GRAHAM, Anthony

ISBN 978-1-922722-87-4

Reflections of Tiny Victories


A droll memoir of an eventful life.
The author left school aged 14 to pursue a career as a professional square dance caller. Somehow, he found his way back to school and later university. He was diverted and became a jazz club promoter for a few years.

After finally completing his law degree he practised at the bar for nearly 40 years as a barrister and QC and spent 11 years as a judge
of the Family Court of Australia. Subsequently he was appointed a Professorial Fellow at Charles Darwin University and an acting judge of the Supreme Court of the Northern Territory.

Together with an old friend the author returned to the music business when aged 60. The Rocker and the Jazzer have written over 50 songs
and their albums are available to stream. Four of their songs have been recorded in Nashville and they have also been covered by German and Dutch bands.

This is not the author’s first excursion into print. He has written two textbooks, internationally circulated articles and two published novels, JERRY O and MONKEY MAN are available in print or as EBooks.

He is presently working on a new novel, when not playing tennis or writing songs.

About the Author

The author has practised as a barrister, QC, judge and Law Professor over a career spanning 50 years. He is also a musician and songwriter. He is the Jazzer in the Rocker & Jazzer band that has recorded a number of albums and he has co-written numerous songs that have been covered in the USA and Europe. He has written a number of published text books and his fiction, REFLECTIONS OF TINY VICTORIES, JERRY O and MONKEY MAN are available in print or as EBooks.



ISBN 978-1-922629-27-2

There’s a Monster on my Shoulder

…there’s a Monster on my shoulder, and he’s never, ever kind. He whispers things inside my ear that scare my anxious mind…

If there was a monster on your shoulder telling you scary things would you know how to make it go away? This is a story about just that! But beware…this monster is tricky and cheeky and definitely doesn’t want to leave you alone!

Erin Joy Bernardi, self-published author of 'There's a Monster on my Shoulder'

About the Author

I am a Teacher, qualified and experienced in both Primary and Early Childhood Education. I am also a Mum. It is my experiences in these roles that compelled me to write this book. Every day I see more and more children suffering with anxiety – be that very mild or quite extreme. To some extent, everyone suffers from it in one form or another. It is particularly hard to converse about anxiety with young children and explain exactly what it is in a way that helps them understand and cope with it. My hope is that this book can be a very effective tool in doing this. I also hope that it can enhance childrens understanding of who they are at their essence. Help them know that the thoughts that circle around their minds are not them, that they are the ones aware of those thoughts and as such can exercise much more choice about them.


FOTIAS, Parris

ISBN 9781922629562

Adventures Through Covid


Parris Fotias has just flown home from a work trip through India. Eleven days later, COVID-19 is officially declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organisation. Soon after, the Australian Government closes its international border under Biosecurity Act 2015, essentially banning all Australians from travelling overseas.

Adventures Through COVID is a story of survival, reinvention and self-reflection. It is a personal odyssey that chronicles the frustrations of living through a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic.

From the Author

The irony is, I have always wanted to publish a book, yet on this occasion, it was never my motivation.

Returning to Australia from India on February 29th, 2020, little did I realise that this would be (as of writing) my last trip abroad. 

Throughout the month of March, as the severity of COVID-19 began to sink in, I felt compelled to reach out to as many of our clients and partners as possible, just to check in on their wellbeing.

So I started emailing them and by April 08th, 2020, these had somehow morphed into the Dear Diary series that you see today.

I initially had concerns that I would simply be an unwelcomed addition to their Inbox but was genuinely overwhelmed by the number of phone calls, emails and messages I received in reply.

Some just wanted to chat, some shared with me their own stories, while others just wanted to thank me for reaching out.

Yet I should have been thanking them, for their inspiration allowed me to relive adventures I had not thought about for years.

Travel is indeed a privilege and one that should never be taken for granted.

Parris Fotias




From Fear to Fulfillment From Crisis to Confidence

You Personal Evolution Journey

ISBN 978-1922629-32-6

If you have ever been held back by Fear, this book is for you. It will help you to understand your fears and guide you through on your journey to Fulfillment.
If you have faced Crisis and found yourself struggling, this book holds within its pages a wealth of valuable information, about how you can overcome the challenges and emerge with Confidence.
Shift away from Fear, unleash your hidden reserves held within and reach the empowering goal of fulfillment. Learn to explore your beliefs, questions your thinking, and uncover truths about Fear, and about Confidence.
This is a Future You, waiting for you to transition from worry and chaos into the new You, the happier, healthier, more emotionally secure You, free from Fear, with Confidence to face life’s Crises and emerge fulfilled.
Reinterpret and transition your challenging life experiences into truly fulfilling memories. Turn critical moments into empowering growth opportunities.
With the help of this book, may you release Fear, cope better with Crisis, and discover your more Fulfilled and more Confident Future You.

About the Author

Terri Mitchell is a speaker, coach, writer, and author of her new novel Legacies. A professionally trained psychiatric nurse, Terri has a fascination for, and genuine interest in the workings of the human mind. This book, her latest work, draws upon her research into fear, with a desire to create an easy-read self-discovery book to help people transition into a life more fulfilled. Terri gained her psychiatric nursing qualifications from La Trobe University. She has been a lifelong writer, exploring language and stories to create other worlds, people, and histories. Currently, Terri hoses a podcast and YouTube channel, Voice on Fire – Interviews with Intention where she speaks with an international line-up of guests. Along with her cat, Terri lives and writes from home in Victoria, Australia. 

RICHARDS, Mitchell

ISBN 978-0-6451513-8-1

My Journey

Positive Thinking and Resilience

The story of the journey, I am on,
At least I know,
I’m not alone!
It’s a journey full of hurdles and tears,
But in the end,
It’s over with smiles and cheers!
Sometimes there’s a storm,
But It doesn’t last forever,
The rain always stops,
And gives way to good weather!
Though it wears down my mind,
body and soul,
Still It will never makes me fall!
I will always come back strong
And somehow learn how to stand tall!
As the journey goes on,
And I approach a new year!
Walking on the same tracks,
Leaving behind all what I used to fear!


The Covid related lockdown in Sydney has impacted the printer’s ability to dispatch the book in early August. The delivery date to the author has now been set at 27th August.



ISBN 978-0-6451513-7-4

Reason & Passion

Reason and Passion is a collection of poetry pieces crafted through a meditative and unique lens. Within this book lie writings of philosophy, perceptions of the world, and personal experience.

Through these short poems, there is a hope to revivify others with a newfound love of the world, a love of language and intentional living.

Among the hills, where the trees grow in purposeful harmony, it is clear that reason rests with the forest.

Yet through the harsh forest fire that blazes through the innocent leavers, it is clear that passion rests in the forest.

Like an arcane forest at the mercy of the elements, you too shall rest in the cool shade of reason and move with passion’s fire.