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Rich Dark Chocolate Cake

Anecdotal stories as experienced and/or seen by a typical Australian Larrikin.

Rob Rallun has travelled Australia extensively, finding himself in all manner of strange predicaments, always searching for the humour in every situation and with a knack of retelling those tales, usually over a pint at the bar with some mates.


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Out of the Frying Pan into the Fire

A memoir

A man is not just what he does for a living, but it can determine the trajectory of his life forever.

Bob Beecroft was a top-tier footy player for 16 years. Though he has achieved many fantastic things in his life, he too has had his average moments. Real life happens when you are living the dream.

Depth, substance, mistakes, growth, love and deception engraved on life with fire.

Discover that reality is not about fame and success, but how you survive it.

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About the Author

Bob Beecroft played League Football at the highest level for 16 years in three states. During his career, he was selected in an all-Australian side and is also a Hall of Fame inductee among many other football awards.

This is his life story from growing up in the bush and eventually realising his boyhood dream. This story told in his own words is at times harrowing, humorous and violent.

A story of one man’s determination to achieve his dream and push on at all costs.

Now, in his seventies, he is retired and lives a peaceful life in Mount Baker, WA.

MAY, April

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He is Faithful from A to Z

79 true accounts of God’s Extraordinary Faithfulness in the life of a very ordinary person

He Is Faithful From A-Z is an encouraging alphabetical arrangement of God’s faithfulness throughout a life of ups and downs.

Abuse, Anger, Addictions, Miraculous interventions, Marriage, Separations, Divine reconciliations. A miracle son, High elevations, The loss of a daughter, Deep devastations,

Hearing God’s voice, Seeing His face, Lessons of Trust, Obedience, Grace. Supernatural dreams, Futuristic visions, Angelic visitations, Financial provisions.

Unspeakable Joys, Fear, Strife, Through it all God is faithful in this, my ordinary life.

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About the Author

April May, author and founder of April May Gems and mother of five, calls home where her heart is, which is either on the sun-kissed coast of Perth, Western Australia or amidst the snow-capped mountains of the beautiful South Island of New Zealand. She is passionate about sharing her stories to encourage and inspire others and to restore hearts that are in need of hope.


This excellent book will ignite your faith, you will be SO blessed, inspired, encouraged and changed!!

Sherlie Eady

I heartily recommend this book for all who are confronted with the difficulties and complexities of life and who desire to understand God’s sovereign purposes and plans in their journey. You will be challenged, confronted, inspired and edified as you read this book

Pastor Phil Howell
[Without Walls Inc]


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The Spirit of the Antichrist is in the Church

The Word of God is the light to see and discern between the wolves and the sheep.

The Bible warns in second Thessalonians chapter 2:1-11 about the events surrounding the second coming of Christ that we are not to be shaken in mind or troubled in spirit but to be careful of deception. It details the deceit, the falling away, and the revelation of the lawless one.

It also mentions that the mystery of lawlessness is already at work. This mystery is the spirit of the antichrist cited in first John 4:1-6, manifested in opposing ideologies to the biblical worldview introduced into the church by persons, i.e., wolves in sheep’s clothing, who personify this spirit.
This book is meant to edify the body of Christ on how to discern the spirit of error and her schemes by emphasising the importance of the Word of God and His glory.

About the Author

Adeolu Obatayo is a reformed Christian and member of the Westminister Presbyterian Church Bull Creek, though a Nigeria born Australian, married with three children, and working as a General Practitioner in Western Australia. His most important qualification is being a Christ redeemed child of the most high God, who desires above all to love God with his whole heart, soul, mind and strength.


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Of Heavenly Beams and Earthly Shadows

Allow the depth of woven words transport you to places within your heart and soul. Find empathetic inspiration and understanding within the aspects of the darker and deeper side of the human psyche.
Thought provoking perspectives and ethereal wonders of life are shared to view the world through different eyes. The loving eyes of a natural medium.

About the Author

KAREN is a retired drug and alcohol counsellor.
She resides with her husband Edi in Perth, Western Australia.



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The Billionaire’s Club

Rong Liang is popular at Richmond’s Academy, but his music career could never take off by himself.

Gareth Wilson is new to the school, and his father can barely afford to pick him up at the end of the day.

Jenny Summers is reclusive, escaping into the world of music to avoid the world of reality.

And Humphrey Winters just doesn’t want to the there.

When these four strangers finally meet at the After-School Club, they’ll discover that they have more in common than they ever could have imagined, and in the process, their school year will be completely and utterly ruined.

About the Author

Zack Ferguson was born and raised in Perth, Western Australia where he lives with his family. He is an ideas man with a bizarre sense of humour and a love for creativity, music, and potentially voice acting. He is also a drummer, playing since he was six years old, and a part-time mash-up artist on YouTube and Instagram, who spends way too long perfecting his craft. In his early years he enjoyed creating games on a website called Scratch, but eventually realised that he was much more interested in telling the stories he made for them. Zack’s love for storytelling and creative writing grew throughout high school, where he finally found inspiration in his final year to put pen to paper to write his first novel: The Billionaire’s Club.