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Shattered Lives: A Memoir

A true story of domestic violence survival in Australia

After four years of separation, teenage sweethearts Harry and Emma were extremely excited to meet again. Not long after Emma arrived in New South Wales they were married, but it was not happy ever after.

All Emma’s hopes and dreams were soon shattered by the abuse she suffered, and the isolation of living in the bush with none of the comforts of home. After years of violence and abuse, Emma finally broke free. How did this fresh start affect her and the children? The years that followed were fraught with struggle and hardship and more abuse, although not for Emma.



JEFFERY, Samantha

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Just Balancing: Life on a Tightrope

Writing this book has been enlightening.

It has shown me my meaning through loss and trauma to raising babies, to mental abuse, to feel so loved by those around me and my husband and families support and ‘chillions’ of love.

I am forever grateful and blessed.

Self medicating mental health is the illness that you cannot see all our souls have meaning to feel productive to feel safe and needed.

WATTS, Kaaren

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The Farm

Memories of a Childhood on an Australian Rural Property

This book is a warm and amusing account of the author’s experiences in the 1970s and early ‘80s as she grew up on a rural property (Yarraglen) in Central West NSW. In these recollections, the author captures the charm and innocence of her rural childhood. The memoir has a fresh and witty voice. It provides the reader with an engaging snapshot of the resourcefulness, stoicism and pragmatism of Australian farmers. This book will resonate with readers who are interested in the minutiae and character of rural life in a period that was uncomplicated by screens, social media, and over-mechanisation.

Kaaren Watts author

About the Author

Kaaren grew up on Yarraglen between 1965 and 1984. In 1985 she relocated to Sydney to study. Following her marriage to Brenton, the couple lived and worked in Sydney for 23 years. In 2007 Kaaren completed undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in psychology. She then worked as a researcher in psycho-oncology and in palliative care in hospital, university, and not for-profit settings. In 2011, Kaaren and Brenton sought a slower pace of life and relocated to Perth, Western Australia where they now live with their two cats. Kaaren visits Yarraglen regularly and it remains close to her heart.


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The Stranded Chef

Dive deeply into this feast of fine food, photographs and folk tales by The Stranded Chef living in one the most remote communities in the world—World Heritage listed Lord Howe Island—where he forages for mushrooms and free-dives for crayfish.

Recipes are inspired by a lifetime of seeking, exploring and experimenting. Think provincial French food of his mother’s kitchen, tangy curries from the back streets of Thailand and sashimi of fish line-caught in pristine waters.

Dennis Tierney’s mother is French, a bush food enthusiast and a chef; his father is Australian, a photographer and a park ranger. With four children under twelve, they sold their home, bought six backpacks and travelled on a shoestring budget through South-east Asia, Turkey and North Africa, before touring Europe in a classic kombi. Coming back to live on a semi-self-sufficient farm in the Byron Bay hinterland among the original hippy lifestylers, this was the first twelve years of The Stranded Chef’s intrepid life.

The Stranded Chef will awaken the senses…

Stand in a vegetable garden with frost between your toes. Feel stranded, water up to your knees, in the engine room of a sinking super yacht. Breathe in the scenes of a slow boat down the Mekong River. Live on the edge near Everest.

Go on. Open up, turn the pages and get lost with The Stranded Chef…

Natasha Beyer author

About the Author

If you don’t count cooking with his mum in the family teahouse, Dennis Tierney started his apprenticeship at the two-hat restaurant, Fins, in Byron Bay. There he worked with the incredibly talented Masaaki Saito and under head chefs Dorothy Zagarella, Matt Upson, Phil Woolaston, Shane Clancy and Imrahil Leeder, as well as executive head chef and owner Steven Snow.

With these inspirations around him, it’s no wonder he was promoted to Sous chef half way through his third year. Later, he moved to Sydney and worked in the high-paced, big kitchens of Aria, Bilson’s and Bel Mondo. While at Bel Mondo, Matt Upson offered him a job at five-star resort Capella Lodge on World-Heritage-listed Lord Howe Island. He had never heard of it. But it was hard to resist the idea of a tiny sub-tropical island perched 800 kilometres off the east coast of Australia with more diving, walking and fishing than you could possibly handle.

After six years at Arajilla, Dennis was keen for new adventured that didn’t take him away from his beloved Island. Pinetrees Lodge offered him a new culinary experience specialising in garden to table relaxed fine dining. Dennis’s keen interest in the local environment led him to delve into the world of foraging and this is embraced at Pinetrees. Dennis has kept up to date with modern culinary trends and techniques through workshops with famous chefs for Pinetrees’ food and wine week as well as staging in restaurants such as Benelong and Quay in Sydney. The journey and experiences across the three restaurants has fortified strong friendships and identified Lord Howe Island as a place for The Stranded Chef to call home.


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Living with Epilepsy

In her memoir Living with Epilepsy she explores the challenges and obstacles she faced because of the disorder, but also the amazing opportunity she was presented with as a child to have ‘pioneering’ surgery which would help to better control the seizures she was experiencing on a daily basis. She also discusses what life is like now for her as an adult, having had the surgery in 1991.

living with epilepsy nicole dimitrijevic author

About the Author

Nicole Dimitrijevic has lived with epilepsy since childhood. This is her first published work.


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The Devil Thumbs a Ride

A biography of transgression and hope

We had just arrived in Denpasar for a ten-day Balinese holiday. I was with a young and beautiful girlfriend. We walked through the airport terminal and joined the queue for customs. No-one knew that I had smuggled a substantial amount of heroin and methadone onto the plane and was now carrying it through the airport.

After waiting in the queue for just a couple of minutes, I noticed an Indonesian policeman looking at me. As I looked away, I realised that he had started walking towards me, and he had a sniffer dog. All I had was a few seconds to think of something, anything. Perhaps a distraction of some kind… and it was going to have to be a bloody good one.

I stepped out of the line.

About the Author

I was born in the north of England and moved to Australia as a teenager. Growing up sailing and surfing, I quickly learned to love the ocean, the night sky, and nature. Married with two teenage daughters and a magic cat called Django, I rent a small house in the dunes by the sea. I have been a songwriter, rock musician, poet, and writer for decades.

My band “The Fyoogs” have just released a new album called DUST, and I have already written another album which will be recorded soon.