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Frida: Chosen to Die, Destined to Live


From Christopher J. Mruk

Ph.D. Fellow, American Psychological Association Professor of Psychology, Bowling Green State University

When Frida approached me as a student to help her work on this second edition of her book by directing it more toward resilience, I knew that I was about to become the student and she was to be the teacher.

As we went through the first edition talking about the changes she had in mind, it became clear to me that somehow this indi- vidual did everything “right” that we know about in terms of recovering from, and growing through, trauma. Her story takes the reader through all the stages of the process. It begins with the most devastating destruction of one’s sense of order about how the world works and the absolute shattering of personal identity. Next we follow her through the common after-effects of confusion, self-blame, betrayal, depression, and anger often associated with the process. Finally, the book leads us through the other side-effects that researchers talk about, especially finding ways to rebuild a sense of meaning, discover a larger purpose in life, being able to love again, and becoming even more than who and what one was before the trauma.
To put it in the simplest terms, this book is alive and powerful in a way that is humbling yet inspiring. It could be read as a story of personal survival, one of psychological transformation, or a journey to spiritual salvation. Anyone who has suffered at the hands of others, people who work with survivors, and those who are interested in the amazing capacity of the human spirit to be resilient could benefit from reading this book.

About the Author

Frida is the only survivor of her family, now married to Rob van der Zaag and the couple has seven children. She graduated from Bowling Green State University Firelands Campus in the State of Ohio with a bachelor’s degree of Arts in Communication. Frida has shared her story of miraculous survival, God’s grace, the power of forgiveness, inner healing and resilience around the world including, Africa, Europe, America and Australia. Frida is also a keynote speaker at high schools, universities, churches, business and not for profit organizations and various women groups.
Frida spoke at the UN Headquarters in New York during the 2016 Annual Commemoration of the Rwanda genocide against the Tutsis. In 2019, Frida spoke at Memorial de la SHOAH in Paris and at the Melbourne Jewish Holocaust Centre.
Frida is also the author of In the School of Resilience.



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John Williams – Missionary to the South Seas

The effect of the Good News concerning Jesus Christ has transformed the lives of our people from a life of hopelessness to that of hope and blessings.

The missionaries gave us a good knowledge of the English language. It has given us a clean and prosperous lives. It has given us easy access to the Country of Australia and all Commonwealth Nations.

But it did not just come freely; men and women from the United Kingdom through the London Missionary Society suffered so much to avail to us such privileges. Many of them were martyred. All of them were deprived of the luxuries and comfort of their homeland.

This journey will take you back to the history of your ancestors.

Every word jotted by John Williams imprints a vivid picture of how the Cook Islands people thought and lived, confirming practises and inclinations.

These recounts are an unfolding of the Cook Islands history.

About the Author

Rev Iotia Nooroa holds a Master of Arts Degree in Biblical Studies from the Evangel Christian University of America, Louisiana USA, 2013 and a Bachelor of Theology from Prairie Bible Institute, Albertan Canada, 1981. Teacher and preacher within the Cook Islands Community and visiting lecturer at the Takamoa Theological College, Rarotonga, Cook Islands. Pastor at Casey Bible Church, Melbourne, Australia and Principal at Casey College of Biblical Studies, Melbourne, Australia. Married to Terepai Tutu Mani and has two girls Nanua who is married to John Amato of Samoa and have five children: Tarai, Iosia, Tepaeru, Tereapii, Pouna; and Moari our second daughter. Speaks and writes both English and Cook Islands Maori fluently and understands French, Tahitian, New Testament Greek and Biblical Hebrew. Born in the village of Ruatonga, Avarua, Rarotonga, Cook Islands, 1953 and raised up in the Cook Islands Christian Church of the London Missionary Society, at Avarua. Now living in Melbourne, Australia, 2020.
Mrs Terepai Nooroa holds a Master or Arts in Biblical Studies Degree (M.A.) from the USA and a Bachelor of Religious Education Degree (B.R.E.) from Canada. Serving with her husband in all Ministries of the Church.


ZEPPA, Talaylin

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Child in a Manger

Who is this child sleeping
in a manger?

Journey with the Angels, Shepherds and Kings as they follow a special Star and discover the Christmas story.

About the Author

Born in Queensland, Australia, Talaylin developed a love of the performing arts at an early age. She learnt piano, violin and classical singing from the age of 5. Talaylin has enjoyed playing in orchestras and bands, singing in and conducting choirs, and performing in musical theatre and drama productions throughout Australia and overseas. Her passion for music and her belief in its important role in a child’s development drew her to the teaching profession.

A humanitarian at heart, Talaylin has combined her love of music and literature to write and illustrate several children’s picture books to raise funds for children living in extreme poverty. She also participates in events that increase awareness of and support anti-slavery projects in Cambodia, Nepal and Australia.

Talaylin enjoys the challenges of long distance running including half-marathons, marathons and trail runs. She has walked the Camino de Santiago in Spain, as well as hiking the Kokoda track in Papua New Guinea.

Talaylin loves spending time with her partner Leo and their dogs, reading, composing, teaching music and hanging out with friends and family.

Child In A Manger was inspired by some of Talaylin’s fondest childhood memories of being involved in Christmas Nativity plays. Talaylin and her sisters, Kiana and Courtney loved dressing up as angels and playing Twinkle Twinkle on their violins.

The sheet music for Child In A Manger can be found at the back of this book and the song is available at Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and YouTube Music.




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Dog Backwards Spells God

This small book proposes a charming way in which we might better understand and appreciate God, thereby improving our relationship with Him.

It is perhaps more than coincidence that DOG backwards spells GOD. Valid comparisons can be made between our relationship with dogs and our relationship with God. Occasionally we see that dogs reflect the nature of God. Sometimes
we discern dogs point the way to a better relationship with God. And at still other times we recognise that our relationship with dogs is strikingly similar to our relationship with God. In a real sense, dogs truly are messengers of God.

Described as a picture book for adults, this work presents twenty comparisons between our relationship with dogs and our relationship with God. And as we think about each of the twenty comparisons, we start to realise that interacting with dogs enables us to catch tiny glimpses of God Himself

Dr John Lourens

About the Author

Hi, I’m John.

I am a retired university academic, and spent my entire career as a teacher. A lifelong dog-lover, I cannot remember a time when I was not blessed with the companionship of a dog. I regard dog ownership as an honour, a privilege and a profound educational experience. I firmly believe that if we are willing to take advantage of the delightful learning opportunities provided, canine companionship can teach us a great deal about God and our relationship with Him.

In my view, it is quite possible that after reading this small book, and after reflecting on its big message, you will no longer look at the canine companions in your life in quite the same light as you do now.

A practising Christian, I am active in my local church community. I live in Melbourne, Australia with my wife, Molly, and our two canine companions and messengers of God, Dior and Sammy. I hope you enjoy reading my book as much as I enjoyed writing it.

John Lourens


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The Spirit of the Antichrist is in the Church

The Word of God is the light to see and discern between the wolves and the sheep.

The Bible warns in second Thessalonians chapter 2:1-11 about the events surrounding the second coming of Christ that we are not to be shaken in mind or troubled in spirit but to be careful of deception. It details the deceit, the falling away, and the revelation of the lawless one.

It also mentions that the mystery of lawlessness is already at work. This mystery is the spirit of the antichrist cited in first John 4:1-6, manifested in opposing ideologies to the biblical worldview introduced into the church by persons, i.e., wolves in sheep’s clothing, who personify this spirit.
This book is meant to edify the body of Christ on how to discern the spirit of error and her schemes by emphasising the importance of the Word of God and His glory.

About the Author

Adeolu Obatayo is a reformed Christian and member of the Westminister Presbyterian Church Bull Creek, though a Nigeria born Australian, married with three children, and working as a General Practitioner in Western Australia. His most important qualification is being a Christ redeemed child of the most high God, who desires above all to love God with his whole heart, soul, mind and strength.


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Plan G

Your life is your opportunity to encounter God and His intentions for you.

Plan G is the blueprint to discover God’s plan and purpose for your life. It’s worth remembering that only God can enter your life knowing your future and with the correct viewpoint. Given this foreknowledge, what we all really need is His Plan G – God’s plan – which is about His unfailing goodness to all generations and comes with an eternal, not just a lifetime, guarantee.

It’s God’s great rescue plan for His most precious creation – mankind. It’s like no other plan ever devised. It is timeless, priceless and matchless and there’s a place within it just for you. If you’ve tried plan A without success and your plan B hasn’t worked either, it’s time for you to discover Plan G: the grand design for all time; the plan for mankind from beginning to end. May God bless you and reveal His truth to you as you read about and join the dots of His marvellous plan.

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George tells the life story of George T Tilston, who experienced his fair share of trouble and sorrow in his first threescore and ten years: two world wars, a great depression and a deep recession to name a few.

On the verge of reaching his seventieth birthday he did ‘fly away’ – not off the perch exactly, but off to Perth in Western Australia – propelled by the love for his family and the promise of a new beginning.

Simon Allars Author of George

About the Author

Simon Mark Allars was born in Chester, England and now lives in Melbourne, Australia.

A former failed bank teller, often lost backpacker, tin-opening chef and communications consultant, he now works with his wife Sandra in their aged care service business.

Simon is the proud dad of three lovely daughters: Abbey, Olly and Hannah – all of whom have inherited his wacky sense of fun and love of Liverpool Football Club. He has written several manuscripts before, but George was his first in print.