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ISBN 978-1-922722-40-9

Herbert the Dancing Horse

Herbert the Dancing Horse’s school talent show is coming up and he’s sad because he doesn’t have a special talent like the rest of his friends.
Join Herbert on his journey as he discovers everyone is unique and special in their own way.

“I’ve never read this book”
Andy Lee

“Send me the book!”
Zoe Foster Blake

“It sounds intriguing… but I’ll get my lawyers onto it”
Shaun Micallef

About the Authors

Ben was a dairy farmer in Two Wells and Liam is a Golden Grove born, uni drop out and fried chicken enthusiast. Ben & Liam are MADE for Adelaide! Join them up early, from 6am Monday to Friday on Nova 919 (or catch up on the weekly podcast!) and share your stories, hear the latest about God’s country (South Aus) and beyond!

Well what a journey that was hay (that’s a horse joke)! We hope you enjoyed it and who knows, maybe it won’t be Herbert’s last. We just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who helped make this book a reality and to everyone that’s picked it up and given it a read (yeah, that’s YOU!!).

Love, Ben & Liam



ISBN 978-1-922629-73-9

English Grammar Book

A great resource for those needing a practical, concise and clear explanation of the principles and use of English Grammar.

The book is 145 pages divided into easy read chapters.

From the Author

I completed my “Masters in English” with “Awards Of College Colours” and “Roll Of Honour” in the sports field (professional boxer) and came to Australia on a scholarship in 2008. In Australia, I got the chance to meet people from all countries and do further English language research. This book is written after interviewing natives of many countries, having an English second language, and understanding the problems they face in the English language. This classical piece of work is an efficient tool for those who want to learn the basic logistics of the English language. It will significantly help to master skills in sentences building, formation, correct usage, and structure. In addition, it will work as a “One-Stop-Shop” for Grammarians.

It takes extensive time to complete this book due to my tight schedule and high volume of interviews from people worldwide. I spend lots of time (Ground Zero) at the University of Adelaide, University of South Australia, and Flinders University (Australia) for my research work, even-thou I was never a student of these universities. Now that, despite voluminous odds, this book has happened, I have hopes and prayers regarding it.

I am fortunate that Navneet Kaur (Masters in English, Roll Of Honour Holder, functioned as strategic-Journalist in “The Tribune” Newspaper) scrutinize the manuscript and proposed expansions.

I am indebted to sharp-witted Advocate, Mr. Inderbir Singh S/O Mr. J.J Singh Hundal (Comdt.) for helpful thoughts and working on all legalities.

I wish to record my gratitude to my wife, Engr. Karamveer Kaur (M. tech), for help with graphics (pictures, tables). She was unstinted support at every corner with affection and analysis. It is reverential to admit that my father was the strongest pillar of support and guidance.

At last, I am obliged and fortunate that I got an opportunity to complete my research work (Masters) under the guidance of intellectuals like Professor, Mrs. Reetinder Joshi (Govt. College Ludhiana) and Prof. Kalia (Head of Dept. S.C.D.  Govt. College Ludhiana).


Ajaypal Singh Hundal, South Australia



Preface 3
Contents 4
Nouns 9
Common Noun 9
Proper noun 10
Concrete noun 12
Abstract Noun 13
Collective Noun 14
Countable nouns 15
Uncountable Nouns 16
The Noun: Gender 18
Pronouns 19
Personal Pronouns 19
Reflexive Pronouns 20
Indefinite pronouns 21
Interrogative pronouns 22
Verbs 23
Action Verbs 23
State Verbs 23
Main Verb 24
Helping Verb or Auxillary Verb 24
Regular Verbs 25
Irregular verbs 25
Transitive verbs 29
Intransitive verbs 29
Phrases 30
Clauses 31
Independent clause 31
Dependent clause 32

Adjective clause 32
Adverb clause 33
Noun clause 33
Adjectives 34
Positive 34
Comparative 35
Superlative degree 36
Descriptive Adjectives 38
Qualitative Adjectives 38
Possessive Adjectives 39
Interrogative Adjectives 42
Distributive Adjectives 43
Articles 44
Definite Article 45
Indefinite Articles 46
Adverbs 48
Adverbs of Time 48
Adverbs of Manner 49
Adverbs of Place 49
Adverb of Degree 50
Adverb of Frequency 51
Prepositions 52
Prepositions of Time 53
Prepositions of Place/Direction 53
Prepositions of Agent or Things 54
Phrasal Prepositions 55
Conjunctions 57
Co-ordinating Conjunction 57

Subordinate Conjunctions 60
Correlative Conjunctions 63
The Interjection 66
Interjection 67
Sentences 69
Declarative Sentences 69
Imperative sentences 70
Exclamatory sentences 71
Interrogative sentences 72
Tenses 74
Past Indefinite Tense 74
Present Indefinite Tense 76
Future Indefinite Tense 78
Past Continuous Tense 79
Present Continuous Tense 81
Future Continuous Tense 84
Past Perfect Tense 85
Present Perfect Tense 87
Future Perfect Tense 89
Past Perfect Continuous Tense 91

Present Perfect Continuous Tense 92
Future Perfect Continuous Tense 94
Structure 94
16 Tenses with Formulas 96
Proverbs 97
Voice 103
Formation of Passive Verbs 110
Present Indefinite 110
Past Indefinite 112
Future Indefinite/Modal 114
Present Continuous 116
Past Continuous 118
Future Continuous 119
Present Perfect 120
Past Perfect 122
Future Perfect/Modal 124
Present Perfect Continuous 125
Past Perfect Continuous 125
Future Perfect Continuous 125
Imperatives 126
Voice chart 130
Narration 131
(Direct and Indirect) 131
Speech 131
Change of Pronouns 133
Change of Tense 134
Change of Sentence Form & Use of connectors 136
Appendix 144
Special Thanks 145


ISBN 978-1-922629-86-9

Tapestries of Time

Carol Linley with Margot J.

Luisa Kelly always believed in her Pa Angus’ foretelling that one day she would tell her story. He had implied during an extremely tough time in her life that there was a greater purpose to all Luisa was experiencing and that one day she would share it with the world. She patiently waited and waited for the right time and means. Once that opportunity arose, Luisa bravely embarked on an incredible journey.

Tapestries of Time is the product of her exploration. What has evolved is the narrative of an incredibly resilient woman reflecting on her life. Remarkable vulnerability is contained in Luisa’s recollections, inseparable from the courage exposed when extremely raw, deep and difficult emotions surfaced.
Yes, this book is about remembering and retelling. Yet the cumulative process has been purposeful in the coalescence of her transformation; in enabling Luisa to reflect, reveal and reclaim her heart’s truths, thereby rediscovering her true nature. Amidst the plethora of colours, images, emotions and situations offered, you will undoubtably find yourself somewhere in her tapestry picture.


The German Teacher

ISBN 978-1-922527-09-7 PAPERBACK

Into a valley deeply divided by war, prejudice and loyalties, arrives Audrey Douglas, a young teacher. It is January 1917 and this her  first appointment, to replace all vestiges of German language and culture from the former one teacher school in the Barossa Valley township of Langestal.

She learns the body of her predecessor,Helmut Heinrich, was found the day before her arrival – two months after he had retired and was supposed to have returned to Adelaide.

Most of the menfolk of Langestal have been interned and the resultant hostility and mistrust between their families and the rest of the community are palpable.

So… was the old teacher murdered? It transpires many had a motive – but who and why? Why was he found in a derelict vineyard, no one reporting him missing?

Audrey and local police constable, Jim Boyd, unite to solve the mystery while facing demons and horrors of their own. 

OTTWAY, Meredith

Baton of Courage

ISBN 978-1-922452-36-8 PAPERBACK

All profits go to the Eye Surgeon’s Foundation


Born in Moonta in 1896 to a family of fishermen, Gordon shows an early talent for music, playing both the violin and pedal-organ with an ambition to become an orchestral conductor, contrary to his father’s wishes.

After his loss of sight Gordon experiences disappointment, hardship, romance and eventually gains successes and wisdom from the multiple characters he meets and works with along the way.

Gordon spends his earlier teenage years as a student attending the ‘The School for the Blind, Deaf and Dumb’ founded in 1874 at Brighton, South Australia, and later to be known as Townsend House, before then attending the ‘Blind School’ at North Adelaide where he learns basket weaving, the usual occupation for the unsighted in those times.

On leaving boarding school, Gordon has to now face the hardships of not only being unsighted, but of finding suitable accommodation and fending for himself in a sometimes harsh world.

DE KLERK, Petrus

Terence in Townsville

ISBN 978-1-922527-34-9 PAPERBACK
Terence is back from his adventurous trip to Africa – back at the farm near his hometown, Townsville!

Terence in Townsville introduces a number of new characters like Tiara the gorgeous girl turkey, Gregory the German grasshopper, Mr Pink Longneck the fat flamingo relief teacher, and Bread and Bun Baker, the terrible emu twins.

In Terence in Townsville, Terence has an interesting encounter with a Black Widow Spider! He falls off his bike and landed on his head! He loses Tammy, his little sister, during a ‘Footy’ game!

The question remains: Who will be served as the dinner meal for the farmer and his wife during the Christmas of 2022?

Enjoy the NON-STOP action, silliness, and fun in Terence’s own backyard! Enjoy the FUN SHEET after every chapter with life lessons, farm facts, quizzes and Bible scriptures!

About the Author

My experience and adventures as a primary school teacher during the last decade inspired me to target the seven to eleven age bracket. Communication with students about my new book gave me sufficient feedback to feel that the ‘Terence the Turkey’ series would be well received by the young generation.

This book consists of short stories, with most adventures taking place on a farm with a variety of animals. The main character is of course Terence, and he is well supported by others like Gopher the goose, Baby the bull, Patrick the pig, Ernie the eagle, Gerald the goat, Uncle Murdock, the Fearfeathers, Aunt Suzie the swan, and many others.

My main idea is to tell interesting, and some funny stories in every chapter. Each story concludes with a ‘FUNSHEET’, and hopefully this will get the children’s attention!

The ‘fun sheet’ includes a Bible scriptures, life lessons, vocabulary, and interesting facts. There will be questions and quizzes, and all the answers will be provided at the back of the book.