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The Girl From Ireland

After one year he came to this city, he was hospitalised with chest pain. The doctor who treated him believed it was a stroke and was muddled that strokes are not possible at this age. He then decided to change things around and to focus on his life, as he mentioned.

“She is everything to me and I would do anything to put a smile on her face. However, if something happens to me, she will never come to know. The sufferings will only occur to my family and it is not their fault that I failed.”

This book is about a guy who starts a ‘social media’ relationship and his willing to meet a girl in person. What are the reasons, facts and mistakes behind the actions of these two people from different worlds. Remember: actions speak louder than words. I hope the readers can relate to the story and can learn a important lesson from it. Read on…

Amar Grewal Author

About the Author

Intimate relationships are rare and how huge is the need of sharing one’s struggles and hopes with someone. That was the fuel for an online search during the Covid-19 pandemic. The author is just a friend of a guy who wants to disclosure a contemporaneous experience that had highs and lows. However, he still believes life is worth living when there is one to ride this journey together. 


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The Adventures of Sammy the Swamphen of Lord Howe Island

Join Sammy, a brave and courageous swamphen of Lord Howe Island on his many adventures. Meet his unique collection of friends from this World Heritage Island, including Tina the white tern, Willie the double-headed wrasse, Wilbur the woodhen and Sandy the swamphen who rally together to help Sammy overcome enormous obstacles. Will the Crown of Thorns destroy the coral reef? Can Sammy save Tina from Rodney and his rat gang? Will the Grommets invade the world?

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A Tale of Two Planets

Fasten your seat belts as you see what awaits you in the next few hundred years. Follow Rick Andrews and Susan Metcalfe, two Australian astronomers in their adventures after meeting Captain Vass, a siliconoid from Planet X in the Magellanic Clouds.

See how your mineral-rich Earth is so attractive to other planets, and shudder at the consequences. Become emotionally involved when Susan, a carbonoid, falls in love with the President, a siliconoid, Chancellor of the Federation of Planets in the local Group of Galaxies.

Reading this book will raise you into another dimension and your life will never be the same!

About the Author

Don Mathewson was Director of Mount Stromlo and Siding Spring Observatories of the Australian National University for nine years from 1977.

Since 1955 he was involved in studying the Universe in remote parts of the world from solitary observatories at high altitudes. One of his many discoveries was the Magellanic Stream, a huge arc of hydrogen around our Galaxy pulled from the Magellanic Clouds.

From his dome he would look up at the Magellanic Clouds and wonder if life would exist in this beautiful galaxy. He became so obsessed with this idea he decided to write A Tale of Two Planets.

In 1993, he travelled to Lord Howe Island with his family and immediately fell in love with this World Heritage Island and its stunning array of bird, marine and plant life. They have been regular visitors to the island ever since.

During long walks on the island through this magical world of lush rainforests of kentia palm, blackbutt and pandanus, Don’s imagination was redirected from solving cosmic puzzles to telling the story of The Adventures of Sammy Swamphen of Lord Howe Island.


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Finding a Prince to Keep

Ella Hudson didn’t know. She thought she’d found the perfect guy until he called off their wedding, a few weeks out from the big day. Heartbroken she creates her own events planning business, working long hours and weekends, giving her clients their most amazing day, whilst leaving little time to dwell on her own single life.

But a chance meeting with Oliver Finch, hotel manager of The Conrad Hotel NY changes that.

Young, dashing and hard-working Oliver, often works long hours at his career, something his mother always grumbles about despite her best efforts to do a little match making. There’s more to life than work, she always tells him. Until he meets Ella.

So begins a friendship between Oliver and Ella, a little rocky at first, but then an opportunity arises as a small tragedy leads Ella to work closely with Oliver on a series of social events. Can Ella pause enough within her own work schedule to realise her feelings for Oliver? Or will an old flame destroy the relationship as it’s just beginning?

Does Oliver turn out to be her Prince after all?

About the Author

My love for reading began at an early age. I would often spend an afternoon with my head in a book, especially when we were travelling in the car, much to my parents’ annoyance, because I should have been looking out a window.

But a good story transports you into another world, and so grew my love of reading.

My love of writing, however, began when I won a short story competition at school and the story was printed in the local newspaper. This has been my first and only published story, until now, I hope.

Writing and creating characters and their stories is an intriguing concept. You want to create a world that sucks the reader in so deeply that it has them wanting to read further so much that it’s hard to put the book down. That’s what I aspire to: a book that has to be read right now until the end, one you don’t want to put down.


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Sometimes the wrong choices bring us to the right places.

Red is the romantic story of a disenchanted young woman, Katriana Sophia Eliza O’Shea, who suddenly finds herself alone when it seems the one man in her world is gone.

Her life changes while searching for who she is meant to be. Kate becomes entangled in challenging situations, and finds strength in her weakness, which brings more than one unexpected turn of events. But, sometimes the wrong choices bring us to the right places.

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Just as true love brings happiness, so it brings heartbreak and surprises.

The story of Martha is a sequel to the novel Red, revealing the heart-warming journey of one special woman.

To escape her bad marriage, a fearful young Martha finds shelter with the help of her only friend. As time goes by, the friendship of Shirley fades, leaving a naïve Martha struggling to deal with the enormity of change in her life and an unexpected betrayal.

Her inspiring personal beliefs, compassion and loyalties bring joy and new friends, along with the perils of devious strangers. Being the change she wished to be was never going to be easy.

Martha soon discovers that every new venture comes with a price. And the only thing over which she has control, is herself.

About the Author

Written by South Australian author Pam Warner. It makes her happy to think up characters, names and plots and see others enjoying the finished result. With a lifetime of discovery and ever the optimist, she uses light-hearted novels as a way of sharing everybody’s need to feel loved, and because in these uncertain times, writing fiction allows her to go into a world that she has control over. And isn’t that what it’s all about?


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Out of Control

She witnessed her mother murdered when she was only ten. Judith Sommers’ fight for mental stability takes her on a journey to the west coast of America, far from her native England. Yet the real key to her sanity lies with a man who battles demons of his own.

ISBN 978-0-6485614-7-7

Intimate Conversations

Judith Sommers and Michael Raynal are now married and living an idyllic life… or are they? Ghosts from the past re-appear, to wreak havoc with their happiness. Then a new danger emerges, which could totally destroy Judith’s mental stability.

ISBN 978-1-922337-86-3

Anniversary Waltzing

Still in mourning for the loss of her beloved father, Judith Sommers’ world is completely shattered when her husband, Michael Raynal, walks out on her, just three weeks before their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. Now living in New York, with her two sons having moved out of home, a very lonely Judith is forced to face up to the fact she may have driven Michael into another woman’s arms.

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Open House

Judith Sommers Raynal, anxiously awaiting the birth of her first grand-child, has a chance encounter with a young woman at the airport, which surprisingly develops into a new and special relationship. In Michael’s absence, she holds an open house party, to which she invites all her friends and family. The day ends dramatically, with a surprise addition to the guest list.

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Those Absent Years

John Jackson Grant travels to Australia to hopefully reconcile with the woman he left, eleven years before, only to find she has been keeping a secret from him during that time. Alexis Virginia Reed is now a successful businesswoman, with a new life which doesn’t necessitate the inclusion of John Grant. Then fate steps in and the two are inexplicably drawn into a renewed relationship, with possible dire consequences.

About the Author

J. E. Ashworth is an author based in Sydney New South Wales. Intimate Conversations is her second book, following her success with Out of Control.