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The Wheels of Financial Blessing

Many Christians struggle with questions like “Does it please God for us to be poor?” “Should a Christian be rich?” “Why am I struggling financially even though I tithe or give?” “Why am I always stressed about money?”

This Biblically balanced book will help you to live a life that honours God and to experience His blessing in your finances. John here uses a powerful metaphor: If your financial world was a car, your forward progress is limited to the condition of its four wheels. Each wheel is equally important and represents a vital component in your approach to money.

The Wheels of Financial Blessing is easy to read and full of personal stories, and you’ll find it immediately applicable to your life.

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About the Author

John Pearce is a pastor, businessman, and kingdom leader. Alongside his wife Danielle, for more than twenty years he has led C3 Powerhouse—a dynamic, multi-site church in Australia. He serves as the Executive Director of C3 Church Global, a movement of over 500 churches led by Phil Pringle. He has a bachelor’s degree in business, majoring in accounting and marketing, and he has run a successful manufacturing business on the Sunshine Coast in Australia for more than thirty years.

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BOX, David

David Box's Australian Gin
David Box's Australian Gin, now on the bookshop shelves Australia-wide

Australian Gin is now on the bookstore shelves Australia -wide or available direct from the author.

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Australian Gin

Until a few years ago David Box enjoyed gin. He then discovered Australian craft gin and he fell in love with a spirit that he never dreamt could be so complex.

Jon Lark

Australia’s Jon Lark

David and contributors including Jon Lark – KI Spirits, Dave Irwin and Matt Argus – Patient Wolf, Cameron Mackenzie – Four Pillars and Phillip Jones – The Martini Whisperer open up the world of Aussie gin.

​You’ll find detailed information on dozens and dozens of distilleries that started the current gin craze down under. The people, the gins, their cellar doors and much more.

The book explores in depth the definition of gin, the history of Australian gin, descriptions of different gin styles, what it is like to start a distillery and the issues distillers face, and most importantly how to enjoy gin and support Australian distillers.

Australian Gin covers such subjects such as:

  • What exactly is gin?
  • The history of Australian gin
  • Different gin styles
  • Starting a distillery
  • The issues distilleries have to face
  • How to enjoy gin
  • and more!

It is indeed the book all gin lovers have been waiting for!

Author David Box

From the Author

We are in an unprecedented Australian gin boom. Distillers are winning prestigious global awards. Exports are starting to rise. The number of distilleries is growing exponentially. It is difficult for even the most dedicated fanatic to keep up, until now. Two years ago it became my mission to spread the word. So, whether you have already caught the Australian gin bug or maybe starting from scratch, this is definitely the book for you.

For many years – in my case decades – the 6 o’clock G&T ritual was more a habit. To be honest, I didn’t really love gin, but I certainly enjoyed it. I love good wine, good cocktails and good food, but back then I didn’t actually love gin. It was a surprise to me to discover that Australia even made gin despite the fact that, at that time, we had been doing so for over a decade. As I tried more Australian gin, my enjoyment grew, as did my curiosity and desire for more information. My search was extensive. Sure, there were occasional articles in magazines, newspapers, online and even the odd TV spot, but if you wanted to dig a little deeper into the world of Australian gin, there was bugger all. I honestly felt shocked. How could this be? Someone had to change that, and it might as well be me.

It wasn’t long before I fell in love with Australian craft gin. Those in the know say that gin is the wine lover’s spirit. It has flavours and aromas that are often used to describe the taste and bouquet of wine like floral, berries, length, bold, etc. It seemed natural then that this wine lover should fall head over heels for gin. Not satisfied with a book, discovering that so many people had no idea about Australian gin and having a particular patriotic bent, I took up the cause and became evangelical. I even started an Australian gin related business, Gintonica, to share the taste of Australian craft gin.

Over and over again people were asking questions like: How is gin made? What are the different ways to drink gin? What garnishes should I use? What tonics? What exactly is gin anyway!? Who are the people behind gin distilling? Where are they all? And, as a bit of a history nut, I also wanted to know where and when the first Australian gin was made and by whom?

The most surprising statement that I still come across on a very regular basis is: “I didn’t know that Australia made gin.” Most people know that we make rum, brandy and whisky, but gin? When I inform them that we have, in fact, over 150 distilleries making gin, they are astounded.

I wanted to write a book that could be enjoyed on many levels. For example, to discover where the distilleries are, their cellar doors and tasting rooms, the people involved in the industry and their gins. On the other hand, you can also pick up on some of the hot topics in the gin community and delve even deeper. For example, whether the ways of making a gin are important, the definition of gin styles, the ideas of provenance in Australian gin, what exactly defines a “craft gin”, what is involved in setting up a distillery and so much more.

Before you dive into these pages, do not miss the words on the next page. I was humbled that Jon Lark agreed to write the foreword to this book. He and Sarah Lark founded the first dedicated gin distillery in the modern era on Kangaroo Island. Jon touches on all the important aspects of gin in Australia today and is a perfect way to get started.

David Box l Gintonica


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Old Retail, New Retail, WTF?

Humans were born to shop.

That’s why retailing became the biggest industry globally.

Today, retailing is an industry in crisis, undergoing massive disruption from online marketplaces like Amazon and Alibaba. Asia is emerging as a retail powerhouse, yet most retailers are focused on the US, UK and Europe.

7 billion shoppers don’t see things that way, but retailers are full of doom and gloom?
What is going to happen to their industry?

Roy Tavenor asks the same question – with a bit of twist.

WTF – What’s The Future of retail.

This is a book written by a realist, rather than a futurist, and draws on nearly 50 years of experience, learning from the past, to better understand the future.

For retailers and shoppers alike, there is good news.

Retail is not dying – just changing.


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Running on Empty 

Small Business Survival Kit 

What’s a house painter doing with a steel business? For the first two years, I asked myself the same question. One of my good friends said to me, “Mate, you’re a bloody idiot! You’re giving up a good living painting houses to go and set up a steel business!”

I remember this because it hurt me so much. But I have got up off the floor so many times because of it. What happened was, I was lucky to be painting for a local business that was closing down because of a global downturn, and it gave me the chance to start up.

Over the following chapters, I hope to give you the inspiration and hope to go out and start your own adventure. I did, and now I am saying, WOW, where did twenty years go! My new venture enabled me to put three kids through university. One is a doctor, one is a teacher, and one is a radiographer.

I often wonder: Could I have done this on a painter’s wage?

The answer would be NO.


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Develop Through Leadership Thinking

Rex has substantial background in general management marketing, sales, manufacturing, finance, HR, project management, personnel and strategic development at both corporate and business owner level. An active public speaker and trainer, he brings `real-life’ into his work, asense of the theoretical meeting the practical.

Consulting, coaching, mentoring, mediating, Rex has barely missed any industry sector. A lateral thinker, problem solver, with experience that enables him to overview situations and work with people to create their sustainable outcomes.

“He knows it is about the whole person; the individual, the family/social, the business/employment.”

This book addresses all those areas. It’s about connecting – making change accessible, about being the best you can be!

Walking the Talk: “Do as I do, not just as I say”!

“This book contains personal and business strategic thinking processes to implement sustainable change, enabling you to lead into the next decade”


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Thought Leadership

As I traipse back through the centuries of information available outlining how humans have lived, been managed and controlled, I note with disappointment that while much positive change has occurred, much remains the same. These dominating forces – which are woven into the structure of every society, family, culture and generation, can see those of us who want to make change and understand who we are as a human being in the bigger picture, trip up at every intersection.

Thought Leadership proposes how we can break down the layers of dominance that are entrenched in society and become aware of the invisible net that surrounds and controls us throughout every moment of our life. When we do this, we have the best chance of creating a more equitable society, community, family, generation, and individual life. We can then investigate who we really are and allow our true self to evolve. We can learn how to develop our inner leader and learn how to think and behave like a thought leader. The impact on humankind with this approach to living would be phenomenal.

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If it’s to be: It’s up to me


Quick fixes don’t work. Where do you get honest information that works and can hold them in good stead for their whole life, and which they can pass onto everyone else in their life and around the globe? This book offers them this. It is generational change that is required. You start from the ground up.

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Back From Hell

We live in a period dominated by a mainstream that disrespect the capacity or even the possibility for the human machine to heal itself. Successive generations have been dumbed down and believe that others know best. We think we must intervene and ply it with something that will fix-it, but we’ve lost sight of what the human machine is capable of when using the right approaches. Unless you have been at the end of the road and come back better than you’d dreamed possible and that this is ongoing, you do not know what is possible. Unless you challenge current thinking and belief and take full responsibility for your health, you do not know what is possible.