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ISBN 978-1-922722-40-9

Herbert the Dancing Horse

Herbert the Dancing Horse’s school talent show is coming up and he’s sad because he doesn’t have a special talent like the rest of his friends.
Join Herbert on his journey as he discovers everyone is unique and special in their own way.

“I’ve never read this book”
Andy Lee

“Send me the book!”
Zoe Foster Blake

“It sounds intriguing… but I’ll get my lawyers onto it”
Shaun Micallef

About the Authors

Ben was a dairy farmer in Two Wells and Liam is a Golden Grove born, uni drop out and fried chicken enthusiast. Ben & Liam are MADE for Adelaide! Join them up early, from 6am Monday to Friday on Nova 919 (or catch up on the weekly podcast!) and share your stories, hear the latest about God’s country (South Aus) and beyond!

Well what a journey that was hay (that’s a horse joke)! We hope you enjoyed it and who knows, maybe it won’t be Herbert’s last. We just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who helped make this book a reality and to everyone that’s picked it up and given it a read (yeah, that’s YOU!!).

Love, Ben & Liam


TOFT, Julia

ISBN 978-1-922337-03-0

ABC of Beekeeping

In this book, she gives straightforward answers to the most fundamental questions asked by anyone who has ever considered keeping a hive –what sort of hive, where to get bees, how to check a colony, how to spin honey… and more.
Julia draws on her experience with the Cairns and District Beekeepers Association Inc, with the many other beekeepers in the Cairns and Tablelands areas, and with some beekeepers in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea. More recently she has started a local business, Healthy Hives, which aims at helping people set up and manage their own backyard hives.

About the Author

Julia Toft is a beekeeper in Far North Queensland. She is passionate about people sharing knowledge and experiences with European honey bees, and believes quite simply that a healthy hive will be a productive one. This is especially true in the Tropics.


ISBN 978-1-922722-04-1


Just as true love brings happiness, so it brings heartbreak and surprises.

The story of Martha is a sequel to the novel Red, revealing the heart-warming journey of one special woman.

To escape her bad marriage, a fearful young Martha finds shelter with the help of her only friend. As time goes by, the friendship of Shirley fades, leaving a naïve Martha struggling to deal with the enormity of change in her life and an unexpected betrayal.

Her inspiring personal beliefs, compassion and loyalties bring joy and new friends, along with the perils of devious strangers. Being the change she wished to be was never going to be easy.

Martha soon discovers that every new venture comes with a price. And the only thing over which she has control, is herself.

About the Author

Written by South Australian author Pam Warner. It makes her happy to think up characters, names and plots and see others enjoying the finished result. With a lifetime of discovery and ever the optimist, she uses light-hearted novels as a way of sharing everybody’s need to feel loved, and because in these uncertain times, writing fiction allows her to go into a world that she has control over. And isn’t that what it’s all about?


ISBN 978-1-922629-83-8

The Adventures of Sammy the Swamphen of Lord Howe Island

Join Sammy, a brave and courageous swamphen of Lord Howe Island on his many adventures. Meet his unique collection of friends from this World Heritage Island, including Tina the white tern, Willie the double-headed wrasse, Wilbur the woodhen and Sandy the swamphen who rally together to help Sammy overcome enormous obstacles. Will the Crown of Thorns destroy the coral reef? Can Sammy save Tina from Rodney and his rat gang? Will the Grommets invade the world?

Don Mathewson, self-published author of The Adventures of Sammy the Swamphen of Lord Howe Island

About the Author

Don Mathewson is an Emeritus Professor at The Australian National University working at Mt Stromlo Observatory, Canberra. Since 1955 he has been involved in studying the Universe using optical and radio telescopes in remote parts of the world. He has made many important discoveries including that our Galaxy is part of a huge section of the local Universe being swept along at high velocity towards Centaurus. In 1993 he travelled to Lord Howe Island with his family and immediately fell in love with this World Heritage Island and its stunning array of bird, marine and plant life. They have been regular visitors to the island ever since. During long walks on the island through this magical world of lush rainforests of kentia palm, blackbutt and pandanus, Don’s imagination was redirected from solving cosmic puzzles to telling the story of The Adventures of Sammy Swamphen of Lord Howe Island.


FYFE, Warwick

ISBN 978-1-922722-03-4


“We are here to see what’s left.”

A man gradually becomes aware that things are changing. The world which formed him is passing away in discreet, muffled stages. Though free of ill intent, he finds himself confronted ever more frequently with uncomfortable situations. Then, as a result of an act of extreme cruelty, everything radically intensifies. He becomes a paleo-cryptid, bereft of the environment for which he’d evolved. Yet a doughty little band of eccentrics holds out to him the possibility of sanctuary.

About the Author

Warwick Fyfe is a Canberra born professional opera singer. Nail is his debut novel. He lives in Sydney with his wife Dr Ruth Frances.

NEWMAN, Telesha

ISBN 978-0-6451562-5-6

To Be Cool, You Must Be Kind

To Be Cool, You Must Be Kind; is a children’s story with a hidden message. It touches on a variety of behaviours school aged children would typically experience when trying to fit in and be accepted for who they are. The book goes through what children may perceive as ‘ being cool’ versus what it actually takes to be cool and ultimately that is found in the way of kindness and acceptance.

This is a great children’s story suitable for school aged children, that not only has a great message; but is also enjoyable to read.

Telesha Newman, self-published author of 'To Be Cool, You Must Be Kind'

About the Author

Mother by Day, Writer by night!

I am a mother of four with three boys and one girl. Although I have always had an urge to make a bigger contribution within society, it was my children that gave me to inspiration to pursue my passion to make a difference. One of my biggest challenges is to try and change the stigma’s associated with so many situations we faced as children and our children continue to face today. My book, ‘ To Be Cool, You Must Be Kind; was written to try and change the way we perceive someone being cool. It touches on a variety of behaviours typically seen in school aged children and walks the readers through what it really takes to be cool; and ultimately that is being kind.

All of my stories both present and future will have hidden messages written in a child friendly and enjoyable manner.

Our children are the future and we can change the way they think and perceive the world, one book at a time!