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An Unexpected Outcome

Congenital Hypothyroidism is a condition affecting the function of the thyroid gland, and can be detected in the newborn screening test.

A diagnosis can be scary and confronting.

This story is about what the diagnosis meant for us.

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Both Me and You

A child’s reflection of their world around them, with their parents learning about them alongside.

There is a whole new world to discover when you start to look at everything through your baby’s eyes.

About the Author

Penny Walter is a mother and author of An Unexpected Outcome.
Penny wrote her first book in the months following the birth of her first child to help parents and their children who receive an unexpected diagnosis of Congential Hypothyroidism.


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Don’t Do It Carol

In all that life has thrown her way, love, grief and heartache have only made her stronger. Follow the journey of one Strong Solo Woman who moved on with grace driven by the love of her child. There is no man hating here, oh no. Carol wouldn’t allow that, she has better things to do than to be bitter.

Being a Strong Woman is not about hiding weaknesses or slinging insults across the room to your ex. It’s about showing, even when frustrated, that you hold your head high. You find comfort with trusted friends, and then you pick up the pieces and keep moving.

Navigating your way through your ‘new chapter’ in life can be daunting, it can also be the best decision you have ever made. Mistakes will be made, and lessons will be learnt. It’s what you do after these events that count.

This book is written for all woman who may be feeling overwhelmed and need a reminder that you are a Strong Woman. There are stages you will go through but allowing yourself space and time to reach these pivotal moments is essential. You will laugh along the way as you follow the journey of Don’t do it Carol, from someone who has lived and breathed it.

This book was written to inspire hope and help you rise above it all, while always allowing you to move forward – walking or crawling – you decide Carol.

Get ready for some home truths and honest advice.

About the Author

Nikki Di Iorio lives in Melbourne, Australia with her son. Her debut book, Don’t do it, Carol was inspired by the stigma that surrounds single mums in changing how women see themselves. The only time she looks back is to see how far she has come. She is a strong believer in things working out even when you don’t think they will. When she isn’t writing she is probably tackling a DIY project, painting or drinking way too much coffee.

BAKER, Andrew

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Fear Free Future

A collection of modern-day fables for today’s children.

In a world full of fear, 13 fables to enable you and your child to live a FEAR FREE FUTURE.

Featuring the legendary fable THE HIPPO WHO POOED ON US parts 1 and 2.

13 fables, 13 Animated films, 13 Steps to a FEAR FREE FUTURE.

  • 216mm x 216mm
  • 334 pages
  • Full colour throughout
  • QR code links to 13 online animations

KODRA, Rovena

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The Boundless Energy of the Heart

This book offers parents the possibility to shift from the usual parenting strategies, which puts them in a more demanding position with their children instead of on a collaborative one. Using tactics has become the only means to achieve an immediate compliance which is focused on behaviour rather that the child itself.

As parents we need to reconnect with our inner self and reaffirm what really matters. We need to reconsider the ways we interact with our children, how we feel and how we think about them. “… each of us carries within a small but powerful generator of love whose energy is waiting to be released.”

Don’t hold back, your child needs to know what is in your heart. Never stop expressing it.


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Tom’s Holiday

Once upon a time there was a very happy little boy called Tom. He lived with his Mum, Dad, sister, Sophie and little brother Huey. Tom loved hanging out in his cubby house with Sophie and bouncing on their big trampoline with his baby brother Huey. The three children always played happily together and loved each other very much. This is a tribute to Tom and the great zest he had for this life.

Learn how to keep children safe near to roads and on holiday time in new unfamiliar surroundings that might look very different and confusing to what children know from their home environment.

Join Tom and his family to help build a better understanding with your children or grandchildren about the dangers around roadways out of the city. The message of “Hold My Hand” is lifesaving and equally as important as placing a seat belt on a child in a car before you take off on your journey for the day!

About the Author

Michelle McLaughlin is a nurse and mother who became a road safety campaigner after the death of her four year old son Tom last year.


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5 Minutes a Day for New Mums

I would have loved something like this to read when I’d had my kids ~ Myra Cooke

This unique book takes the new mum on her journey of transitioning and adjusting to Motherhood. It identifies some common themes, challenges and struggles within the demands of new parenting. Throughout this amazing season each mum has different experiences, circumstances, opinions and coping mechanisms. This dynamic book helps the new mum to adjust and embrace this most memorable time of life and gives her a fresh perspective and focus within 5 minutes a day.

Welcome to the privileged world of ‘mum’.

About the Author

Tania Bondarenko is a mum of two young children. She had her first baby at thirty eight years old and has been on the journey of navigating both the challenges and the amazing moments within the new reality of Motherhood. In this transition she found herself surrounded in a season of nappies, lack of sleep and every possible emotion known to the new mum.

Tania has a background in Nursing and has lived and worked in London and Melbourne, she travelled extensively with her husband Nick before having children and now resides in Adelaide Australia.