BOX, David

David Box's Australian Gin, now on the bookshop shelves Australia-wide

Australian Gin is now on the bookstore shelves Australia -wide or available direct from the author.

ISBN 978-0-6486785-8-8


Australian Gin

Until a few years ago David Box enjoyed gin. He then discovered Australian craft gin and he fell in love with a spirit that he never dreamt could be so complex.

Jon Lark

Australia’s Jon Lark

David and contributors including Jon Lark – KI Spirits, Dave Irwin and Matt Argus – Patient Wolf, Cameron Mackenzie – Four Pillars and Phillip Jones – The Martini Whisperer open up the world of Aussie gin.

​You’ll find detailed information on dozens and dozens of distilleries that started the current gin craze down under. The people, the gins, their cellar doors and much more.

The book explores in depth the definition of gin, the history of Australian gin, descriptions of different gin styles, what it is like to start a distillery and the issues distillers face, and most importantly how to enjoy gin and support Australian distillers.

Australian Gin covers such subjects such as:

  • What exactly is gin?
  • The history of Australian gin
  • Different gin styles
  • Starting a distillery
  • The issues distilleries have to face
  • How to enjoy gin
  • and more!

It is indeed the book all gin lovers have been waiting for!

Author David Box

From the Author

We are in an unprecedented Australian gin boom. Distillers are winning prestigious global awards. Exports are starting to rise. The number of distilleries is growing exponentially. It is difficult for even the most dedicated fanatic to keep up, until now. Two years ago it became my mission to spread the word. So, whether you have already caught the Australian gin bug or maybe starting from scratch, this is definitely the book for you.

For many years – in my case decades – the 6 o’clock G&T ritual was more a habit. To be honest, I didn’t really love gin, but I certainly enjoyed it. I love good wine, good cocktails and good food, but back then I didn’t actually love gin. It was a surprise to me to discover that Australia even made gin despite the fact that, at that time, we had been doing so for over a decade. As I tried more Australian gin, my enjoyment grew, as did my curiosity and desire for more information. My search was extensive. Sure, there were occasional articles in magazines, newspapers, online and even the odd TV spot, but if you wanted to dig a little deeper into the world of Australian gin, there was bugger all. I honestly felt shocked. How could this be? Someone had to change that, and it might as well be me.

It wasn’t long before I fell in love with Australian craft gin. Those in the know say that gin is the wine lover’s spirit. It has flavours and aromas that are often used to describe the taste and bouquet of wine like floral, berries, length, bold, etc. It seemed natural then that this wine lover should fall head over heels for gin. Not satisfied with a book, discovering that so many people had no idea about Australian gin and having a particular patriotic bent, I took up the cause and became evangelical. I even started an Australian gin related business, Gintonica, to share the taste of Australian craft gin.

Over and over again people were asking questions like: How is gin made? What are the different ways to drink gin? What garnishes should I use? What tonics? What exactly is gin anyway!? Who are the people behind gin distilling? Where are they all? And, as a bit of a history nut, I also wanted to know where and when the first Australian gin was made and by whom?

The most surprising statement that I still come across on a very regular basis is: “I didn’t know that Australia made gin.” Most people know that we make rum, brandy and whisky, but gin? When I inform them that we have, in fact, over 150 distilleries making gin, they are astounded.

I wanted to write a book that could be enjoyed on many levels. For example, to discover where the distilleries are, their cellar doors and tasting rooms, the people involved in the industry and their gins. On the other hand, you can also pick up on some of the hot topics in the gin community and delve even deeper. For example, whether the ways of making a gin are important, the definition of gin styles, the ideas of provenance in Australian gin, what exactly defines a “craft gin”, what is involved in setting up a distillery and so much more.

Before you dive into these pages, do not miss the words on the next page. I was humbled that Jon Lark agreed to write the foreword to this book. He and Sarah Lark founded the first dedicated gin distillery in the modern era on Kangaroo Island. Jon touches on all the important aspects of gin in Australia today and is a perfect way to get started.

David Box l Gintonica

GARDENER, Nick & Bounader, Stevie-Lee

ISBN 978-0-6486616-9-6

A Day in the Deli

Hampden Deli is borne of the philosophy that chefs and guests should understand where their food comes from and that praise is owed to the people who grow, raise and source the produce, for without them a chef would be nothing. Hampden Deli is a community which extends well beyond the borders of Kangaroo Valley, Australia and now into your kitchen with more than 50 recipes.

A Day in the Deli cookbook features signature dishes from 5am – 11pm by hatted Chef Nick Gardner.

About the Authors

Nick and Stevie have created Hampden Deli, Dining and School to be a learning and flexible dining hub with a fine dining quality. A place that can take local farming produce, picked fresh that morning, turned into a great product and sold that afternoon. A process that can be shared with their guests and done again the following day with a completely different freshly picked product. For them Hampden Deli is an exciting venue that leads itself to many possibilities, catering, take away deli goods, produce dinners, guest chef degustation dinners, pop up and private events. Beyond this Hampden Deli has a desire to teach and share its knowledge. With a high level of trained staff and expertise in the business, Nick and Stevie have a shared goal to pass on their knowledge in the cooking school as well as internally within its employees. They are working in association with Nowra TAFE towards creating their own “Head Start” program helping community members gain hospitality skills. This program will give employees an employable skill set and greater chance at gaining employment within the community. Be sure to come down and show your support to our Head Start trainees. If this is something you are interested in being involved in please email us

Hampden Deli is an environmentally conscious business always looking to minimise our footprint on the environment. Packaging is a much needed component of our Deli, so we have taken the time to ensure we currently have the best compostable and recyclable packaging. We encourage you to bring your own reusable cups, cutlery and lunch boxes with great Deli discounts. We have an emphasis on reusable kitchen packaging and minimalising food waste. We use organic and fair trade products where and when available and have our own kitchen garden to minimise food kilometres. We offer recycling specific bins on site, so once you have enjoyed your picnic please use them. Our used coffee grind is perfect for your compost- come by to scoop your own free bag! We ourselves are learning each day how to keep Kangaroo Valley beautiful, we’d love to hear your tips please email us at


ROWE, Caroline

ISBN 978-0-6482766-8-5

The Power of Baking with Mindful Intent

The Power of Baking with Mindful Intent is an 84-page softcover book that is the perfect companion to your me-time cuppa. With practical mindfulness exercises accompanying each cake recipe it is a must-have book for all small households who like a little cake with a cuppa.

About the Author

Hi, my name is Caroline and I’m a food lover, keen cook, seasonal food fan and Thermomix owner among many other things. And I live in a single person household.

I’ve created this site for those who cook just for themselves. It is a mix of recipes, tips, thoughts and reflections on cooking just 4Me.

Did you know that single person households make up nearly a quarter of the households in Australia and this proportion is rapidly increasing? Yet most cookbooks present recipes that serve 4-8 people!

To me, that means eating the same dish for 3 nights in a row only to throw out the remainder as I just can’t face the dish again! My other option is to freeze the leftovers for another time.

However, years of freezing for another time have taught me that another time never comes when I clean out the freezer three months later and throw out untouched frozen leftovers.

While in theory, it’s easy to just ‘quarter the recipe’, in practice that is not so easy and becomes a little too much on a busy weeknight when you’re trying to cook a healthy dinner for yourself after a long day at work. When you’re trying to beat the voice in your head that says, in very caring and convincing tones, “Why bother? It’s just you, it’s too much work, grilled cheese on toast will do for you.”

Owning a Thermomix has completely changed my life. It has opened up new ways of cooking to me, which has resulted in me rethinking cooking. It’s helped me realise that I’m not cooking for one, I’m cooking just for me!

What’s the difference? The difference is I’m worth the effort. By following the four rules of cooking just for me I’ve found a healthier and happier time preparing meals.

When I reflected on cooking just 4Me I realised it was more than just about finding recipes for one. There were four things to consider.

1) Doing the numbers for one

2) Working the progressive ingredient

3) Winning the 30 minute challenge

4) Showing me love and respect

The aim of this site is to share my cooking just 4Me principles, tips and recipes and I trust that in doing so that you, like me,  will enjoy creating everyday surprises just 4Me…..  I mean you!

The just4Me Bake Club is born

After writing the ‘Cooking for You and Me’ cookbook for Thermomix, which has been massively popular I felt I had weeknight dinners sorted and I started a journey to find the perfect cake to have with a cuppa in a size for Me.

As I’m not a baker, I decided I would learn to be one.

Three years on, I’m feeling much more like a baker plus I’ve created a huge collection of cake recipes that I’d love to share with other just4Me bakers. And that’s why the just4Me Bake Club was created. And you don’t need a Thermomix!

COOK, Beau

ISBN 978-0-6481379-8-6

Beau Cook’s Food Porn

Beau Cook’s Food Porn
The cookbook that brings together our favourite preoccupations:
Lets start with the hors d’oeuvres:
Take equal portions of great ingredients and beautiful bodies. Stir well. Leave for an hour or so to soak. Knock discreetly before entering the kitchen.

About the Author

Brought up from infancy in the Chewton Bushlands of central Victoria, Beau first caught the public’s attention as a contestant on Masterchef Australia.

He bought a touch of humour to the otherwise portentous going-on that is the hallmark of  “reality” TV. With twinkling eye and deftness of tongue he saw humour where others could only sense ignominy and disaster.

He nursed bruised egos, encouraged the despondent, and helped the hopeless. Beau was never going to become a master chef but he soon became the darling of the TV audience.

Never one to make too much of a fuss about himself Beau ignored the possibility of fame and fortune and is now a full-time professional Fire fighter. He is at heart a team player, best working with – and cooking for – mates.

By David Watson


ISBN 978-0-6485614-6-0

Spaghetti Madness: Inspired by Great Food

Italian cookbook / spaghetti and spaghetti sauce recipes.

About the Author

Hi, I’m Louie. I am here to help you create great food!

My interest in cooking started when I was a little kid growing up in the inner suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia.

HEWETT, Yvette

For further information please email Greenhill Publishing at:

ISBN 978-0-922337-26-9
ISBN 978-1-922337-35-1

Cooking my Books: What the fork to cook tonight

Thank you Joy & Adi for always believing I can do anything I put my mind to. Your encouragement helped make me who I am today. Thank you for always finding a way to make my ideas a reality rather than staring at obstacles. Oh, and a special thank you for all those last minute trips to the shops to purchase missing ingredients without complaining.

Thanks to my family. Coming from a home where there was a proper dinner cooked every night, you laid the foundation for my cooking. You are also the ones I learned most of these recipes from.