COLES, David

ISBN 978-1-922722-88-1

Australian Military Aircraft

Australia began developing military aviation less than 10 years after the Wright Brothers made their first successful powered flight and just 3 years after the first Heavier-than-air military forces were created in the USA and France. With such a long history of military aviation, the three arms of the Australian military have operated a large number of aircraft types, firstly by the Army (1914), then by the Royal Australian Navy (1915) and then by the RAAF, an entity that was established in 1921 expressly for the purpose of operating in the ‘third dimension’.


This book has been written as a guide to the large and varied collection of aircraft types that have been operated by, and for, all three services. Some of these aircraft, such as the Supermarine Spitfire, will be very well known to most of the public, but throughout the more than 106 years of Australian military aviation there have been a large number of types that will not be familiar. With descriptions for over 300 aircraft types, illustrated by over 350 photos, the reader will gain an appreciation of the aircraft that have served Australia from the first flight of the Bristol Boxkite in March 1914 through to the latest projects being undertaken by the Australian Defence Forces.

About the Author

With a lifetime interest in both aviation and history, Warrant Officer David Coles is a 37-year veteran of the Royal Australian Air Force and continues to serve as a reservist with the RAAF. Trained as an aircraft avionics technician, the author has worked on Lockheed P-3 Orion Maritime Patrol aircraft and the McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 (Classic) Hornet as well as being trained as an accident investigator. He also spent three years as an instructor, teaching Air Power Doctrine and history at the RAAF Air Power Development Centre.


RING, Monica

ISBN 978-0-6486616-8-9

Luminous: A journey to self-care, self-love and self-discovery

How do you feel about yourself right at this very moment? How do you truly feel mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally?

In this modern our day-to-day is so full with life commitments that we often neglect our self-care.
Whatever your idea of self-care is, there is no right or wrong way of doing it. In this book we will explore 20 steps to achieve and maintain emotional, physical and mental self-care.
Each step is a guideline for living your best life and achieving your best self.
So, without further ado, let’s get right into it.

About the Author

If you are reading about me then I am sure you know about Luminous which is great. I am a South-Sudanese- Australian, I was born in Ethiopia, and raised in Kenya. I currently live in Adelaide, South Australia with my family. I have a degree in Social Science (Human Services). I have a passion for life and helping people to live their best lives. I am a spiritual person; I believe that my relationship with God has helped me to overcome many battles in life that could have completely broken me. I have been through a few trails in life, but I have overcome with grace and resilience.

Interesting facts about me:

  • God is first
  • I am a passionate person, I put my all into anything I do
  • I am sometimes misunderstood because I am so passionate
  • I love myself as I am (my teenage insecure days are long gone, hallelujah!)
  • I have zero tolerance for nonsense!
  • I am never afraid to voice my opinion (I keep it real)
  • I am a 100 percent human (plus the God in Me so am I really 100 human?) find out in the next book…..
  • What’s interesting about me is that these interesting facts might not be that interesting after all..huh! (I am keeping my real interesting facts to myself) 😊
  • Last but not least, I don’t know you, but I have love and respect for you because you are human (let’s be kind to one another!)

NOLAN, Kevin

ISBN 978-0-6481017-0-3

1001 Trivia Questions

Sort Out the Experts from the Pretenders

Trivia Book to challenge those that think the know everything about trivia or for those who want to know some more interesting facts.


I have always been interested in history, geography or whose who. When I look around I ask myself does this function have a name or who won this event and so on and this led me to start writing down questions and answer.

I started this as a add hoc process in 1998 and added to it very slowly until late 2016 I decided to finish my idea of a trivia book. Now retired I had the time and over those years I traveled to numerous countries and built up new knowledge.

Friends also put up with me asking them “do you know …..” so to put those knockers I hit the task in November 2016 and am looking at June 2017 with an end product.

If nothing else trivia questions keep the grey cells working and you would be surprised what you really know when you put your mind to it and even learn something new.
I would not say I am a trivia nut but someone who enjoys a mental challenge and learning

About the Author

I must thank my long suffering wife Terri and give credit to my daughter in law Jackie Wood for the excellent drawings at the start of each chapter. The wonderful cartoons throughout the book were done by the very talented cartoonist David Kowalick. All this would not have come together without the excellent staff at Green Hill Publishing.

The friends who put up with me asking “Did you know……” questions over the years deserve a medal. I might mention I started this project in 1998 and dabbled at it but in late 2016 there was a push to finish this project and get the knockers off my back. I wanted to prove to myself also that I could achieve my 1998 dream and get this trivia book out there. If nothing else but gets people’s grey cells working and learn some new facts can’t be a bad thing.


Women’s Legal Service SA

ISBN 978-1-922452-80-1

Warm Up and Serve

Warm Up and Serve is a compilation of recipes obtained from women who are survivors of domestic/family violence, supporters of WLSSA, staff, and volunteers. Each delicious recipe is accompanied by a short story as to what the recipe means to them and how it inspires warmth and love.

Purchasing Warm Up and Serve supports Women’s Legal Service (SA) to continue providing legal services and support services to women and their families in vulnerable situations.


ISBN 978-1-922337-75-7

Who Can Save the Dolphins?

Ten year old Sam loves to watch the river. But her world soon changes that there are lethal dangers lurking in the water–and they are killing the dolphins. Sam and her friends could not have foreseen the impact of their quest to save the dolphins, nor the danger they were in.

Brian Gillan’s book is a realistic story of the plight of a dolphin – capturing the attention of the reader, young and old, empowering people to be more careful about the disposal of rubbish.

Dr Michele Blewit – Project Director, AUSMAP

A vivid story about how one young dolphin fell victim to a plastic bag will go a long way toward ensuring young people do not repeat the careless littering mistakes of previous generations.

Dr Mike Bossley – Marine Biologist and Conservationist

About the Author

Brian Gillian is the original Captain Brine. He has written the book from his experience…. it is based on his true story.

MAY, Debra

ISBN 978-1-922629-44-9

Rise Up Rabid Souls

A collection of dark art and poetry from emerging and established artists from across the world.

This book is edited, conceived and distributed by affiliate publisher Ship Street Poetry.

About the Author

Debra May is an up and coming Poet whose works have recently been published in the Frances Anthology Australia. Her Debut poetry collection My Rabid F**king Soul was released November 2019.

A fan of Edgar Allen Poe, Oscar Wilde , Nick Cave, Neil Gaiman and Alice Cooper. Her style is more often modern, raw and dark. She lives in South Australia with her sausage dog Colin.