WALES, Stephen

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A true story of love & human resilience

On their honeymoon in remote Northern India, Steve and Terri’s lives would be forever changed when their tour vehicle collides with an oncoming bus.

What follows is a series of events only the rarest of people survive.Left with catastrophic injuries and given little hope of ever regaining her life back, Terri’s story is one of true courage, determination and ultimately triumph over enormous odds.

ISBN 978-1-922722-95-9

Fork in the Road

When the screaming fades and the sounds of breaking glass and twisting metal are just distant memories, what happens next?

Putting the pieces of lives torn apart back together is a challenge that will test Steve and Terri well beyond the accident that forever changed them.

Steven Wales Author - Unbreakable
stephen and terri author fork in the road

About the Author

To come.

EMERY, Peter

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Five Minutes to Midnight

The average life-expectancy of an Australian male is 81.5 years. In view of my proximity to that lapidary age, I thought it was time to record those parts of my life as yet unchronicled. These reminiscences are bookended by the 2021 recollections of my wife Jo and myself, who count ourselves fortunate to be based in Adelaide, one of the world’s safest and most liveable cities.

About the Author

Born in Australia through fortunes of war, Peter Emery spent his formative years in Malaysia and Scotland before embarking on a teaching career, which took him to most countries of the Arab World, culminating in a stint as Visiting Professor of Translation Studies at UAE University, Al-Ain, 2010-2013.

GRAHAM, Anthony

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Reflections of Tiny Victories


A droll memoir of an eventful life.
The author left school aged 14 to pursue a career as a professional square dance caller. Somehow, he found his way back to school and later university. He was diverted and became a jazz club promoter for a few years.

After finally completing his law degree he practised at the bar for nearly 40 years as a barrister and QC and spent 11 years as a judge
of the Family Court of Australia. Subsequently he was appointed a Professorial Fellow at Charles Darwin University and an acting judge of the Supreme Court of the Northern Territory.

Together with an old friend the author returned to the music business when aged 60. The Rocker and the Jazzer have written over 50 songs
and their albums are available to stream. Four of their songs have been recorded in Nashville and they have also been covered by German and Dutch bands.

This is not the author’s first excursion into print. He has written two textbooks, internationally circulated articles and two published novels, JERRY O and MONKEY MAN are available in print or as EBooks.

He is presently working on a new novel, when not playing tennis or writing songs.

About the Author

The author has practised as a barrister, QC, judge and Law Professor over a career spanning 50 years. He is also a musician and songwriter. He is the Jazzer in the Rocker & Jazzer band that has recorded a number of albums and he has co-written numerous songs that have been covered in the USA and Europe. He has written a number of published text books and his fiction, REFLECTIONS OF TINY VICTORIES, JERRY O and MONKEY MAN are available in print or as EBooks.



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Growing with Cabrini in Victoria

Donald Campbell compiled this book due to his long association and interest in Malvern and with his close association with his family’s next door neighbour, St Benedict’s Hospital, which became Cabrini Hospital in 1948.

Dedicated to the Campbell, Hutchinson and related families.

ISBN 978-1-922722-23-2


The story of a great man, sportsman and philanthropist: Alister John “Fizzle” Forsyth, 23rd January 1938 – 16 November 2019

This is the abridged life story of Alister John “Fizzle” Forsyth, Senior Citizen of the year 2019 (Cessnock), Life Member Point Leo SLSC, Manly SLSC, Manly Surf Club, Manly Golf Club, Laguna Cricket Club, Harbord Frigid Frogs, Old Scotch Hockey Club and Life Member Laguna.

Author Donald Campbell

About the Author

I was born March 1, 1938, in Potts Point, Sydney. My father was working as an engineer on the huge Captain Cook graving docks defence project on Garden Island, in Sydney Harbour prior to and during WW2. I was evacuated back to Victoria after the Japanese submarine torpedo and shelling attacks on Sydney and Newcastle in 1942. My personal history in Malvern at No.6 Coonil Crescent predates the arrival of the Cabrini Sisters in 1948 to take over the small private hospital called St Benedicts’, at No. 5 Coonil Crescent.

After Scotch College, I studied at RMIT and qualified as a professional mechanical engineer.

Whilst there I became involved with future professionals who would be involved in the design and construction of Cabrini Hospital.

My career path resulted in me becoming a project engineer with General Motor’s Holdens at Fisherman’s Bend and working with the same consultants, architects and engineers who were working on Cabrini Hospital projects.

As years advanced I found that I was required to use many of the excellent medical services offered by Cabrini Hospital.

Consequently my background qualifies me to comment on many aspects of Cabrini Hospital and better explain how it is integrated with the structure of the Malvern community.

I have now risen to the challenge! I have written this book about Fizzle, with the assistance of his family and many friends.

Why was Alister John Forsyth called “Fizzle” by many of his close friends?

I have no idea. It was his nickname when I first met him in 1949. We were schoolboys aged about twelve. I had started at Scotch College, after completing primary school at Frankston State School. It didn’t take us long to become lifelong best friends. My nickname soon became “Cammie”, an abbreviation of Campbell.

Dictionary definitions of the word “fizzle” are not flattering, but I believe that our Fizzle has put a new fizz or sparkle into the word Fizzle.


ISBN 978-1-922629-91-3

A Divided Heart: A Memoir of Loss and Love

Family history. An account of Greek immigration. “May all who read A Divided Heart be reminded, as I was, of events small and large, which have ultimately contributed to shaping the fabric of our lives.” – from the Foreword, Athina Vlahos. In this heartfelt memoir, Sophia Nicolis Tsouvalas takes the reader on a journey through her parents’ lives. Maria and Manoli endured the hardships and tragedy of war-torn Greece during the German occupation and subsequent civil war. Sophia captures their experiences of moving from Mesohoria, a village on the Greek island of Evia, with the Aegean as its backdrop, to a new life in Australia. Their journey takes us through the harsh realities of everyday life in their small village, to the early 1960’s when the family settle in Sydney, a city on the cusp of societal change. Maria was able to release the pain of her past, and Australia was embraced with open arms and gratitude. For Manoli, leaving Greece was a huge wrench and his yearning for his birthplace never waned. A Divided Heart is a chronicle of life, recognising the relationships that define us. It allows each of us to examine our heritage, our identity and where we feel we belong. Intertwined within the narrative of turmoil, longing, loss and ultimately love, are themes of history, traditions, food and culture which will resonate with many. This is a poignant story of the importance of family and wanting to leave a legacy for future generations.

About the Author

Sophia was born in the small village of Mesohoria, in the south of the island of Evia. In 1962, at the age of four, she migrated with her parents and sister from Greece to Australia. She grew up in Sydney but has lived in Adelaide for thirty-five years with her husband, Con. She has two sons and two adorable grandchildren.

Due to the vagaries of life, she has only travelled to her homeland three times over the years, yet it is a place embedded in her heart and soul, and where she feels a complete sense of belonging.

Sophia has a Bachelor of Arts from UNSW and a Diploma of Education from Sydney University. A passionate teacher of languages, she has taught Greek, French, German and English to school students and adults for over forty years.

She has been an avid reader all her life and enjoys walking, aquarobics, volunteering at the Greek Evian House in Adelaide, cooking (especially traditional Greek recipes) and looking after her grandchildren



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Letters to my Mother

Joyce Musgrove was born in Leongatha in 1929. From the time she was little, she had the responsibility of looking after her siblings while her parents were out.
She just wanted to be a MOTHER.

She met and married the “Love of her Life” while living in Chelsea and became a devoted wife and mother and eventually a loving nan and great-grandmother.

Joyce suffered many illnesses during her 92 years, including heart failure and a massive Stroke.

She has lived her life making other people laugh and smile with her antics.
Her daughter, has written Memoirs for both of her parents.

Kaye also wrote a poem after her mother’s stroke and sent it to the Stroke Foundation


“A Stroke was the last thing that she ever wanted
And let me tell you it was hard
She was left in such a predicament
Not even knowing her own backyard.”