POLA, Geoff

ISBN 978-1-922337-20-7

The Shit Fairy

Avril’s feelings for Dan are confusing. Hardened by institutional life, Avril Maguire sees Dan as someone she can use and manipulate. She has no concept of consequences and has difficulty adjusting to the psychological abuses by the staff.

Their friendship develops amongst the chaos of her mind, and her past. She inhabits two worlds. One of the sun’s rays, where she is burdened by her disability, and that of the moon’s beams, where she is tucked up tight in bed, free to explore her dreams. It’s through these worlds that Avril discovers a sense of identity and belonging.

The enigma that is Avril Maguire is unique in the complexity of a beautiful mind. Avril’s mischievous giggle is infectious and wills you into a world that is heart-felt and challenging.

ISBN 978-1-922722-05-8

The Circle

This is the second book in a series that follows Avril Maguire as she navigates a not so perfect world. At the age of five, Avril was sent to Pleasant Creek. In 1982 she was transferred to Aradale; formally known as Ararat Lunatic Asylum, which housed the adult population. We pick up Avril’s story as the year sees out the end of the 20th Century.

The true origins of the circle come from pagan rituals that worshipped the Sun and the Moon.

Avril knew the power of the circle; it was a symbol of defiance for the little girl that never grew up. She tried to block out the past and imagine her future. The scars on her forearms were a reminder; each one a chapter, a story. Danny Walters is one of Avril’s care workers; their relationship is conditional and one that is renegotiated on a daily basis. Hardened by institutional culture, Avril has no language and is frustrated by the restrictive practices to control her behaviour. Yet she is intrigued by the power she has over Dan.

“Dan thinks I’m all sugar and spice!” Hee

Geoff Pola author The Shit Fairy

About the Author

I was born in Melbourne and completed formal studies to gain a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at the federation University. My interest in psychiatric art lead to chance meeting with Dr Cunningham Dax in 1997 who was cataloguing the collection of psychiatric art from Aradale Mental Hospital, formerly known as Ararat Lunatic Asylum. This was the turning point in my career; I had the privilege of working with people in the disability sector who have fragile and broken minds, plus challenging and complex behaviours.

It was here I met some interesting characters and some beautiful minds filled with dreams and aspirations. I find it humbling to hold the memories of such souls; they will be always cherished and valued.

The Shit Fairy which is subtitled; The Complexities of a beautiful Mind, is a fictional book with contemporary historical elements. We follow the main character, Avril Maguire who has a profound disability. She was brought up in “institutional care” such as Pleasant Creek in Stawell and then transferred to Aradale in 1982, which housed the adult population. The plight of Avril is a poignant reminder regarding the recent Royal Commission into the Disability sector in Australia. I regard myself as a passionate advocate for people like Avril.

Avril story is set in the mid to late 1990’s and we follow her during the transitional period when it was Government policy to close these notorious institutions and integrate residents into social housing. These units were called Client Residential Units (CRU’s). The social expectations were a far cry from a society that had excluded her for thirty-six years.

This is the first book in a series that follows Avril Maguire as she navigates a not so perfect world. Her fear is that she will inflict her will on you! Will you still like me.

BREEN, Barry

By the Beacon Steps

ISBN 978-1-922452-48-1 PAPERBACK

In 1974 Barry bought a house in the centre of Port Campbell, while he was teaching at Camperdown. This collection is a celebration of the beauty and uniqueness of Port Campbell and the surrounding country. Barry Breen has won awards for poetry, short stories and acting and has published widely in Australia and overseas. He has also appeared in and written for the highly popular Ozact productions of The Tempest at Loch Ard Gorge.

BOX, David

David Box's Australian Gin
David Box's Australian Gin, now on the bookshop shelves Australia-wide

Australian Gin is now on the bookstore shelves Australia -wide or available direct from the author.

ISBN 978-0-6486785-8-8


Australian Gin

Until a few years ago David Box enjoyed gin. He then discovered Australian craft gin and he fell in love with a spirit that he never dreamt could be so complex.

Jon Lark

Australia’s Jon Lark

David and contributors including Jon Lark – KI Spirits, Dave Irwin and Matt Argus – Patient Wolf, Cameron Mackenzie – Four Pillars and Phillip Jones – The Martini Whisperer open up the world of Aussie gin.

​You’ll find detailed information on dozens and dozens of distilleries that started the current gin craze down under. The people, the gins, their cellar doors and much more.

The book explores in depth the definition of gin, the history of Australian gin, descriptions of different gin styles, what it is like to start a distillery and the issues distillers face, and most importantly how to enjoy gin and support Australian distillers.

Australian Gin covers such subjects such as:

  • What exactly is gin?
  • The history of Australian gin
  • Different gin styles
  • Starting a distillery
  • The issues distilleries have to face
  • How to enjoy gin
  • and more!

It is indeed the book all gin lovers have been waiting for!

Author David Box

From the Author

We are in an unprecedented Australian gin boom. Distillers are winning prestigious global awards. Exports are starting to rise. The number of distilleries is growing exponentially. It is difficult for even the most dedicated fanatic to keep up, until now. Two years ago it became my mission to spread the word. So, whether you have already caught the Australian gin bug or maybe starting from scratch, this is definitely the book for you.

For many years – in my case decades – the 6 o’clock G&T ritual was more a habit. To be honest, I didn’t really love gin, but I certainly enjoyed it. I love good wine, good cocktails and good food, but back then I didn’t actually love gin. It was a surprise to me to discover that Australia even made gin despite the fact that, at that time, we had been doing so for over a decade. As I tried more Australian gin, my enjoyment grew, as did my curiosity and desire for more information. My search was extensive. Sure, there were occasional articles in magazines, newspapers, online and even the odd TV spot, but if you wanted to dig a little deeper into the world of Australian gin, there was bugger all. I honestly felt shocked. How could this be? Someone had to change that, and it might as well be me.

It wasn’t long before I fell in love with Australian craft gin. Those in the know say that gin is the wine lover’s spirit. It has flavours and aromas that are often used to describe the taste and bouquet of wine like floral, berries, length, bold, etc. It seemed natural then that this wine lover should fall head over heels for gin. Not satisfied with a book, discovering that so many people had no idea about Australian gin and having a particular patriotic bent, I took up the cause and became evangelical. I even started an Australian gin related business, Gintonica, to share the taste of Australian craft gin.

Over and over again people were asking questions like: How is gin made? What are the different ways to drink gin? What garnishes should I use? What tonics? What exactly is gin anyway!? Who are the people behind gin distilling? Where are they all? And, as a bit of a history nut, I also wanted to know where and when the first Australian gin was made and by whom?

The most surprising statement that I still come across on a very regular basis is: “I didn’t know that Australia made gin.” Most people know that we make rum, brandy and whisky, but gin? When I inform them that we have, in fact, over 150 distilleries making gin, they are astounded.

I wanted to write a book that could be enjoyed on many levels. For example, to discover where the distilleries are, their cellar doors and tasting rooms, the people involved in the industry and their gins. On the other hand, you can also pick up on some of the hot topics in the gin community and delve even deeper. For example, whether the ways of making a gin are important, the definition of gin styles, the ideas of provenance in Australian gin, what exactly defines a “craft gin”, what is involved in setting up a distillery and so much more.

Before you dive into these pages, do not miss the words on the next page. I was humbled that Jon Lark agreed to write the foreword to this book. He and Sarah Lark founded the first dedicated gin distillery in the modern era on Kangaroo Island. Jon touches on all the important aspects of gin in Australia today and is a perfect way to get started.

David Box l Gintonica

GRAHAM, Anthony

ISBN 978-1-922722-87-4

Reflections of Tiny Victories


A droll memoir of an eventful life.
The author left school aged 14 to pursue a career as a professional square dance caller. Somehow, he found his way back to school and later university. He was diverted and became a jazz club promoter for a few years.

After finally completing his law degree he practised at the bar for nearly 40 years as a barrister and QC and spent 11 years as a judge
of the Family Court of Australia. Subsequently he was appointed a Professorial Fellow at Charles Darwin University and an acting judge of the Supreme Court of the Northern Territory.

Together with an old friend the author returned to the music business when aged 60. The Rocker and the Jazzer have written over 50 songs
and their albums are available to stream. Four of their songs have been recorded in Nashville and they have also been covered by German and Dutch bands.

This is not the author’s first excursion into print. He has written two textbooks, internationally circulated articles and two published novels, JERRY O and MONKEY MAN are available in print or as EBooks.

He is presently working on a new novel, when not playing tennis or writing songs.

About the Author

The author has practised as a barrister, QC, judge and Law Professor over a career spanning 50 years. He is also a musician and songwriter. He is the Jazzer in the Rocker & Jazzer band that has recorded a number of albums and he has co-written numerous songs that have been covered in the USA and Europe. He has written a number of published text books and his fiction, REFLECTIONS OF TINY VICTORIES, JERRY O and MONKEY MAN are available in print or as EBooks.



ISBN 978-0-9876426-4-6

Growing with Cabrini in Victoria

Donald Campbell compiled this book due to his long association and interest in Malvern and with his close association with his family’s next door neighbour, St Benedict’s Hospital, which became Cabrini Hospital in 1948.

Dedicated to the Campbell, Hutchinson and related families.

ISBN 978-1-922722-23-2


The story of a great man, sportsman and philanthropist: Alister John “Fizzle” Forsyth, 23rd January 1938 – 16 November 2019

This is the abridged life story of Alister John “Fizzle” Forsyth, Senior Citizen of the year 2019 (Cessnock), Life Member Point Leo SLSC, Manly SLSC, Manly Surf Club, Manly Golf Club, Laguna Cricket Club, Harbord Frigid Frogs, Old Scotch Hockey Club and Life Member Laguna.

Author Donald Campbell

About the Author

I was born March 1, 1938, in Potts Point, Sydney. My father was working as an engineer on the huge Captain Cook graving docks defence project on Garden Island, in Sydney Harbour prior to and during WW2. I was evacuated back to Victoria after the Japanese submarine torpedo and shelling attacks on Sydney and Newcastle in 1942. My personal history in Malvern at No.6 Coonil Crescent predates the arrival of the Cabrini Sisters in 1948 to take over the small private hospital called St Benedicts’, at No. 5 Coonil Crescent.

After Scotch College, I studied at RMIT and qualified as a professional mechanical engineer.

Whilst there I became involved with future professionals who would be involved in the design and construction of Cabrini Hospital.

My career path resulted in me becoming a project engineer with General Motor’s Holdens at Fisherman’s Bend and working with the same consultants, architects and engineers who were working on Cabrini Hospital projects.

As years advanced I found that I was required to use many of the excellent medical services offered by Cabrini Hospital.

Consequently my background qualifies me to comment on many aspects of Cabrini Hospital and better explain how it is integrated with the structure of the Malvern community.

I have now risen to the challenge! I have written this book about Fizzle, with the assistance of his family and many friends.

Why was Alister John Forsyth called “Fizzle” by many of his close friends?

I have no idea. It was his nickname when I first met him in 1949. We were schoolboys aged about twelve. I had started at Scotch College, after completing primary school at Frankston State School. It didn’t take us long to become lifelong best friends. My nickname soon became “Cammie”, an abbreviation of Campbell.

Dictionary definitions of the word “fizzle” are not flattering, but I believe that our Fizzle has put a new fizz or sparkle into the word Fizzle.


ISBN 978-1-922629-79-1

Stories of Palastoke

The Magical Academy of Steltaria

In the country of Palastoke, where magic is utilised daily and people prosper, all aspiring wizards and witches begin their learning in the years of their thirteenth birthdays.

Astrid Mesteela is another one of these aspiring witches, eager to learn magic and prove herself in magical combat at Steltaria Junior Academy. It could not be more exciting – many new friends to make, many spells to learn, and many ways to begin her dreams of acquiring fame. Life goes as planned, but when an expensive merchant organisation arrives at the academy for business, it turns out to be related to something more sinister…

About the Author

Chris Goranitis is a university student currently studying business. He has always been intrigued by many fantasy worlds, but there has always been one specific type of world in his imagination that he has been unable to find. This has inspired him to create the universe he has been searching for, taking inspiration from many other stories.