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Bare Winter and the Longings of Spring

 Recently published in new York Adelaide magazine, also published in numerous anthologies and poetry journals, having written over 6,000 poems, nine children’s books yet to be published, her inspiration comes from her supportive family and cherished children of three. she has received numerous awards and certificates, including an international ambassador of peace award, her passion for poetry was discovered at a young age, where she found a deep sense of belonging. Nardine hopes to inspire the world through her mix of poetry about love, life and death, taking the reader on a journey throughout her desires and dreams, her biggest ambition is to teach poetry and help others express their emotions in this great form which is the art of poetry.

About the Author

Nardine Sanderson is an Australian author/ writer poetess who’s love of words stretches across the sea to immortalise the loves in her life.


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Stepping Stones to Oneness

Poetry is the language of the heart, the seeker, and the lover. It has the capacity to transcend the bounds of this world and speak directly to the soul in profound and simple text.

In this anthology, the poet shares the words of inspiration and revelation that flowed from within during her journey to Oneness – that state of being when the separate sense of self dissolves and only One remains – complete, boundless, joyous, and full of a profound love of all things. Each poem has been woven into a powerful and transformative process that unfolds as Stepping Stones along the path.  They provide guidance to the seeker and bring all those who read them closer to the very heart of their true nature.


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Of Heavenly Beams and Earthly Shadows

Allow the depth of woven words transport you to places within your heart and soul. Find empathetic inspiration and understanding within the aspects of the darker and deeper side of the human psyche.
Thought provoking perspectives and ethereal wonders of life are shared to view the world through different eyes. The loving eyes of a natural medium.

About the Author

KAREN is a retired drug and alcohol counsellor.
She resides with her husband Edi in Perth, Western Australia.


NORMAN, Aunty Irene

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Out of My Head, onto the Page

Join Aunty Irene in a multi-coloured world of Cultural Art and Poetry.

Take a Journey with her through Community, Lived and Dreamed experiences.

Learn from the Wisdom given by her in poetic and pictorial form.

Weave your way through the rhyming stories on these pages.

About the Author

Aunty Irene Norman – proud Wailwan woman and Mullum Mullum Elder.

She teaches traditional weaving to community members and in schools. She has exhibited her weaving and other Art for the past 8 years at The Koorie Heritage Trust, and had exhibitions at the 69 Smith Street Gallery, Fitzroy, REALM at Eastlands and Federation Estate, Ringwood. She is a Cultural Educator, and works with KESOs (Koorie Education Offi cers) teaching both pupils and teachers in Australian history, Culture and Traditions within Primary and Secondary schools.

Aunty Irene is also a founding member of Yeng Gali Mullum Singers (previously the Mullum Mullum Choir), and writes some of the songs that the group sings. She is on several Community Service Committees, where she gives important feedback for the improvement of services to the Aboriginal Community.

And a Poet.


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In Parentheses

This collection is relentlessly attached to life, barging into galactic boudoirs, unabashed, and suddenly shy, it loves; it dares the sacrament of flowers and tiny birds… audacious with courage born of joy, sorrow and a woman’s not very quiet desperation. A refuge for the rest-less in the age of eco-grief/anxiety, maybe. An overreliance on epithet’s, probably. conversation argues, answers back, yelling but occasionally at dead genius’s, departed eco-feminists, and mythological tree herders alike urgently seeking truth and evolvers of the human race. It begs a response, but tries hard not to command it. Sometimes successfully; a hue and cry, a boon and a balm for such times as these.

Oh val,’ the poet writes, ‘all I wrote this year were burning poems’ . And here they are, a collection whose pages burn with love, beauty, tenderness, fury, heart wrenching sadness & a desperate connection to the earth. These are poems where clouds are mermaids in velcro rollers written by a poet who tenderly cuts away charcoal bark in search of pink. These are poems of frazzled motherhood, the grief of the empty nest, the poet’s arse, her tits, her thighs that pedal a bicycle whistling a flying tune. Kerryn Coombs-Valeontis is a poet whose soul contains ancient trees, the wisdom of wombats and a carpet of pink brushed flannel petals. A poet who mourns a million putrefying fish piled along a murdered river. A poet who sings hymns to radishes, praises the grace of thick pumpkin soup and tells of the unbearable sadness when she loses her dog. In this poet’s conga line of life, she writes of her arse, branded and shame seared by father god’s belt. She feels the weight of it all and lays it bare in these poems, urgently saying what her tits cannot say. Ali Whitelock, the lactic acid in the calves of your despair.

About the Author

Kerryn is an eco/art therapist, who facilitates online study of Ecotherapy. She collates the Ecopoesis Zine (online) and has studied poetry therapy.

Her poem “ecocidal” was included by the Australian Earth Laws Alliance in the peoples tribunal along the Murray Darling River in 2019, and she would rather her poems are useful. Kerryn’s poetry has emerged in Plumwood Mountain An Australian Journal of Ecopoetry and Ecopoetics, Neo Perennial’s Heroines Anthology. She was invited to contribute to the last 3 bi-annual student anthologies (Puncher and Wattmann.) She won the editor’s award at ZineWest, and has appeared in an ANZACATA’s Art Therapy Journal with poems from her work in mental health.


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Reason & Passion

Reason and Passion is a collection of poetry pieces crafted through a meditative and unique lens. Within this book lie writings of philosophy, perceptions of the world, and personal experience.

Through these short poems, there is a hope to revivify others with a newfound love of the world, a love of language and intentional living.

Among the hills, where the trees grow in purposeful harmony, it is clear that reason rests with the forest.

Yet through the harsh forest fire that blazes through the innocent leavers, it is clear that passion rests in the forest.

Like an arcane forest at the mercy of the elements, you too shall rest in the cool shade of reason and move with passion’s fire.