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Surfa Saurus

Surfa Saurus on the move surfing to the big–wave groove!

Sid Surfa Saurus and his best friend Dally are not your usual dinosaurs – they surf. But they didn’t always.

Thousands of years ago, while being chased by meat-eaters, they ran into the ocean to escape danger and discovered the coolest lifestyle imaginable – surfing. Sid and Dally were the very first surfers on planet Earth.

What happened next, was unimaginable. The climate changed – not once, but twice!

First of all, the ice age came and their world froze. They were caught, mid-wave, inside icebergs for millions of years … One day, the world began to warm up and the icebergs melted. Sid and Dally then found themselves in a modern world full of sun, sand and yes; surfing!

Radio NOVA919

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Herbert the Dancing Horse

Herbert the Dancing Horse’s school talent show is coming up and he’s sad because he doesn’t have a special talent like the rest of his friends.
Join Herbert on his journey as he discovers everyone is unique and special in their own way.

“I’ve never read this book”
Andy Lee

“Send me the book!”
Zoe Foster Blake

“It sounds intriguing… but I’ll get my lawyers onto it”
Shaun Micallef

About the Authors

Ben was a dairy farmer in Two Wells and Liam is a Golden Grove born, uni drop out and fried chicken enthusiast. Ben & Liam are MADE for Adelaide! Join them up early, from 6am Monday to Friday on Nova 919 (or catch up on the weekly podcast!) and share your stories, hear the latest about God’s country (South Aus) and beyond!

Well what a journey that was hay (that’s a horse joke)! We hope you enjoyed it and who knows, maybe it won’t be Herbert’s last. We just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who helped make this book a reality and to everyone that’s picked it up and given it a read (yeah, that’s YOU!!).

Love, Ben & Liam


SIM, Lynnette

ISBN 978-1-922722-19-5

Blue the Balloon Bumps into Sydney

Blue Breaks Free!
Where will Blue go?
What will Blue bump into?
Follow Blue to discover Sydney


Lynnette Sim was born in Penang, a small island off the coast of Peninsula Malaysia. At her very young age, she discovered her love for two things – words and numbers. She reads often and at times, far too often. Once she was caught reading a novel during class time!

Her love for numbers led her to study accountancy and she became an accountant! She spent a decade working in the banking and finance sector before she left the corporate world to raise her son.

She now turns her focus to share her second love – words! She hopes to string and weave words into stories that children can truly enjoy!

Lynnette lives in Sydney with a very musical son, a husband who loves photography and possum on her roof!



ISBN 978-1-922629-83-8

The Adventures of Sammy the Swamphen of Lord Howe Island

Join Sammy, a brave and courageous swamphen of Lord Howe Island on his many adventures. Meet his unique collection of friends from this World Heritage Island, including Tina the white tern, Willie the double-headed wrasse, Wilbur the woodhen and Sandy the swamphen who rally together to help Sammy overcome enormous obstacles. Will the Crown of Thorns destroy the coral reef? Can Sammy save Tina from Rodney and his rat gang? Will the Grommets invade the world?

Don Mathewson, self-published author of The Adventures of Sammy the Swamphen of Lord Howe Island

About the Author

Don Mathewson is an Emeritus Professor at The Australian National University working at Mt Stromlo Observatory, Canberra. Since 1955 he has been involved in studying the Universe using optical and radio telescopes in remote parts of the world. He has made many important discoveries including that our Galaxy is part of a huge section of the local Universe being swept along at high velocity towards Centaurus. In 1993 he travelled to Lord Howe Island with his family and immediately fell in love with this World Heritage Island and its stunning array of bird, marine and plant life. They have been regular visitors to the island ever since. During long walks on the island through this magical world of lush rainforests of kentia palm, blackbutt and pandanus, Don’s imagination was redirected from solving cosmic puzzles to telling the story of The Adventures of Sammy Swamphen of Lord Howe Island.



ISBN 978-1-922629-47-0

Annabel’s Mum

Based on the real journey of a young mother diagnosed with cancer during the pregnancy of her second child. This story highlights the feelings of change and uncertainty from the perspective of Annabel – just a toddler at the time of her Mum’s diagnosis. However, it also celebrates the excitement and gift of new life and pays homage to memories of the people we love.

This book may help a child to understand that although many changes occur when a loved one is diagnosed with cancer, the child is still important; the child remains safe, loved, and will forever be connected to their loved one.

Annabel’s Mum is aimed at families with young children, aged 2-8, but can be enjoyed and appreciated by all ages. It is an excellent resource for primary schools to use in social and emotional wellbeing programs such as ‘Seasons for Growth‘ (by Good Grief) as children explore the topics of change, loss, and grief. 

BECK, Lucy

ISBN 978-1-922629-52-4

Take it On

Lucy was diagnosed with cancer when she was just 6 years old. “Take it on” written by Lucy herself details her journey and is intended to help other young people who may be starting their own journey, what they can expect to feel and experience along the way.


About the Author

Hi, I’m Lucy.
I was diagnosed when I was 6. Before I knew I had cancer, I was feeling very sick in the mornings and would vomit. After that, I would be fine. I found out I had cancer after I had a CT scan, which was done in a big loud donut shaped machine. 
Have you had one of them?
Through this new journey, it’s ok to feel scared; I know I was! Lots of things are going to change, but just remember there are lots of people around you who can help and explain any questions you may have. My family, including my Mum, Dad and Brother were always there for me no matter what, and still are today.
So… Do whatever you can to beat this monster! I know you can do it; after all, this is your journey.