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A Divided Heart: A Memoir of Loss and Love

“May all who read A Divided Heart be reminded, as I was, of events small and large, which have ultimately contributed to shaping the fabric of our lives.” – from the Foreword, Athina Vlahos.

In this heartfelt memoir, Sophia Nicolis Tsouvalas takes the reader on a journey through her parents’ lives. Maria and Manoli endured the hardships and tragedy of war-torn Greece during the German occupation and subsequent civil war. Sophia captures their experiences of moving from Mesohoria, a village on the Greek island of Evia, with the Aegean as its backdrop, to a new life in Australia.

Their journey takes us through the harsh realities of everyday life in their small village, to the early 1960’s when the family settle in Sydney, a city on the cusp of societal change. Maria was able to release the pain of her past, and Australia was embraced with open arms and gratitude. For Manoli, leaving Greece was a huge wrench and his yearning for his birthplace never waned.

A Divided Heart is a chronicle of life, recognising the relationships that define us. It allows each of us to examine our heritage, our identity and where we feel we belong. Intertwined within the narrative of turmoil, longing, loss and ultimately love, are themes of history, traditions, food and culture which will resonate with many. This is a poignant story of the importance of family and wanting to leave a legacy for future generations.

About the Author

Sophia was born in the small village of Mesohoria, in the south of the island of Evia. In 1962, at the age of four, she migrated with her parents and sister from Greece to Australia. She grew up in Sydney but has lived in Adelaide for thirty-five years with her husband, Con. She has two sons and two adorable grandchildren.

Due to the vagaries of life, she has only travelled to her homeland three times over the years, yet it is a place embedded in her heart and soul, and where she feels a complete sense of belonging.

Sophia has a Bachelor of Arts from UNSW and a Diploma of Education from Sydney University. A passionate teacher of languages, she has taught Greek, French, German and English to school students and adults for over forty years.

She has been an avid reader all her life and enjoys walking, aquarobics, volunteering at the Greek Evian House in Adelaide, cooking (especially traditional Greek recipes) and looking after her grandchildren

NORMAN, Aunty Irene

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Out of My Head, onto the Page

Join Aunty Irene in a multi-coloured world of Cultural Art and Poetry.

Take a Journey with her through Community, Lived and Dreamed experiences.

Learn from the Wisdom given by her in poetic and pictorial form.

Weave your way through the rhyming stories on these pages.

About the Author

Aunty Irene Norman – proud Wailwan woman and Mullum Mullum Elder.

She teaches traditional weaving to community members and in schools. She has exhibited her weaving and other Art for the past 8 years at The Koorie Heritage Trust, and had exhibitions at the 69 Smith Street Gallery, Fitzroy, REALM at Eastlands and Federation Estate, Ringwood. She is a Cultural Educator, and works with KESOs (Koorie Education Offi cers) teaching both pupils and teachers in Australian history, Culture and Traditions within Primary and Secondary schools.

Aunty Irene is also a founding member of Yeng Gali Mullum Singers (previously the Mullum Mullum Choir), and writes some of the songs that the group sings. She is on several Community Service Committees, where she gives important feedback for the improvement of services to the Aboriginal Community.

And a Poet.


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I Won’t Settle For Less

Tina was born in Holland and came out to Australia in 1950. Her family travelled in a caravan around Australia looking for work. Her parents were very poor and strangers in this land. Growing up without electricity or running water, poverty and violence made Tina a strong advocate for the working class and the disadvantaged.

By the time she was twelve her parents had separated and she was placed in a foster home for a period of time. By the age of fifteen she was supporting herself as a waitress, a telephonist, go-go dancer, singer, and house cleaner.

Over Tina’s life she experienced child sexual abuse, domestic violence and rape. She has never seen herself as a victim, Tina is a survivor and has always kept searching for a better life.

In 1975 Tina became a feminist and has been a political activist and an advocate for women and children’s safety for over forty years. Her life was often stressful especially when she became a single mother. Tina’s way of coping with her stress was to sing in bands around Adelaide. Tina was one of the original members of the women’s punk band the Red Meds in 1980 and she then sang in a women’s band called Modesty B Blazed. Later on, she sang in mixed gender bands and took on acting roles for the Junction Theatre Company.

Tina went to university at the age of 30 and became a social worker, community developer and then a narrative therapist.

In 2006 Tina started her journey with her partner, working and travelling around Australia, employed as a narrative therapist in remote areas around Australia. Tina sees herself as ‘a woman giving birth to myself. Now at 72 years old she is ready to tell her story.

Tina Namow author

About the Author

Tina Namow is now a retired Narrative Therapist, Social Worker, Community Developer, Political Activist and a Feminist. Tina has experienced migration to Australia from Holland in 1950, poverty, family violence, child abuse, rape and grief. She has stood up against all the odds and after leaving school at 15 years old supported herself and eventually made it to university at the age of 30 years old. Tina has been an actor in theatre, Go-Go dancer, singer in jazz, punk, blues and rock and roll bands. She has travelled and worked around Australia for 4 years, working in a variety of jobs and in remote areas. Tina has been a Narrative Therapist for over 30 years dealing mostly with domestic violence, couple relationships, work place bullying, sexual assault and trauma. Tina has never seen herself as a victim she has always been a survivor. She kept moving on looking for something better in her life, and finally she found it. She now spends her time with her partner of 38 years, and enjoys a less hectic life. She can be kind and understanding but she also doesn’t tolerant fools for too long. Now days she will not be told how she should be. Tina has come too far to be a weak and submissive old woman at age 72. This is her story, warts and all. Her life is not on hold yet!