MAY, April

ISBN 978-1-922890-19-1

He is Faithful from A to Z

79 true accounts of God’s Extraordinary Faithfulness in the life of a very ordinary person

He Is Faithful From A-Z is an encouraging alphabetical arrangement of God’s faithfulness throughout a life of ups and downs.

Abuse, Anger, Addictions, Miraculous interventions, Marriage, Separations, Divine reconciliations. A miracle son, High elevations, The loss of a daughter, Deep devastations,

Hearing God’s voice, Seeing His face, Lessons of Trust, Obedience, Grace. Supernatural dreams, Futuristic visions, Angelic visitations, Financial provisions.

Unspeakable Joys, Fear, Strife, Through it all God is faithful in this, my ordinary life.

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About the Author

April May, author and founder of April May Gems and mother of five, calls home where her heart is, which is either on the sun-kissed coast of Perth, Western Australia or amidst the snow-capped mountains of the beautiful South Island of New Zealand. She is passionate about sharing her stories to encourage and inspire others and to restore hearts that are in need of hope.


This excellent book will ignite your faith, you will be SO blessed, inspired, encouraged and changed!!

Sherlie Eady

I heartily recommend this book for all who are confronted with the difficulties and complexities of life and who desire to understand God’s sovereign purposes and plans in their journey. You will be challenged, confronted, inspired and edified as you read this book

Pastor Phil Howell
[Without Walls Inc]

BATTY, Andrew

ISBN 978-1-922890-41-2

See you in Heaven

Seek and ye shall find… 40 days in search of Jesus

June 20
A crisp winter’s day
A Harley on the ground
No heartbeat
No sign of life
39 seconds
The kindness of a stranger
Ambulance on the way

Andrew awoke in a frantic Emergency room.
A voice exclaimed, ‘What happened, what happened?’
The paramedic responded, ‘I don’t know, I can’t explain it. The heart just started!’
Andrews was thinking, what do I wish I had told my kids? My friends?
He prayed, ‘Lord, give me the chance to tell my kids why I believe what I believe.’

This is Andrew.
This is his story.


ISBN 978-1-922803-70-2



While completing a PhD in archaeology, Siraj finds 2000 year-old bones in a tomb in Madaba, Jordan. His atheist professor and Muslim authorities claim Christianity is finished. But Skye, Siraj’s Christian friend believes otherwise.

With powerful people threatening his life, he must make a decision: faith versus science, Islam versus Christianity.

When new evidence about the bones arrives, he faces the biggest dilemma of his life, which may be over if he makes the wrong decision!


ISBN 978-1-922803-22-1

Where There’s Smoke

From beneath the ashes of war, loss and prejudice, Mae Baak clambered out cradling an ember that set everything she touched aflame. It’s the kind of fire that thaws your heart, a fire that refines you.

A fire that brings dead men back to life.

Where there's smoke Mae Baak

About the Author

Mae Baak is a Christian based in Australia whose ministry continues to impact thousands in Australia, Europe, and Africa.

After first hearing of Christ as a young child in her native Netherlands, Mae immigrated to Australia. This move brought new challenges and a radical conversion, followed by a powerful and ongoing ministry. That ministry ranged from leading people to Christ through personal evangelism, as a church leader, a church planter in Australia and Europe, and as an international speaker.

Her ministry is characterised by compassion, practical Bible teaching, and the prophetic.

Mae was nominated for Australian of the Year in 2007 for her work in Uganda, pioneered a movement that empowered women in religious, political and social fields and devoted her life to help those in need across Europe and Africa.

Kavitha Writer Where there's smoke Mae Baak

About the Writer

Kavitha Anandasivam is a Sri Lankan Australian actress, known for starring in SBS’s 2019 mini-series, The Hunting. in 2019, the Casting Guild of Australia named her among their 10 Rising Stars to watch.

ANDREWS, Jonathan

ISBN 978-1-922890-14-6

The Reconnected Heart

Do you carry pain from a previous or existing relationship?

Perhaps a friend, family member or partner has hurt you and you just can’t seem to get over it. You try to move forward, but you have suffered injuries of connection and your heart isn’t healing. Injuries of connection can be the deepest and most disruptive of all psychological conditions, leading to deep feelings of betrayal, worthlessness, shame and alienation.

But there is hope.

While it is true that relationships can hurt us, they can also heal us. Your heart can mend by connecting with yourself, connecting with safe and understanding people, and connecting with the God who created you and longs to love you in the midst of your pain. Using his 20 years of experience as a practising clinical psychologist, together with biblical foundations, insights from literature and scientific evidence, Dr Jonathan Andrews will lead you through the steps of healing. . He will guide you through the chaos of psychological injuries caused by disconnection and towards a reconnected heart—and set you up for a life of trust, self-esteem, honour and belonging.

About the Author

DR JONATHAN ANDREWS works with adults and young people helping them to overcome depression and anxiety. His life motto is to live with his “heart in mind” and he encourages others to live this way too, connecting with themselves, with those close to them, and with God.

Jonathan holds a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and is a Member of the Australian Psychological Society (MAPS) and a Fellow of the APS College of Clinical Psychologists (FCCLP). He is the Director of Heart in Mind, a psychological practice in Brisbane, Australia.

He lives in Brisbane with his wife Kylie, their four children and their greyhound, Hazel.


Make A Difference Jim McCann author

Coffee shop impromptu recital…

ISBN 978-1-922803-32-0

Make a Difference

Hearing from God

Jim was born in 1953 in Greenock, Scotland to Jim and Josephine (nee Johnston) McCann. He has two sisters, Betty (nee Craford) McCann and Phyllis (nee Branson) McCann and two brothers, David McCann and Chris McCann.

At the age of 10, he immigrated with his family to Whyalla, South Australia. In 1964 Jim attended St. Teresa Catholic School. At 15, he left school and had a long productive work life until retirement in 2019.

In 1991, Jim married the beautiful Annetta Scanlan (nee de Vries Van Leeuwen), who is the mother of three boys – Chris, Steven and David, and a daughter, Leanne.

In 1981, he had an experience with God that profoundly changed his life.

Jim hopes you enjoy reading these poems as much as he enjoyed reciting them. This book of poems is inspired by God, His Bible and His amazing love.