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Shattered Lives: A Memoir

A true story of domestic violence survival in Australia

After four years of separation, teenage sweethearts Harry and Emma were extremely excited to meet again. Not long after Emma arrived in New South Wales they were married, but it was not happy ever after.

All Emma’s hopes and dreams were soon shattered by the abuse she suffered, and the isolation of living in the bush with none of the comforts of home. After years of violence and abuse, Emma finally broke free. How did this fresh start affect her and the children? The years that followed were fraught with struggle and hardship and more abuse, although not for Emma.




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Over the Rainbow

Reflections of Love to Overcome Grief

I hope these words of gratitude and love heal you and my loss helps you.

All babies live on in our hearts and it is your choice to remember them with happiness. There is a place of peace and they are there waiting for you. It is not goodbye, you will feel them again when it is your time to go to the light. Remember them with a smile, not with sadness. You shared your life with them, feel blessed everyday having known them when they were here on Earth.

For all those who have lost fur or human babies, I understand your loss. Know your heart grows the more you love. When you are ready you will heal, smile and love again. x

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A Gift for Humanity

ONE explains food, our bodies, health, emotions, colours, your soul, Earth & our energy connection to all, most importantly messages from the greater consciousness to help humanity.

Using food as the conductor and our body as the reactive, Ilka has energetically proven that living energy is aware and shares a live consciousness with us, physical proof that positive and negative energy can be exchanged and transferred to and from different objects and places. Why everything people speak, do, think, use, apply and feel makes a worldwide effect on the planet. Why is this breakthrough important? Because it is proof we can change the world we live in for the positive by bringing light love and peace to our lives and to all living energy. Read this and know

YOU are the person who can make a difference to the Earth!

Consciousness exists with everything living. This is your new love and compassion Bible. We can change the world loving and nurturing it back to life. We are all connected we are ONE.

It all starts with an apple…



About the Author

Information to come.

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Your Psychic Self

Do you get tingles, feelings, and information from holding objects?
Do you have dreams that foretell the future?
Do you wonder why you know information that you couldn’t possibly know?

We all have psychic abilities waiting to be discovered!

This unique book is a comprehensive, easy to follow manual for psychic development beginners of all ages. It is full to the brim with the essential basics and simple activities to help you:

  • Tap into your intuition and open your third eye
  • Confidently connect to your spiritual team
  • Master your seven psychic senses and how you can use them
  • Learn how to use grounding and protection and much, much more

Awaken and develop your psychic abilities to allow you to easily and confidently tune into spirit guides, universal information and get the answers you need to make difficult decisions every day. Think of the choices, careers, and opportunities you can have when you embrace your unique psychic self.

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The Darkness Around Us

A paranormal guide to understanding darkness, so you live in the light.

What are dark energy beings, and why are they here?
How do they affect us and our homes, and what to do about it?
How to recognise paranormal addiction and what to do about it?
How do we respectfully remove them from our homes,
and where do they go?

This is a handbook, like no other. I aim to educate the reader by demystifying the Dark Realm and its inhabitants. As we live in a shared environment filled with invisible energy beings, awareness of their tactics and intentions is essential for maintaining our well-being and harmonious surroundings.

You will read page after page of helpful information and more than 110 real-life experiences, which I have collected over 30 years of my personal and work-related experiences with dark energy beings. They are not as scary as you think! When you have the knowledge and clear understanding of what is out there, you improve your self-awareness and make more appropriate life decisions. You consciously choose to raise your vibration and create more positive emotions, therefore avoiding dark energy presence within yourself and your home.

Anna Schmidt author

About the Author

Anna works as a paranormal specialist, energy worker and house healer with a lifetime of experience working with the invisible realms around us. She has a kind, compassionate nature reflected in her work, and most of all, she uses a respectful approach towards assisting all energetic beings. In return, Anna witnesses paranormal experiences no other human has been allowed to see until now.


THOMSON, Deborah

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Whose Life is it Anyway?

Leaving a Violent Abuser

Deborah left Wayne after eighteen years of his violence, taking their children with her.

She thought they were now free from abuse. Not so. This is the sequel to Whose Life Is It Anyway? Recognising and Surviving Domestic Violence.

Deborah looks closely at the pitfalls of Family Law court as experienced by an abused parent, while attempting to keep her children safe from harm.

It is a story that will resonate with every parent engaging in a fight for the rights of children.

Does the Family court act ‘in the best interests’ of the child? You be the judge.

Deborah Thomson, self-published author of Whose Life is it Anyway? Leaving a Violent Abuser

About the Author

Deborah Thomson, with her daughter, moved to Tasmania in 2010. She now lives here with her partner of nine years and a parrot.

Deborah escaped domestic violence and, inspired by her now partner, she wrote her first book Whose Life Is It Anyway? Recognising and Surviving Domestic Violence to help others recognise abuse (in particular coercive control) in the home and to increase their motivation to leave earlier.

After publishing her first book, Deborah became a trained advocate through Engender Equality, for survivors of family violence. As part of the advocacy, she speaks at domestic violence events across Tasmania, through media channels and podcasts. Link to an example of her advocacy work Choking, non-fatal strangulation to become standalone offence in Tasmania under planned law – ABC News

Deborah has recently completed her second book, a follow up to the first which detailed lived experience with domestic violence by her then-husband; spanning seventeen years from 1985 to 2003. This book is now used in Tasmania as an information resource for family violence counsellors and students on practicals.

The new book, soon to be published, is the final chapter in Deborah’s life with a perpetrator of family violence. Whose Life Is It Anyway? Leaving a Violent Abuser is a complex yet engaging depiction of her personal journey as a parent in a custodial battle with an abusive husband, and father of their children.  It is a story that will resonate with every parent engaging in a fight for the rights of children to feel safe and free from harm…

In her spare time, Deborah writes regularly for Forty South magazine, in the column entitled Tasmanian Voices Deborah Thomson The Family Violence Epidemic.



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About the book

IN THE SECOND book of this sci-fi trilogy with a utopian twist, Samuel, a small-town lawyer, is selected to lead Earth towards a new, peaceful future. His instructor, from the planet Daen, is from a race called the Eshari, who have been following the progress of planet Earth for centuries. Samuel receives intensive training to become an advanced form of human – an ʻAdultʼ – to guide the human race away from their primal and violent urges.

With powerful people and entire governments rendered unable to stand against him, Samuel begins to make changes. Rock Knighton, the worldʼs master criminal who controls most of the crime on the planet, sees his empire shrinking as a result of Samuelʼs changes. He plans Samuelʼs downfall, using the vast resources at his disposal. The arrival of an alien spaceship that accidentally crash lands near a school controlled by Rock provides him with the treasure trove of advanced technology he needs to defeat the enhanced being Samuel. The showdown between Samuel and Rock leaves Earthʼs future hanging in the balance.

“This is a book that any Sci-Fi fan would greedily consume and be left eagerly awaiting the next in the series”

5 Star Review ~ Pacific Book Review

About the Author

Author David Alomes

David Alomes was born in a small mining town in regional Australia. His father, a highly decorated police officer, instilled a strong sense of right and wrong in him from an early age. He is married with three children and has had a 40-year career as a CPA and Financial Planner.

Discussing the world’s ills with his eldest daughter one day, he found a strong voice for changing how things should be and decided to turn his hand to writing. He has undertaking writing courses and been professionally coached. His first book received praise from readers and reviewers alike.

David is optimistic about the future, in spite of all the world’s ills. He believes that, somehow, we will find a way to overcome the obstacles we face as a species and achieve harmony – but everything that is worthwhile is always a struggle.



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Not Named


Adoption. The ideal solution for unwanted babies given to new parents, without question, to ensure happy-ever-after.

This is an urban myth.

The myth persists because of the supposed success of adoptions in Tasmania since 1920. There has always been a market for babies to be given to loving white, Christian, married couples to adopt. Government legislation has always supported this practice for various reasons. So has society supported adoption in the assumption that all ‘unmarried mothers’ were not fit mothers.

This story is of one individual
who has dared to question her
own adoption.

About the Author

I was adopted in 1948. I have spent 40 adult years learning how shocking many adoption
practices were in Tasmania. My journey led me to make a very strong stand and to have my adoption dissolved – in the Children’s Court of Tasmania.

I cannot un-know what I have experienced. This book is my contribution to dispel the urban myth.