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Gus: the Southern Purple Spotted Gudgeon

Southern Purple Spotted Gudgeons were thought to be extinct however a small number were rediscovered several years ago and some were captured for breeding stock, which has led to several groups becoming involved in breeding programs.

Students can investigate native aquatic and land-based animals that rely on healthy wetlands, billabongs creeks and rivers.

How are billabongs and wetlands formed? What causes some animals to become extinct? How do introduced fish affect native fish species?

By reading the story of Gus, students can create a wetlands food web.

gerry mccarthy author

About the Author

Hooked on fishing from and early age, Gerry McCarthy and his dad Martin were regular hopefuls on all of Adelaide’s metropolitan jetties. Interestingly Gerry’s extensive teaching and educational leadership appointments were always situated close to water! In 2015 after forty-six years in educational settings, Gerry established his own teaching business Teachfishsa and South Australian schools took the bait.
Gerry’s passion for all things fish saw schools engage in STEM projects through aquaponics as well as fishing camps and fishing excursions. However, Gerry’s most recent focus as been to help save critically endangered native fish. The story of Gus the Southern Purple Spotted Gudgeon (a fish that until recently was thought to be extinct) is shared by Gerry and his illustrator niece Elise Fitzgerald in the hope that others will join the cause and help save fish like Gus. 
Elise Fitzgerald Illustrator Gus book

About the Illustrator

Elise Fitzgerald is a Year 10 student at Mercedes College Adelaide and this is the first book Elise has illustrated. Elise has always loved art and in order to further develop her skills is taking on lessons outside of school. Elise has a preference for oil paintings and portraits.
When not producing outstanding art pieces, Elise spends a lot of time on her other passion gymnastics. Elise hopes to pursue illustrating and other creative avenues into the future.


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The Adventures of Sammy the Swamphen of Lord Howe Island

Join Sammy, a brave and courageous swamphen of Lord Howe Island on his many adventures. Meet his unique collection of friends from this World Heritage Island, including Tina the white tern, Willie the double-headed wrasse, Wilbur the woodhen and Sandy the swamphen who rally together to help Sammy overcome enormous obstacles. Will the Crown of Thorns destroy the coral reef? Can Sammy save Tina from Rodney and his rat gang? Will the Grommets invade the world?

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A Tale of Two Planets

Fasten your seat belts as you see what awaits you in the next few hundred years. Follow Rick Andrews and Susan Metcalfe, two Australian astronomers in their adventures after meeting Captain Vass, a siliconoid from Planet X in the Magellanic Clouds.

See how your mineral-rich Earth is so attractive to other planets, and shudder at the consequences. Become emotionally involved when Susan, a carbonoid, falls in love with the President, a siliconoid, Chancellor of the Federation of Planets in the local Group of Galaxies.

Reading this book will raise you into another dimension and your life will never be the same!

About the Author

Don Mathewson was Director of Mount Stromlo and Siding Spring Observatories of the Australian National University for nine years from 1977.

Since 1955 he was involved in studying the Universe in remote parts of the world from solitary observatories at high altitudes. One of his many discoveries was the Magellanic Stream, a huge arc of hydrogen around our Galaxy pulled from the Magellanic Clouds.

From his dome he would look up at the Magellanic Clouds and wonder if life would exist in this beautiful galaxy. He became so obsessed with this idea he decided to write A Tale of Two Planets.

In 1993, he travelled to Lord Howe Island with his family and immediately fell in love with this World Heritage Island and its stunning array of bird, marine and plant life. They have been regular visitors to the island ever since.

During long walks on the island through this magical world of lush rainforests of kentia palm, blackbutt and pandanus, Don’s imagination was redirected from solving cosmic puzzles to telling the story of The Adventures of Sammy Swamphen of Lord Howe Island.

LANGMAN, Neville

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Chester the Last Fire Horse

‘Chester’ is a story about loyalty and friendship between a big strong fire-horse and ‘old’ Danny McKinty, his trainer.

They’ve been together at the Island Bay fire-station for about six years, and then the new fire-engines arrive. The two friends are forced apart, but their stories seem to keep criss-crossing over each other. It is also a story about accepting and adapting to the changes that go on around you, changes that you neither like nor understand.


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We Live in a Caravan

Told through the heart of a child, We Live in a Caravan offers though-provoking inspiration for all ages. This book uses rhyme and repetition to reveal life’s most meaningful values wile capturing the experiences lived by travelling families. You will be taken on a journey of reflection, and be inspired to reconnect with nature, culture and family. Featuring real memories and original drawings by Aussie kids met along the way. This genuine keepsake will warm the hearts of every travel-loving family.