ANDREWS, Jonathan

ISBN 978-1-922890-14-6

The Reconnected Heart

Do you carry pain from a previous or existing relationship?

Perhaps a friend, family member or partner has hurt you and you just can’t seem to get over it. You try to move forward, but you have suffered injuries of connection and your heart isn’t healing. Injuries of connection can be the deepest and most disruptive of all psychological conditions, leading to deep feelings of betrayal, worthlessness, shame and alienation.

But there is hope.

While it is true that relationships can hurt us, they can also heal us. Your heart can mend by connecting with yourself, connecting with safe and understanding people, and connecting with the God who created you and longs to love you in the midst of your pain. Using his 20 years of experience as a practising clinical psychologist, together with biblical foundations, insights from literature and scientific evidence, Dr Jonathan Andrews will lead you through the steps of healing. . He will guide you through the chaos of psychological injuries caused by disconnection and towards a reconnected heart—and set you up for a life of trust, self-esteem, honour and belonging.

About the Author

DR JONATHAN ANDREWS works with adults and young people helping them to overcome depression and anxiety. His life motto is to live with his “heart in mind” and he encourages others to live this way too, connecting with themselves, with those close to them, and with God.

Jonathan holds a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and is a Member of the Australian Psychological Society (MAPS) and a Fellow of the APS College of Clinical Psychologists (FCCLP). He is the Director of Heart in Mind, a psychological practice in Brisbane, Australia.

He lives in Brisbane with his wife Kylie, their four children and their greyhound, Hazel.

SHEN, Jessie

ISBN 978-1-922337-28-3

Book About Basics Everything and Love

This book is dedicated to all life on Earth and from different galaxies.

Dedicated to all less fortunate beings.

All those who come to this planet, and those who love life and stars.

It is dedicated to my great-grandfather, a rebel young member of Royal Family in the Ching Dynasty who used the Canton Diplomatic Trading Factories to support the revolution against the Ching government.

It is dedicated to my family who supported and funded an orphanage school in Hong Kong and the Alliance of China during 19-20th century.

WHEELER, Correna

ISBN 978-1-922803-95-5

Moving to a New School

Created for Defence Families and Children

Hello and Welcome to Your New School!

Are you a Defence student moving or posting to a new city, and do you get worried and upset because you don’t know what your new school will be like?

This book is a great navigational tool and has been creatively designed to support the Defence family and child through the New School experience.

de MORSIER, Yves

ISBN 978-1-922337-03-0

The solution is simple … but demanding

A strategy for change-
A search for meaning: for a creative response to climate change, economic inequity and democratic collapse

This book presents a fundamentally new and different approach to the problem: climate change, the growing gap between rich and poor, the slow decay of our democracy, etc. … these are symptoms of a deeper crisis – one which cannot be fixed by technical measures.

It is all about life and the meaning of life. We cannot wait for our leaders to act. Nobody else will do it for us! As ordinary people, citizens, workers, consumers, we have to empower ourselves; we are the main and only agents who can truly initiate the move towards change.

The solution is simple: it is in our hands. In our daily lives we have all the necessary means to create, locally, the basic conditions for ourselves to thrive – and to put pressure on our leaders to follow us.

But it is also demanding: we have to learn to think differently and invent and practise new ways to work, exchange, share and live together; we have to discover a new practice of freedom, inclusiveness and solidarity-mutuality.
This book reinvents practical ways of living. It proposes a concrete strategy for change, in 40 points, how to do this here and now.

It is also a guide to the search for meaning, because the change of mentality that is urgently needed can only arise from a better and deeper understanding of the meaning of life and of the laws of the universe.

ISBN 978-1-922890-48-1

Effort and Comfort

The crisis in our relationship with our natural environment is much more than a problem of excess of CO².

Climate change, collapse of ecosystems, loss of biodiversity: these many signs of decay are drastic symptoms that call for a deep transformation in the way we live together and a reassessment of our priorities.

This book proposes a new approach to our relationship with nature and the universe that goes beyond conventional ecology as a prescription for managing natural resources. Humankind is not an exception presiding over the rest of Creation that it may exploit at will. No, we belong to nature, to the land. In this belonging lies the solution to our crisis.

First, this manifesto examines the pathology in our relationships with nature and each other: It describes 4 major ways we use to escape from:

• our confrontation with nature, namely through
• denial by violence (mobility, speed, virtuality)
• destruction by domination (energy, technology)
• accumulation by exploitation
(extraction, inequality)
• and uprooting by isolation (market
economy, advertising disconnection)

Then it shows how we can find the solutions, both practical and metaphysical.

While the universe is aiming at greater differentiation, subjectivity, communion and depth, our society does exactly the opposite: it aims at standardisation, indifference, competition and materialism. It is why we can find all the solutions we need in nature. When we allow nature to become our teacher of righteousness, we only need to listen and adapt to her.

About the Author

Yves de Morsier, architect by training, proposes here a very practical approach that draws from about 50 years of experience in forms of gentle development that aim at a fair share of common resources. He lives on the South Coast of New South Wales (Australia) where, with his wife Ursula, he has built an off-grid solar-powered rammed earth house, facing a national park, where they experiment with new ways of sharing and facilitate times of meditation and workshops.

GREEN, Michael

ISBN 978-1-922722-84-3

Sons of Grace

The saga (tale, story) of a mother’s love for her boys.

Abbervale, mining village, 1940s country Australia. The McCanns a local family, Grace the wise and strong wife and mother, Gordon, a mining team boss with elder son, Bruce. His brother, William, works in the mine office. Delicate daughter, Millie, dies.

In 1949 comes the long strike. Tough times for Abbervale. Gordon is killed in a mine collapse.

Grace and boys move to the city. William works as an accountant. He marries Ellen and soon a child arrives. Bruce rises to Party leader and muscles William into state premiership. But William is appalled by the extent of criminal corruption, tolerated by Bruce and the Party. He sets about reform.

Ross, police officer and friend of William, is killed by corrupt police. This is the turning point for William. He resigns from the premiership and announces a judicial inquiry into state criminal activity.

Sons of Grace is a story about a family, first in a mining village then in the city. Its focus is on love between mother, father, son and wife. It highlights the futility of words to reform corruption. It points to the success of courageous action and the value of a strong supportive woman.

About the Author

Michael Green QC is a retired Catholic priest, a retired criminal barrister, a fortunate husband (non-retired), a devoted father and grandfather, a passionate traveller and hopeless golfer. He has written three self-help books and three novels. A resident of Newtown, an inner-city Sydney suburb, he is a keen reader, and is an organiser of Newtown Literary Lunch, a monthly celebration of books, food and wine.



ISBN 978-0-645156-21-8

Dog Backwards Spells God

This small book proposes a charming way in which we might better understand and appreciate God, thereby improving our relationship with Him.

It is perhaps more than coincidence that DOG backwards spells GOD. Valid comparisons can be made between our relationship with dogs and our relationship with God. Occasionally we see that dogs reflect the nature of God. Sometimes
we discern dogs point the way to a better relationship with God. And at still other times we recognise that our relationship with dogs is strikingly similar to our relationship with God. In a real sense, dogs truly are messengers of God.

Described as a picture book for adults, this work presents twenty comparisons between our relationship with dogs and our relationship with God. And as we think about each of the twenty comparisons, we start to realise that interacting with dogs enables us to catch tiny glimpses of God Himself

Dr John Lourens

About the Author

Hi, I’m John.

I am a retired university academic, and spent my entire career as a teacher. A lifelong dog-lover, I cannot remember a time when I was not blessed with the companionship of a dog. I regard dog ownership as an honour, a privilege and a profound educational experience. I firmly believe that if we are willing to take advantage of the delightful learning opportunities provided, canine companionship can teach us a great deal about God and our relationship with Him.

In my view, it is quite possible that after reading this small book, and after reflecting on its big message, you will no longer look at the canine companions in your life in quite the same light as you do now.

A practising Christian, I am active in my local church community. I live in Melbourne, Australia with my wife, Molly, and our two canine companions and messengers of God, Dior and Sammy. I hope you enjoy reading my book as much as I enjoyed writing it.

John Lourens