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Sweet Grass

The girl in the dream

Sarah Coffey was brought into the world in 1961, and was assigned male at birth.

As a young child, she experienced feelings of being different – in her soul and her mind she was female.

It was only after navigating adolescence, early adulthood and the birth of her children that Sarah finally decided to listen to the feelings within her to become her true self.

Follow Sarah on her journey of discovery and self-love. At times raw and emotional, Sarah sheds light on a topic which can be confronting.

An authentic and powerful story, Sweet Grass: The girl in the dream will allow insight not only into Sarah’s own experiences but hopes to spread awareness around gender transitioning.


ISBN 978-1-922890-24-5

Hair Loss in Women

Understand why this is happening to you and learn how to turn your hair growth back on

Hair loss for a woman can be a devastating blow. A blow to our self-esteem and our very identity.

As a former Registered Nurse, herself a hair loss sufferer, Bambi Staveley was astounded by the lack of information available for women with hair loss.

If you are a woman suffering from hair loss, you have probably searched the internet for answers, only to discover a world of contradictory information and a sea of so-called magic potions, drops, supplements and miracle cures all competing for our desperate dollar.

Hair Loss in Women is the result of over a decade of research. It contains everything you need to know to understand why this is happening to you and to give your hair the best chance at recovery.


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Where There’s Smoke

From beneath the ashes of war, loss and prejudice, Mae Baak clambered out cradling an ember that set everything she touched aflame. It’s the kind of fire that thaws your heart, a fire that refines you.

A fire that brings dead men back to life.

Where there's smoke Mae Baak

About the Author

Mae Baak is a Christian based in Australia whose ministry continues to impact thousands in Australia, Europe, and Africa.

After first hearing of Christ as a young child in her native Netherlands, Mae immigrated to Australia. This move brought new challenges and a radical conversion, followed by a powerful and ongoing ministry. That ministry ranged from leading people to Christ through personal evangelism, as a church leader, a church planter in Australia and Europe, and as an international speaker.

Her ministry is characterised by compassion, practical Bible teaching, and the prophetic.

Mae was nominated for Australian of the Year in 2007 for her work in Uganda, pioneered a movement that empowered women in religious, political and social fields and devoted her life to help those in need across Europe and Africa.

Kavitha Writer Where there's smoke Mae Baak

About the Writer

Kavitha Anandasivam is a Sri Lankan Australian actress, known for starring in SBS’s 2019 mini-series, The Hunting. in 2019, the Casting Guild of Australia named her among their 10 Rising Stars to watch.


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The EXTRAordinary Ordinary Harry

Young Harry is an ordinary koala who desperately wants to be EXTRAordinary.

Join him on his quest to find out what makes him special. Maybe he will discover he can fly. Maybe he will discover he can move things using only the power of his mind. Maybe he will find out that he is already EXTRAordinary. With the help of his elderly neighbour Mr George and Harry’s adventurous spirit, you will discover how to be EXTRAordinary too!

HENDRICS, Eliza Johanna

ISBN 978-1-922803-87-0

Mrs Tate

Come along with Mrs Tate,
as she prepares for the fete
for all the witches in the East
and their exciting feast.

eliza author profile

About the Author

We would like to introduce you to Eliza Johanna Hendrics a children’s book author. She is originally from Holland, and is currently living in New South Wales, Australia.

She is a single mother to two daughters, whom she mesmerised with her story telling, and whom in turn inspired her to write children’s story books.

Ada Rovai illustrator

About the Illustrator

Ada Rovai is a Brazilian visual artist currently based in Adelaide, Australia.

Her artwork is a form of meditation and storytelling that permeates graphics and crafts to bring unique stories, memories and identities to life.


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Reflections from the Shadows

Reflections from the Shadows is a haunting collection of deep emotional writings that Lisa has compiled over many years, during her healing journey.

Included amongst the expressive pieces are informational sections. The topics covered within this book range from obscurity to illumination. It is her dream to help shed some light on abusers’ techniques, mental illness, personal growth and how to own your recovery journey. In a way that encourages you to take charge of your personal healing journey, by allowing yourself the discretion of collapsing down at times and developing resilience to stand back up and conquer your battles.

lisa everingham author

About the Author

Lisa was born in Australia and is a single mother of two teenage children. She enlisted in the Australian Defence force at eighteen years old. Lisa served as a medic during her time in the ADF and it was this basic understanding of the medical field that inspired her to research psychology and sociology. She used this research to grasp an understanding on the darkness that had been cast her way. Lisa worked through her darkest times with great resilience and wanted to share her experiences with people that are on similar paths.

Lisa believes that it is a great privilege to walk beside others in their darkest moments, and she would love nothing more than to be the light for others when they need guidance the most. She understands how it feels to walk alone in the darkest hour, and she hopes to help those that are in need.

It has been her dream to write a book that may become a bible to those that have been abused and learning to navigate the world after abuse. Lisa has lived through much abuse, and wishes to help others through their hardships, with her lived experience.