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Tragedy. Murder. Family.


When a young girl is brutally murdered in Bluebell Woods, the perpetrator is never found. Twelve years later in the same small Yorkshire village, a man and a woman disappear from the same path in the woods. Another twelve years pass.

It is 1952 and seven-year-old Alice Waterhouse starts having dreams and visions, much the same as her namesake and Granny has done all her life. But young Alice claims to talk to people who have passed away. Can she persuade her parents that she knows what happened all those years ago? Will she be able to stop another impending horror tearing the village apart?

WALDOCK, Neil & Alistair Sutton

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After you Came

Stuart Kingston had enough of tripping over dead bodies during 1987… unfortunately 1988 doesn’t look like being any different.

As Bicentennial celebrations begin in Sydney, David Wyatt, a young gay man, is found murdered in an alleyway in Darlinghurst. With few leads, Inspector Carrington enlists Stuart to escort his constable undercover at Touchstone sauna, the last place that David was seen alive. Can Carrington catch the killer before more men are murdered? And can Stuart stop thinking about his former lover, the hunky carpenter Dexter, for long enough to be of any help?

In this sequel to The Day Before You Came, all the much-loved characters return, including Stuart’s mother Miriam, who has a new career on daytime TV, and his theatre friend, Winston, who meets a mysterious stranger.

So, strap in for another camp ride through the Eastern Suburbs, where anyone can be a murderer, and no-one is quite as they seem.


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The Ancestral Ring of Hope

A high price for freedom in war torn Hungary

Inspired by true events.

István was a young man when the Iron Curtain blanketed Eastern Europe after the Second World War, vandalising the fabric of Hungarian society. Tortured for criticising the tyranny suffered under Communism, he conspires with likeminded rebels to retaliate and regain their liberty. But the Soviet masters are uncompromising. During twelve days in late 1956, the full might of Russia is unleashed, crushing the revolution. István’s fate is sealed. Fleeing reprisal and certain death is vital for he and his beautiful and beloved wife Natália. The Captain of Gyor Police Headquarters, Viktor Molnár, has other plans, thwarting and executing fugitives. Obsessed with Natália—his new elusive prize—Viktor stops at nothing to attain her.

The Ancestral Ring of Hope is a compelling story of love, grief, courage, and a resolute quest for freedom. Parallels between this novel and the horror unfolding in Ukraine at the hands of Russia’s dictator proves history does repeat. It’s a timely reminder of the fragility of peace and democracy and how easily they can be shattered by tyrants seeking power.

About the Author

Suzi O’Connor was born in Wollongong on the south coast of New South Wales to immigrant parents who fled Hungary after the failed revolution of 1956. This is Suzi’s debut novel, a work inspired by her mother, Katalin, and her deceased father, Fülöp. She lives with her husband, Allan, in Adelaide, South Australia.


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While completing a PhD in archaeology, Siraj finds 2000 year-old bones in a tomb in Madaba, Jordan. His atheist professor and Muslim authorities claim Christianity is finished. But Skye, Siraj’s Christian friend believes otherwise.

With powerful people threatening his life, he must make a decision: faith versus science, Islam versus Christianity.

When new evidence about the bones arrives, he faces the biggest dilemma of his life, which may be over if he makes the wrong decision!


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Warriors’ Descendants

Power of the stone bearers

A looming curse.
A broken life stone.
A good man fights to keep the growing darkness at bay.

Callum, plagued by nightmares of a desolate world, struggles to keep it from bleeding into his life. When he meets the cryptic Vizer, an ancient curse is revealed and Callum learns that he and a group of warriors’ descendants (stone bearers) are at the heart of it all.

He soon finds these stone bearers; and Stacey, Ryan, Paige, and Liam’s lives become entangled in this forgotten war. Callum is left with the challenge of training these new warriors, while they seem determined to tear each other apart.

Will the warriors’ descendants fulfil their destiny in an ancient battle? Or will they risk the fate of the world for a chance at normal?


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PAPERBACK   176 pages

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Robert the Frog

What I have in my heart and soul must find a way out.
That’s the reason for music.

Robert the Frog is a timeless tale about an adventurous young frog who is accidentally swept from his home by a raging river. After a long, dangerous journey he finds himself in a strange new home.

Here he overcomes his fear and sense of loss with the help of a welcoming, friendly farmer, who communicates with him through music.

It is this unexpected connection that gives Robert hope that he will survive in these new surrounds, and that one day he will be able to find his way home.

Steve McGlaughlin Author Photo

About the Author

Though seemingly destined to be an accountant like his grandfather, or a businessman like his father, author Steve B. McGlaughlin instead had the equal shortest prospective career as an accountant in world history. One that reached its practical end the day he limped through the final semester of his Bachelor of Commerce in 1989, but had reached its natural end a term earlier, when he had been sat down by his accounting tutor, and told a simple, but brutal truth, “Steve, you should never be an accountant, you are utterly terrible at it.”

Unshackled from his fate, but having not the slightest clue as to what the alternative career should or might be, Steve did the only thing he could think to do, which was to grow his hair long and travel the world. In retrospect, as though instinctively following Kierkegaard’s maxim that life must be lived forwards but can only be understood backwards, there was clearly some hidden method at work in this meandering adventure.

For it was on it that Steve, quite unexpectedly, found himself busking and living in Prague in the magical, joyful summer the year after the Czech Velvet Revolution. An experience which undoubtedly provided the initial creative spark for his first novel, Robert the Frog, a story which has music and hope at its heart.

Upon returning home, alongside working in market research and as a copywriter, Steve became part of the Australian music and comedy scenes. A career that in summary fittingly sounds like the beginning of a joke: did you hear the one about the guy who wrote years of TV sketch comedy, played guitar in 90s alternative bands, and composed hit songs for Polish, Vietnamese and Korean pop stars?

In 2013, Steve apparently surprised no-one but himself, given his deep interest in Carl Jung and the potential of creativity to act as an agent of healing, undertook a Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy degree. It proved a transformative experience, both on a personal level (which is the topic of his short essay: “The Synchronicity of Robert the Frog”), and on a creative one: providing, as it did, the impetus, experiences and content for Robert the Frog.

Similarly, to the works of his literary guides, C. S. Lewis, Richard Adams and Michael Morpurgo, Robert the Frog, can be read on two distinct levels. Its surface tells a thoughtful, wistful, at times funny, all-ages tale of the adventures of four anthropomorphised animals who embark on a journey of great risk to save a beloved friend.

But its undercurrent is a meditation on, or even an ode to, the belief that even the most seemingly intractable grief and loss can be reached and transformed through the subtle but beautiful arts: creativity, music, connection and hope. Or as the Beethoven quote on Robert the Frog’s cover proclaims, and which the book holds as an inspirational truth: “What I have in my heart and soul must find a way out. That’s the reason for music.”


This is a beautifully written, sweet soulful story. Some parts are laugh out loud, too. There is something harmonious about it,the characters and the story. The way music is used as both an expression of joy and a force for healing is really touching and true.



I just want to tell you how much I loved Robert the Frog. I laughed and cried and was on the edge of my seat! I was imagining reading it to a classroom of children and seeing the emotion in their faces. Wonderfully written and a fabulous story of never giving up.



What a wonderful book you have written. There is so much in it that is inspiring and encouraging. It reminded me of books I read as a little girl that also had little animals as the heroes with big hearts and courage.



I liked the story so very much, it is well-written and I enjoyed the exciting cliff hangers. I was also picturing how a great animated film could be made out of the story; any plans? I wish you all the success with it.



It is a beautifully crafted novel that’s not merely about music, but is itself musical; the writing flows and pulses with rhythms that effortlessly carry us on Robert’s strange, deeply moving journey. I was stilled, marvelling, for some time after finishing it. Like the greatest fables, we totally identify with the animals and their journey. Moving and profound.



The book is delightful, well done a thousand times; Robert is such an endearing character. I only wish I could have it in picture book form and then I could have it at school in the therapy room.



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