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My Promise

With its stunning illustrations and intriguing heart-warming text, “MY PROMISE” provides a fascinating glimpse into the world of children at their Early Learning Centre.

The story is based on Woden Valley Child Care Centre’s philosophy that promotes opportunities for young children to learn and explore nature through hands-on experiences, recognising their connection, rights and responsibilities to the land, challenging their abilities, and finding a sense of self.


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The Day the Queen Bee Quit

The Queen Bee has had enough!

She’s NOT happy with the humans and has decided to shut down all the hives and close up the colony of hard-working bees. But, what will happen to all of the humans if bees don’t come back to work? Is there anybody who can change the Queen Bee’s Mind?

Go on a journey inside the hive to see what has happened to the bees and why the Queen Bee has quit in this entertaining story with a meaningful message by 10 year old, Zara Matta.

About the Author

Hi there! I’m so excited that you’ve chosen to read my book – thank you! I’m Zara Matta, a 10 year old primary student from Sydney, Australia. I started writing this story a year ago after learning that the number of bees were declining because of our actions.

Bees are so important! Did you know that they pollinate many of the crops that feed the world’s population? Without bees we would struggle to feed the 8 billion people on Earth. That’s not all! The disappearance of bees would mean a major change in our ecosystem. Some plants would be lost and then the animals that feed on the plants may eventually become extinct.

When I read about all of this, I wanted to see if there was a way I could raise awareness through the power of words and pictures. We can all do our bit to save our bees habitats, reduce pollution and stop poisoning the environment where they thrive.

So many kids are fighting for a world where we can look after our environment, plants and animals. They don’t have a voice, but our generation IS their voice. By fighting for our earth and all the living things that make it so beautiful, we are also fighting for our future.

So come on everybody – let’s work together and SAVE the BEES!

DOLZAN, Rhonda

ISBN 978-1-922722-83-6

The Poisonous Drone


If you could not turn on your tap to get water to drink – What would you do?

What would everyone do?

How would you survive?

What would be the solution?

ISBN 978-1-922803-68-9

The Perfect Psychological Murder

Novelette Part #1

A vulnerable, depressed young woman goes to a psychologist for treatment. The Doctor sees his opportunity to get rid of his suffocating, clingy, wealthy wife.

ISBN 978-1-922803-68-9

Who Put the Body in the East End Markets?

Novelette Part #2

Undercover policewoman Laura, is sent to find out who put a body in the old East End Markets. Risking a night-time investigation, she discovers a large drug operation. Danger is closer to her than she realises, and she faces a terrible death, and being buried in the old market, never to be found.


HALL, Dr Beverly & Ronald

ISBN 978-1-922803-25-2

The Spirit of Pehdzeh Ki

Maintaining a sustainable lifestyle and following traditional values in the face of a barrage of mining and Canadian business interests is quite a challenge.

This book is a comprehensive account of the history, lifestyle and values of a small Slavey Dene community in the Northwest Territories of Canada. The community is located north of the 60th parallel in the middle of the Deh Cho (Mackenzie River) Valley. It is about the history of the Dene people in attempting to maintain their traditional lifestyle and as much as possible sovereignty over their land. The Dene have a long tradition in the north dating back almost 30,000 years. These traditional people have maintained the integrity of their land by respecting what it has to offer. For the Dene life is part of the land and its maintenance is important for the future. The Dene see the land as providing for their people a spirit which became a way of life.

About the Author

This book has been written by an Australia couple who as adult educators first lived in Pehdzeh Ki family years ago with their young family. It gives an account of the day-to-day experiences of this family as they worked in the community. They learned about sustainability and the traditional knowledge needed for survival in a completely different environment to what their experiences were in Australia. In return they set about helping to develop some of the skills and knowledge needed by the local people to operate in a European system. The community were attempting to achieve this without the loss of their traditional values or dignity while maintaining their Dene language.


ISBN 978-1-922629-67-8

Introducing Sustainability

A guide to creating a better world

The climate is changing, the globe is warming, the fossils are fuelling — essentially, we’re on thin ice. But what can we do to help our planet, and consequentially, ourselves?

Introducing Sustainability is a guide to help answer that question.

We explore the principles of both environmental and social sustainability — covering issues such as climate change, biodiversity, and waste — and provide readers practical actions to start living more sustainable, environmentally-friendly lifestyles.

During this journey, we are reminded that our individual actions — when embraced as a collective — count. What is most important is getting started, and Introducing Sustainability was created to help you take that first step.


ISBN 978-1-922629-69-2

We Live in a Caravan

Told through the heart of a child, We Live in a Caravan offers though-provoking inspiration for all ages. This book uses rhyme and repetition to reveal life’s most meaningful values wile capturing the experiences lived by travelling families. You will be taken on a journey of reflection, and be inspired to reconnect with nature, culture and family. Featuring real memories and original drawings by Aussie kids met along the way. This genuine keepsake will warm the hearts of every travel-loving family.