HODEL, Barbara

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How To Love and Survive Your Teenage Dog

All dogs (and humans) have to go through the teenage phase to reach the stability of adulthood. Some dogs breeze through this stage with barely a glitch, but most of us will have a challenging time.
It is normal to sometimes feel despondent or disappointed because we thought we did everything right when they were puppies and now nothing seems to be working. The challenges of the teenage phase are real and can put our relationship with our dog at risk.

It does not have to be like this! This book will help you to understand your teenage dog better and navigate these challenges, by covering: an understanding of the unique challenges you and your teenage dog face; why and how your relationship matters in the training process; the role of anthropomorphism and consideration of dog emotions and minds; the benefits of positive reinforcement; the importance of lifelong socialisation; how to keep your and your dog’s sanity despite some common setbacks; and promoting the value of calmness.

You can – and should – enjoy your teenage dog despite the difficult behaviours they show. The reward is
a happy and well-adjusted friend for life!


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The Journey of Resilience


How do we teach and guide resilience and emotional intelligence?

“Life doesn’t get any easier or more forgiving, we are the ones who get stronger and more resilient – but how?”

The Journey of Resilience is a supportive step-by-step resource that has been designed to evolve, and maintain resilient and emotionally intelligent behaviours in our current and upcoming generations. By guiding young people through the activities, their behaviours are reinforced and developed to promote: independent resilience, emotional connections and persistence. Adaptable to any age, The Journey of Resilience aims to evolve and create resilient communities, individuals and families.

  • Evolves individuals, families and communities
  • By teachers and parents for teachers and parents
  • Evidence based, trialled and proven
  • Step-by-step support
  • Creates and maintains emotional intelligence and resilience
  • Unlocks an individual’s full potential
  • Adaptable to any age

About the Author

Samuel is an educator, author and parent with professional experience in Australia and the United Kingdom. Samuel has been developing, adapting and trialling activities and methods around these life-empowering traits and has seen how this book can evolve individuals, families and communities.  

He has a passion for educating professionals and parents and supporting young people in creating and maintaining strong resilient and emotional intelligent traits that can empower their lives. The Journey of Resilience –  a powerful resource and outworking of his mission –  aims to equip individuals, families and communities with the traits of resilience, persistence and emotional intelligence.


ISBN 978-0-9876317-9-4

Master Class in Advanced Driving Skills


The Ultimate Driving Companion For Learners and Enthusiasts

The pages of this book paint a picture of our driving future. Written in the interest of public safety, Master Class in Advanced Driving Skills is a foundation for the most qualified and safest drivers.

Most of what is known about advanced driving skills today, began decades ago. The untold story of the great contribution that 1920s Grand Prix racing and two of its heroic drivers made to road safety are introduced here. Their contribution underpins most of this book.

The information in this manual is instruction in driving at a high standard. On learning and mastering these advanced skills, you will be assured of fully conscious, sentient driving in whatever type of motor vehicle you drive. Easy
to understand, it is a precious opportunity for learners and licensees who want to be better, safer drivers.

DENOLM, Justin

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Management of Tuberculosis


Tuberculosis is thankfully an uncommon disease in Australia, but careful expert management is needed when cases occur. “Management of Tuberculosis” is written to help Australian practitioners in providing safe and effective care in a range of clinical scenarios relating to tuberculosis. This book includes approaches to diagnosis, prevention and treatment of all forms of tuberculosis, including adverse effect management, drug-resistant organisms and spacial settings such as pregnancy. Chapters are also included on BDG vaccination and non-tuberculous mycobacteria.

“Management of Tuberculosis” has been extensively updated in 2017 by expert infectious diseases and respiratory clinicians across Australia. This newly revised editioon incorporates recent evidence and international guidelines on a variety of aspects of tuberculosis, contextualised throughout for the Australian setting. It is an accessible guide for both junior and senior clinicians alike. 

All proceeds from the sale of this book go to support the work of the Australasian Tuberculosis Forum. The TB Forum is a collaborative network of policy makers, health workers, researchers, people affected by TB and advocates working to end the TB epidemic in the Asia-Pacific region. 

HEATH, Peter

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Line Dance Essentials


In this book I have attempted to capture what works for me and my organisation over the past quarter century. I have proposed a lot of things that work for us, that are likely to be very different from what others are doing. If this book makes people think about what they are doing, and commences a standardisation process across the world, then I will have achieved my major goal. 


ISBN 978-0-6483693-7-0

Chasing Birdsong

An invitation to share the enchanting world of young children through the magic of words.

Words by Jocelyn Lowinger
Illustrated by Karen Goldsmith

ISBN 978-0-6485544-9-3

Music in Words

Music making with rhymes for early childhood, a resource book for teachers.

Words by Jocelyn Lowinger
Illustrated by Karen Goldsmith

About the Author

Jocelyn Lowinger was born and educated in Christchurch, New Zealand.

She trained as both a Primary and Secondary teacher. After several years teaching in Christchurch she moved to Melbourne Australia where she undertook specialist training in music education.

Jocelyn has twenty five years’ experience as an early childhood music teacher.

In conversations with children, Jocelyn has gained insight into how thoughtfully chosen words can bring humour, sense and ease into a child’s world.

Like music, poetry holds within its energy the power to create, gives a voice to self-expression and facilitates the communication of stories, emotions and ideas between and among humans.

About the Illustrator

Karen Goldsmith trained as a Secondary Art Teacher working in ceramics and textiles.

Over the years Karen has made large papier mache sculptures, ceramic animals, mosaics and various textile creations.

Karen’s style is folky, whimsical and fresh and she manages to tap into the magical essence of childhood with her playful imagery.

For this project Karen has drawn from Jocelyn’s poems, aspects that resonate with her, bringing the words to life.