fork in the Road

When the screaming fades and the sounds of breaking glass and twisting metal are just distant memories, what happens next?

Putting the pieces of lives torn apart back together is a challenge that will test Steve and Terri well beyond the accident that forever changed them.

Steven Wales Author - Unbreakable
stephen and terri author fork in the road

About the Author

To come.