BROOK, Clive

ISBN 978-1-922527-81-3 PAPERBACK

Enjoy God: God Enjoys You 

On the cover we see a father sharing joyful love with his son.

The son has a total trust and confidence in his dad, so he is able to give himself to the exercise with a heart full of joy. There is no physical contact between them, but their spirits are united as the dad shares his love with his son.

We may not have any physical contact with our Dad in heaven, but we can have the same utter joy as we trust Jesus who loves us and will guide us all the way to heaven.

” The Rev Clive Brook has written a refreshing, vital and practical book. So many Christians– not just “babes” in the faith–but also “seasoned saints” are longing for a “how to” manual, that’s straightforward, biblical and easy to both understand and implement. Clive’s book ticks all the boxes for a book that is far from vague but gives practical steps to a new, vital faith, or a revitalized faith. I recommend it highly, and pray that it will have a wide circulation. Turn each page with a simple prayer: “show me through this book how I can be vital, and consequential in these turbulent days”. God bless you Clive and may. He continues to use you in many and varied ways.” – Review by Pastor Tony Hallo, Worship Centre Townsville

About the Author

Clive tells it as it is – that can upset secular humanists when he calls their self- centred lies for what they are. He delights in the covenant with God that Jesus gave us. 

He challenges the complacent easy-going Christianity that often pervades the church. Clive shares the joy people feel when touched by Jesus’ healing Spirit.