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The Passage of Conquest

During an evening, promising adventure aboard a galleon, eighteen-year-old Giselle is marooned on a tropical island.

As she begins to uncover remnants of an ancient civilisation, she learns that she has travelled to a parallel world and that the island was veiled four hundred years ago to prevent an ancient evil from escaping.

As the mystery of the islands history unfolds, Giselle is drawn into a desperate quest for a key that will enable safe passage home aboard the galleon, before it is used to unleash death and destruction throughout time and space.

todd kuchel author

About the Author

Having admired works of time travel and parallel worlds since a young age, T. D. Kuchel brilliantly captures the essence of reality with his fictional tales. Though, also partial to drama and a worthy love story, his tales flicker with romance and suspense.

A keen traveller, T. D. Kuchel longs for adventure and strives to write first-hand of locations around the globe. The plot for his debut novel, The Passage of Conquest, was conceived whilst sailing the Whitsunday Islands.

Between exploits, he resides in The Barossa Valley, where he enjoys quality time with his family, the local splendour of food and wine and writing in his home library.

To contact or learn more, visit www.tdkuchel.com


Magnetic prose, dripping with intrigue, that catapults you head-first into the turbulent depths of Kuchel’s spellbinding narrative and leaves you gasping for air in all the best ways.

Emily Waller

An addictive, irresistible adventure that keeps you guessing right ‘til the end, filled with refreshing authentic characters and an engaging female protagonist. This book is the definition of a page-turner.

Jessica Atkins

SHEN, Jessie

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Book About Basics Everything and Love

This book is dedicated to all life on Earth and from different galaxies.

Dedicated to all less fortunate beings.

All those who come to this planet, and those who love life and stars.

It is dedicated to my great-grandfather, a rebel young member of Royal Family in the Ching Dynasty who used the Canton Diplomatic Trading Factories to support the revolution against the Ching government.

It is dedicated to my family who supported and funded an orphanage school in Hong Kong and the Alliance of China during 19-20th century.

WHEELER, Correna

ISBN 978-1-922803-95-5

Moving to a New School

Created for Defence Families and Children

Hello and Welcome to Your New School!

Are you a Defence student moving or posting to a new city, and do you get worried and upset because you don’t know what your new school will be like?

This book is a great navigational tool and has been creatively designed to support the Defence family and child through the New School experience.


ISBN 978-1-922803-40-5

The Stranded Chef

Dive deeply into this feast of fine food, photographs and folk tales by The Stranded Chef living in one the most remote communities in the world—World Heritage listed Lord Howe Island—where he forages for mushrooms and free-dives for crayfish.

Recipes are inspired by a lifetime of seeking, exploring and experimenting. Think provincial French food of his mother’s kitchen, tangy curries from the back streets of Thailand and sashimi of fish line-caught in pristine waters.

Dennis Tierney’s mother is French, a bush food enthusiast and a chef; his father is Australian, a photographer and a park ranger. With four children under twelve, they sold their home, bought six backpacks and travelled on a shoestring budget through South-east Asia, Turkey and North Africa, before touring Europe in a classic kombi. Coming back to live on a semi-self-sufficient farm in the Byron Bay hinterland among the original hippy lifestylers, this was the first twelve years of The Stranded Chef’s intrepid life.

The Stranded Chef will awaken the senses…

Stand in a vegetable garden with frost between your toes. Feel stranded, water up to your knees, in the engine room of a sinking super yacht. Breathe in the scenes of a slow boat down the Mekong River. Live on the edge near Everest.

Go on. Open up, turn the pages and get lost with The Stranded Chef…

Natasha Beyer author

About the Author

If you don’t count cooking with his mum in the family teahouse, Dennis Tierney started his apprenticeship at the two-hat restaurant, Fins, in Byron Bay. There he worked with the incredibly talented Masaaki Saito and under head chefs Dorothy Zagarella, Matt Upson, Phil Woolaston, Shane Clancy and Imrahil Leeder, as well as executive head chef and owner Steven Snow.

With these inspirations around him, it’s no wonder he was promoted to Sous chef half way through his third year. Later, he moved to Sydney and worked in the high-paced, big kitchens of Aria, Bilson’s and Bel Mondo. While at Bel Mondo, Matt Upson offered him a job at five-star resort Capella Lodge on World-Heritage-listed Lord Howe Island. He had never heard of it. But it was hard to resist the idea of a tiny sub-tropical island perched 800 kilometres off the east coast of Australia with more diving, walking and fishing than you could possibly handle.

After six years at Arajilla, Dennis was keen for new adventured that didn’t take him away from his beloved Island. Pinetrees Lodge offered him a new culinary experience specialising in garden to table relaxed fine dining. Dennis’s keen interest in the local environment led him to delve into the world of foraging and this is embraced at Pinetrees. Dennis has kept up to date with modern culinary trends and techniques through workshops with famous chefs for Pinetrees’ food and wine week as well as staging in restaurants such as Benelong and Quay in Sydney. The journey and experiences across the three restaurants has fortified strong friendships and identified Lord Howe Island as a place for The Stranded Chef to call home.


ISBN 978-1-922803-13-9

Living with Epilepsy

In her memoir Living with Epilepsy she explores the challenges and obstacles she faced because of the disorder, but also the amazing opportunity she was presented with as a child to have ‘pioneering’ surgery which would help to better control the seizures she was experiencing on a daily basis. She also discusses what life is like now for her as an adult, having had the surgery in 1991.

living with epilepsy nicole dimitrijevic author

About the Author

Nicole Dimitrijevic has lived with epilepsy since childhood. This is her first published work.

TRIPODI, Damiano

ISBN 978-1-922803-33-7


What if your life turned upside down and you had to decide between the safety of home and your dream of a whole new life?

Serafina is known for her beauty, loyalty and love for her family. Following a devastating incident, Serafina’s life is left in tatters, but she needs to make a life altering decision that impacts her and her family.

Set across two continents, is Serafina prepared to sacrifice everything in the quest for a better life?

About the Author

Damiano Tripodi, a passionate writer and story teller, was born in Palmi a small beautiful city in the Region of Calabria in South Italy where the mountains meet the sea. Damiano migrated to Australia as a small child in the early 1950’s with his mother and younger brother – where they joined their father who had travelled earlier and prepared a place for them.

Damiano and his family settled in Traralgon, Victoria Australia. Damiano Married his beautiful Calibrisella, Melina in 1970, and together they have 3 Children.

Damiano and Melina have worked extensively within the Latrobe Valley community, owning an operating several businesses together, as well as Damiano following his dream and having a career as a teacher for over 30 years.

A highly respected member of the Italian community, Damiano is deeply passionate about his Italian heritage, and through his tireless work with the Italian and broader community earned the recognition with the Italian Government, which honoured him with the title “Cavaliere” in the Order of the Italian Republic. In recent years, in his retirement, Damiano enjoys spending time with friends and family at the family restaurant he has operated with his son for well over 20 years, and enjoying his role of adoring Nonno to his 7 grandchildren.