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Reflections from the Shadows

Reflections from the Shadows is a haunting collection of deep emotional writings that Lisa has compiled over many years, during her healing journey.

Included amongst the expressive pieces are informational sections. The topics covered within this book range from obscurity to illumination. It is her dream to help shed some light on abusers’ techniques, mental illness, personal growth and how to own your recovery journey. In a way that encourages you to take charge of your personal healing journey, by allowing yourself the discretion of collapsing down at times and developing resilience to stand back up and conquer your battles.

lisa everingham author

About the Author

Lisa was born in Australia and is a single mother of two teenage children. She enlisted in the Australian Defence force at eighteen years old. Lisa served as a medic during her time in the ADF and it was this basic understanding of the medical field that inspired her to research psychology and sociology. She used this research to grasp an understanding on the darkness that had been cast her way. Lisa worked through her darkest times with great resilience and wanted to share her experiences with people that are on similar paths.

Lisa believes that it is a great privilege to walk beside others in their darkest moments, and she would love nothing more than to be the light for others when they need guidance the most. She understands how it feels to walk alone in the darkest hour, and she hopes to help those that are in need.

It has been her dream to write a book that may become a bible to those that have been abused and learning to navigate the world after abuse. Lisa has lived through much abuse, and wishes to help others through their hardships, with her lived experience.

HALL, Sarah

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Sarah’s Collection of Scars

Tell me all your secrets,
And I’ll show you all my scars.


About the Author

Sarah is an established writer and poet, residing in Adelaide, South Australia.

Her work has been featured extensively in poetry anthologies published by 300 South Media group New York.

Sarah is co-editor of Rise Up Rabid Souls by Ship Street Poetry and works closely with them on multiple projects.

Her powerful emotive and raw pieces are often inspired by her survival of domestic violence and other personal experiences in life, love, and loss.

Sarah’s Collection of Scars is her first body of work to be published, with plans for more to come.


Make A Difference Jim McCann author

Coffee shop impromptu recital…

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Make a Difference

Hearing from God

Jim was born in 1953 in Greenock, Scotland to Jim and Josephine (nee Johnston) McCann. He has two sisters, Betty (nee Craford) McCann and Phyllis (nee Branson) McCann and two brothers, David McCann and Chris McCann.

At the age of 10, he immigrated with his family to Whyalla, South Australia. In 1964 Jim attended St. Teresa Catholic School. At 15, he left school and had a long productive work life until retirement in 2019.

In 1991, Jim married the beautiful Annetta Scanlan (nee de Vries Van Leeuwen), who is the mother of three boys – Chris, Steven and David, and a daughter, Leanne.

In 1981, he had an experience with God that profoundly changed his life.

Jim hopes you enjoy reading these poems as much as he enjoyed reciting them. This book of poems is inspired by God, His Bible and His amazing love.


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Our Everlasting Thoughts

Poems from the Riverland

Cherlyn Anne McKenzie was born to Keith and Myra Wuttke on 3rd June 1970. She is now residing at Mannum SA, as you can see from the cover of my book with the Murray Princess. Being the youngest of two. I was a workaholic and I didn’t know I was a poet till 1997, I was 27 years old. I’d finally found the perfect guy and the poems started coming out of the woodwork. I had a husband and 3 lovely children. I was absolutely blessed because of my pregnancy problems with them, I’m lucky to have them.

I was bullied many a time during school, and as a result of that, I was starved of education. I didn’t start learning until 1986 at College, then I started learning with mature-age students.

I finally refrained from guys coz they treated me so badly, you will see this in the poems I’ve written.

I’ve finally found after all this time someone to support me with my poems.

CARSS, Sherril

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Love Me. Love Me Mine

Poems from the Heart

My book “Love Me Love Me Mine; Poems from the Heart” is a compilation of poems, some have been revised and were taken from “Poems for the day,” my first book, which was dedicated to my Father Joseph William Carss.

This book is dedicated to my eldest daughter, the late and beloved Gwendolyn Leah Owen, who tragically passed on in 2014 due to complications of Addison’s Disease.

It has been a very sad time for my family and me, some of my poems will attest to that, but thankfully not all.

Thank you for reading my poems and sharing my experience, for it truly makes it all worthwhile. I pray you’ll be thoroughly, blessed, and I feel sure that many of you will be able to identify with my poems, and where I’m coming from.

About the Author

My name is Sherril Carss, I was born in Melbourne, Australia, the daughter of Mr.& Mrs. Joseph W. Carss, my dad was a Staff Sergeant in the Australian Amy, and a truly wonderful dad. He was unfortunately diagnosed with Schizophrenia and passed on in 1959, when I was just five, bringing deep grief to my mother, Mavis E. Carss and my elder sister Beverley and myself. Losing my dad, at such a young age has had a profound effect on my life, and it’s by the Grace of God, that I’ve survived to tell the tale.

I was bought up to attend Sunday School at St John’s Church of England. My mother had converted to Protestantism and so her Spiritual journey began. Mum was grieving deeply but courageously brought us up alone. I attended Tooronga Road State School in my primary years, and then went to Malvern Girls’ High School. My first job was at A.M.I.

I married young and had three beautiful daughters. The first one was the late Gwendolyn Leah whom I mentioned earlier, and then there were her  sisters Terasa Jo and Jodie Louise. Due to difficult circumstances, my marriages didn’t survive, but through them. I have been blessed with five grandchildren, who are all grown up now, the first one, and the only girl, is Jennifer; then Alexander, William, Daniel and Edward, all of whom are very much loved, and I’m very proud of them.

This is just a small snippet of where I bring my poetry from, as time and space won’t permit any further commentary, apart from becoming “Born Again” in 1983, with grateful thanks to God, working through the Mackay Baptist Church, for their loving and timely help, at a time, when I was a young mother going though great personal turmoil, unsupported and alone, and “On the Edge Gods people,“ The Baptist People helped pull us to safety, for which we will be eternally, Thankful.


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The Little Book of Rambling Rhymes: A Feast of Aussie Poems

Written in a simple fashion, these poems are really stories created through rhyme; some of which are intentionally absurd and reflect an Australian sense of humour. Some of the poetry has an exaggerated theme on the process of advanced ageing, about which the author has some experience. Others contain an element of sadness or truth which are left to the reader to ponder upon and reminisce about their own experiences in this unique land, which inspired those wonderful works of Henry Lawson, Andrew (Banjo) Patterson, Dorothea Mackellar and others.

About the Author


Fred Hewison is a retired Survey Draughtsman, who was employed by the Sydney Water Board for a period of thirty-eight years.

He was born in the Sydney suburb (now a city) of Hurstville and remained living there for fifty-five years, before he and his wife, Margaret, moved to the seaside town of Copacabana, near Gosford on the New South Wales, Central Coast.

In 1996 they moved with their beautiful dog to the present location of Banora Point; a suburb of Tweed Heads, near the Queensland border.

They have no family, but enjoy the lifestyle and climate of the area in which they live.

 Fred has a passion for writing; one of which is a published autobiography of his early years when growing up, titled “Crossed my Mind.”

He also is a competent landscape artist; a hobby in which he has indulged over many years.

Poetry is a relatively newfound pleasure.