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The Last Cowboy

Tales from the bush to the boardroom

As the first son of the Big White Boss on what was then the world’s biggest cattle station – Alexandria, Peter Murray knew he had to aim high in life.

It was quite an idyllic childhood for Peter and his younger brother, Michael, living on this remote station in the Gulf Country of Far North Queensland and the Northern Territory. The only white children on the station, they spent their days playing with the local boys, swimming, and fishing in the creek, and trying to escape their Governess!

But their father, a professional Cattle Station Manager, expected much more. At a young age, they learned how to ride, shoot, drive and play their part in the day-to-day running of Alexandria.

This training led Peter into paths he could never have foreseen. Power, politics, money, millions of acres of land, prestige – and disaster.

About the Author

Born on a huge and remote cattle station in the Gulf Country of Far North Queensland and the Northern Territory, Peter Murray has led a very colourful life indeed!

From an early age, he learned all about the business of running the station, managing workers – and catastrophes, planning, bargaining, and making money.

His cattle station manager Father wanted his sons to achieve more and trained them accordingly. Peter was sent away to the Southport School on Queensland’s Gold Coast and eventually came to love it.

However, his plans to win a scholarship and further his studies ended when he turned 17 and his father decided it was time for him to leave school and start work.

Thus began Peter’s amazing journey. From working in the stock camp for £4.10 a week, he went on to make millions of dollars, lose millions – and make them again.

It was a hard life working on the station: hot, dry, thankless. Huge responsibilities were placed on these young shoulders. But Peter rose to the challenge and worked his way up through the ranks. At 19, he became a station manager himself.

Peter married his first wife, Angie (Annie Hordern), in December 1957, and they had two sons. Life was good, but Peter wanted more for himself and his family.

One adventure came after another, deals were struck, money made, and money lost. Along the way, properties were bought and sold – including The Roebuck Hotel in Broome, and many hundreds of thousands of cattle changed hands.

For many years, Peter worked very closely with Kerry Stokes, eventually deciding to settle on Kangaroo Island in South Australia.

He and Angie were together for 55 years, before she unexpectedly passed away.

Peter married Judy and the couple still live on the island today.

This book represents only part of Peter’s amazing life – although it is packed with enough adventures, experiences, and stories to fill several lifetimes!

WALES, Stephen

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A true story of love & human resilience

On their honeymoon in remote Northern India, Steve and Terri’s lives would be forever changed when their tour vehicle collides with an oncoming bus.

What follows is a series of events only the rarest of people survive.Left with catastrophic injuries and given little hope of ever regaining her life back, Terri’s story is one of true courage, determination and ultimately triumph over enormous odds.

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Fork in the Road

When the screaming fades and the sounds of breaking glass and twisting metal are just distant memories, what happens next?

Putting the pieces of lives torn apart back together is a challenge that will test Steve and Terri well beyond the accident that forever changed them.

Steven Wales Author - Unbreakable
stephen and terri author fork in the road

About the Author

To come.


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Redzel: King of the Everest

Commencing life as an orphan foal, champion racehorse Redzel would go on to win The TAB Everest–the world’s richest horse race on turf–in its inaugural year and come back to successfully defend the title in 2018.

Redzel King of the Everest is a narrative of Redzel’s illustrious racing career, told from the firsthand perspective of an owner. From spelling, pre-training, jump-outs, trials, pre- and post-race reports and the Everest celebrations, you will follow along with Redzel’s journey and share the experience.

graeme andermahr breaking free from sexual barriers

About the Author

Timothy Cheng is a business owner/operator specialising in computer software solutions for the Australian bus and coach industry. Tim is a full-time single father of Jasmine and David, a gym junkie, a diehard Sydney Roosters supporter and a passionate horse racing participant. Racing was always destined to play some role in Tim’s life, as the first and only thing he would read was the ‘yellow form guide’ in the Telegraph Mirror every Friday. His late grandfather Bill Sun was also a penciller for big bookmakers Bill Waterhouse, Les Tidmarsh and Terry Page during the 1970s and 80s, so it would be fair to say racing was in his blood. Known for his bright red suit, Tim’s post-race celebrations and antics with some of his fellow Redzel owners are regularly played in racing carnival promotions today.

BARNES, Robert

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Australia’s Forgotten Soldiers from Paraguay

A quarter of a century ago a large number of people left Australia with the idea of the founding a New Australia – a communistic paradise – in the middle of Paraguay, in South America (states The Diggers’ Gazette). The attempt was a disastrous failure, but it is interesting to learn that the half-dozen families still left of the original settlers at Colonia Cosme sent 14 volunteers to the war practically – every fit man. One was 56 years old, and others were so young when they left Australia that they could not remember it at all. And they had to travel a thousand miles, presumably at their own expense, to reach the coast at Buenos Aires. Probably this fine result was due to a survival of the influence of William Lane, the founder of the colony, who was always strongly British in sentiment, lost a son in the war, and was largely instrumental, as editor of a daily newspaper in New Zealand, in getting compulsory service adopted there.

“This book brings light to the life stories of Australian heroes who, after calling Paraguay their new home, responded to the call of duty during the First World War.”
– Armando Fernández Galté, Head of Mission, Embassy of Paraguay, Canberra

About the Author

Robert A. Barnes first travelled to Paraguay as an exchange student in 1982.

A visit to Nueva Australia and a chance meeting with one of the few remaining colonists sparked a lasting interest in William Lane’s New Australia experiment, and more specifically, the little-known stories of those New Australians who left Paraguay to fight for Britain in the Great War of 1914-1918.

After university and short career as a provincial newspaper journalist, Robert served in the Australian Regular Amy for 23 years.

This is Robert’s second book. He has previously written a historical romance novel, Asunción, set in Paraguay during the tumultuous period between 1922 to 1947.

Robert is married to Misook and they live with their kelpie Max in Cooma, New South Wales.


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A dramatic, true story from 100 years ago that resonates today, showcasing Hope and Heart in times of Hardship, for readers of every age, time and place.

When young farmer, Wilf Fritsch and his mates leave Australia in 1914, to study in Germany, they have no idea of the catastrophe ahead. Their plans are thwarted when World War 1 erupts. Stranded, arrested and imprisoned, they wonder if they will survive the war and ever make it home again. In a treacherous and unpredictable world, friendships form in surprising places, while culture, hope and purpose survive in desolate environments. Their story reveals astonishing aspects of the times, overlooked by history. However, it is the development of the lads into men of character and integrity, and the beguiling array of people they meet, that will enchant all readers. Bound together in brotherly bonds, their remarkable journey of joy and sorrow, horror and humour, spans 6 years and 5 countries, illuminating the power of perseverance and faith.

About the Author

Heidi McLeod resides in Adelaide, South Australia with her husband. A teaching career of over 40 years, three daughters and a foster son, a large extended family, many friends, and her grandchildren have nurtured her fascination in the human journey. In her first book, Heidi traces a portion of her grandfather’s life in the style of a novel. Sourced from diaries, letters, journals, and other primary sources, as well as stories heard first-hand, Heidi provides a compelling, heart-warming narrative. Skilfully crafted with original material, song lyrics of the times and an engaging style, Heidi’s recounting of her grandfather’s experiences is a tribute to all civilians who endured the non-military story of WW1.



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Chosen to Die, Destined to Live


~ Christopher J. Mruk Ph.D. Fellow, American Psychological Association Professor of Psychology, Bowling Green State University

When Frida approached me as a student to help her work on this second edition of her book by directing it more toward resilience, I knew that I was about to become the student and she was to be the teacher.

As we went through the first edition talking about the changes she had in mind, it became clear to me that somehow this individual did everything “right” that we know about in terms of recovering from, and growing through, trauma. Her story takes the reader through all the stages of the process. It begins with the most devastating destruction of one’s sense of order about how the world works and the absolute shattering of personal identity. Next we follow her through the common after-effects of confusion, self-blame, betrayal, depression, and anger often associated with the process. Finally, the book leads us through the other side-effects that researchers talk about, especially finding ways to rebuild a sense of meaning, discover a larger purpose in life, being able to love again, and becoming even more than who and what one was before the trauma.
To put it in the simplest terms, this book is alive and powerful in a way that is humbling yet inspiring. It could be read as a story of personal survival, one of psychological transformation, or a journey to spiritual salvation. Anyone who has suffered at the hands of others, people who work with survivors, and those who are interested in the amazing capacity of the human spirit to be resilient could benefit from reading this book.

About the Author

Frida is the only survivor of her family, now married to Rob van der Zaag and the couple has seven children. She graduated from Bowling Green State University Firelands Campus in the State of Ohio with a bachelor’s degree of Arts in Communication. Frida has shared her story of miraculous survival, God’s grace, the power of forgiveness, inner healing and resilience around the world including, Africa, Europe, America and Australia. Frida is also a keynote speaker at high schools, universities, churches, business and not for profit organizations and various women groups.
Frida spoke at the UN Headquarters in New York during the 2016 Annual Commemoration of the Rwanda genocide against the Tutsis. In 2019, Frida spoke at Memorial de la SHOAH in Paris and at the Melbourne Jewish Holocaust Centre.
Frida is also the author of In the School of Resilience.