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The Little Book of Rambling Rhymes: A Feast of Aussie Poems

Written in a simple fashion, these poems are really stories created through rhyme; some of which are intentionally absurd and reflect an Australian sense
of humour. Some of the poetry has an exaggerated theme on the process of advanced ageing, about which the author has some experience. Others contain an element of sadness or truth which are left to the reader to ponder upon and reminisce about their own experiences in this unique land, which inspired those wonderful works of Henry Lawson, Andrew (Banjo) Patterson, Dorothea Mackellar and others.

About the Author


Fred Hewison is a retired Survey Draughtsman, who was employed by the Sydney Water Board for a period of thirty-eight years.

He was born in the Sydney suburb (now a city) of Hurstville and remained living there for fifty-five years, before he and his wife, Margaret, moved to the seaside town of Copacabana, near Gosford on the New South Wales, Central Coast.

In 1996 they moved with their beautiful dog to the present location of Banora Point; a suburb of Tweed Heads, near the Queensland border.

They have no family, but enjoy the lifestyle and climate of the area in which they live.

 Fred has a passion for writing; one of which is a published autobiography of his early years when growing up, titled “Crossed my Mind.”

He also is a competent landscape artist; a hobby in which he has indulged over many years.

Poetry is a relatively newfound pleasure.

BREEN, Barry

By the Beacon Steps

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In 1974 Barry bought a house in the centre of Port Campbell, while he was teaching at Camperdown. This collection is a celebration of the beauty and uniqueness of Port Campbell and the surrounding country. Barry Breen has won awards for poetry, short stories and acting and has published widely in Australia and overseas. He has also appeared in and written for the highly popular Ozact productions of The Tempest at Loch Ard Gorge.


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Haiku Poetry and Art Book

With your support A GOOD LIFE will continue to grow.

Bringing people together to build a community where everyone feels like they belong, promoting a community that shows kindness and respect through arts and culture, coffee and chats, the simple things in life.

About the Project

This Haiku poetry book is a collaborative project that has brought many people together to explore

“What is a good life for people over the age of 50?”

With the support from Office of Ageing Well SA Health, The Australian Centre for Social Innovations, Hutt St Centre, and Vintage Creative Therapies, we are fortunate A Good Life has become a place that brings people together, encouraging kindness and creating a space where older people feel they belong.

Community projects such as The Good Life Project wouldn’t be able to get off the ground without volunteers, our wonderful Theatre buddies Kay, Karolina, Meredith, Yimin and Alyce are fundamental to the project’s success. A special thanks to Alyce and Yimin for bringing an intergenerational aspect to the project, young people bring new mindsets and knowledge having great energy for a good life.


About the Hutt St Centre

Hutt St Centre is a place of connection and support, where people facing homelessness are empowered to rebuild their lives, rediscover their identities and reconnect with those who love them.

We walk alongside people on their journey toward homefulness—a word we use to describe the feeling of safety, control and confidence that comes with having a place to call home.

When people walk through our doors we help fulfil their immediate needs, like a shower, a meal, and a charged phone, while our 20+ visiting services provide support ranging from medical check-ups to financial counselling.

And with a focus on the future, we connect people with housing, education and employment opportunities to build the skills and confidence to change their circumstances for good.



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Poems Outside the Fold

is not a combination
of words
assembled together
to produce some
enchanting sentences.

It is much greater than that.
It is the canal
that permits the expression
of feelings that
invites others to
live every word
they read.

It offers the reader
the opportunity
to move beyond their
a unique view
of a universe beheld by others.

It provides
a platform
to celebrate,
to rejoice,
to mourn,
to suffer,
using the instrument of words.

-Pam Kensit

About the Author

Pam Kensit was born in Southern Ireland. She met David while on a visit to Australia at the Narrawa Memorial Hall at 7am on New Year’s Day 1989. After a stint in Ireland where they married, she and David moved to the family farm, Moorabinda, in rural New South Wales in 1990. Once on the farm she threw herself into farm life and into the Crookwell community.

In 2000, Pam published her first book, Top of the Range Women. Then in 2005 she published Comfortable Food,
a local cookbook featuring rural food. From 2016 she has served on the Upper Lachlan Shire Council.

In 2018 her book Dust to Mud was published. She has produced two children’s books in her Weeloo series. She is an accomplished painter, showing her work both internationally and locally.

She has two adult children, Simon, and Pippa.

Pam lives at Moorabinda with David, three Jack Russell’s, a rescue greyhound, four kelpies, two cats and five horses and a lot of sheep.

Poems outside the Fold is her first book of poetry.


LABBAD, Edward

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Enter the Poet


Welcome to my second title. The first was more inspirational, these are words of survival. Coming head on, they side swipe you, inducing the suicidal. At times deep, dark, and disturbed. As I lurk in the dark, I treat hearts that have been hurt. I blurt words that make you think I’m berserk, but in reality, I’m revealing the truth. Don’t be believing in proof, cause proof can be created.

Read between the lines, so you can tell the difference between the real and the animated. Black and white in front of you. Don’t be fooled by the colour pages; if you don’t believe me, just look at mother nature’s stance on machine gunner wages. Your mind races, but stop! Come on in. I give you the full picture with no fancy software to crop it. Follow me if you dare. To see where I’m going, sometimes you just gotta close your eyes, put your foot forward and…


BROOKS, Alistair

ISBN 978-0-6451562-9-4

First Fly Last Fly

musings on the mundane to the miraculous

“first fly last fly” is a collection of personal musings that, in narrative and rhyme, take the reader on a powerful, evocative, event-filled literary adventure from the mundane to the miraculous, embracing along the way stories heroic, magical, mystical, improbable, murderous, masterful, comic, musical, and meditative.

About the Author

Alistair Brooks is an English-born Australian who, very early on in life, found he suffered from that serious, and not infrequently fatal, addiction known as “The Explorer’s Itch”. It is a condition that has in no way been eased by him always having been intensely curious about pretty much everything, from the seemingly mundane and tiny, to the incredible and vast, the miraculous and, far beyond, into the mysterious and the inexplicable. It is a condition that has been further spurred on by serendipity; that faculty of making providential discoveries quite by accident and, in the process, having adventure-filled opportunities present themselves in the most unexpected, fortuitous and rewarding ways. Now, even in his late-seventies, Alistair still finds he is unable, indeed wholly unwilling, to counter any of the addictive symptoms of his Explorer’s Itch. Instead, like many others who have learned to live with this totally incurable condition, he has found that writing books about his experiences, is the most satisfying and refreshing way of unburdening himself. Here then is the most recent of Alistair’s books.
His three previous titles are: Fined Four Pounds – Licence Removed (2004), About Horses of Course and Horse Humans Too (2012), Grandmother’s Thimble (2015). See the last four pages for more details on ordering and prices, which include postage and handling.