LLOYD-JONES, Edwin & Laurel

ISBN 978-1-922722-55-3

The Elm Grove Story: A Mystical Journey

Edwin and Laurel were two agnostics who were bowled over by a clear, inner call that took them on a mystical adventure that proved beyond any doubt that God had a plan for their lives. This took them from suburban Sydney to the remote Snowy Mountains of NSW where they founded a spiritual retreat centre. As they struggled with disbelief and self-doubt, they experienced the awe of seeing amazing miracles unfold through daring to trust completely with open hearts and deep inner listening.

About the Author

Edwin was born in 1934 in Rhyl, North Wales. In 1960, as a musician he gained a posting with the Toronto Symphony orchestra and decided to travel through Europe, the Middle East and Australia on route to Canada. During his travels he fell ill and while recuperating in Australia he became enamoured and decided to stay. He combined his passion for music with becoming a successful business owner and he married and raised a family in Sydney, NSW. Laurel, born in Sydney in 1946, suffered a challenging family life. As a social worker she knew first-hand the difficulties that many people face in their lives and so her marriage to Edwin, along with her two children Jake and Natasha, this brought immense joy and contentment to her life. Neither Laurel nor Edwin held any strong religious convictions prior to when Laurel suffered a cardiac arrest in 1980 during major surgery. With Laurel’s amazing encounter with her Creator this brought huge change to her life and that of her family.Following a deep inner call this took them from their comfortable Sydney lifestyle to initially quite primitive living conditions in the Snowy Mountains of NSW where they founded a spiritual retreat centre. Within their deeply mystical experiences, immense workloads and early challenges, they then gifted their property in founding the charity, Elm Grove Sanctuary Trust where they welcomed and assisted all who came on a donation basis. In 1991, they formed a widely ecumenical community, the Little Followers of St. Francis and as life-professed Franciscans, they lived in deep trust and ‘by Grace’ as their vision unfolded. Their charity continues its work today.



A Better Way

ISBN 978-1-922527-84-4 PAPERBACK

Burnout, breakdowns, depression and moral failure are on the increase within pastoral ministry. Without change many will struggle and feel unable to find the freedom God has for them

Have you ever asked yourself why ministry can be so hard? Would you like to learn how to find fulfilment in life? If you answered yes to either of these questions then this book is for you.

In this book ‘A Better Way,’ David shares with an open and transparent heart his journey through depression, anxiety and multiple breakdowns. David reveals how God showed him to live in a better way. A way in which emotional and spiritual health walk hand in hand.

Letting go of his past, learning to live in the now and gaining hope for the future has enabled him to understand what it truely means to live with fulfilment and wholeness. Your Soul is waiting, and it’s time to take the first step onto the ‘Better Way’ journey for life and ministry.


About the Author

David is a husband, father of three, business owner and Campus Pastor of C3 New Hope Blue Mountains in Sydney Australia. Along with his wife Emma they have been in ministry 16 years. They have a passion to mentor people and help them live in the freedom God has provide for them in Christ.


ISBN 978-1-922722-10-2

No Ordinary Life

No Ordinary Life tells the story of a young couple’s experience of World War II and its influence on their lives. It’s a story of love and its resilience during extraordinarily difficult times, the time before, during and just after World War II. Their participation took them from war-torn Glasgow and the battlefields in France, North Africa and a small Greek Island in the Aegean, to life in a German POW Camp and a timber camp in the Highlands of Scotland. When the war finally ended, they left Scotland as ‘Ten Pound Poms’ and established a new life in Australia, far away from memories that were best left behind. This book is as much about the times in which they lived as it is about them.

About the Author

Anne is a retired science teacher who started her working life as a medical scientist. She followed a passion to become a teacher and taught Science in the western suburbs of Sydney before taking up a position at a large independent school in the city where she taught for thirty years. Retirement brought time to write, first about her children and the remarkable journey they shared in The Gift of Adoption, and then about her parents in her new book, No Ordinary Life. ‘My parents’ lives were ordinary for the time, but the times in which they lived their young lives were anything but ordinary. They weren’t the heroes of war recorded in history books, but they were heroic; they were part of the backbone on which victory was built. Although their story wasn’t unusual for the time, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be told.’



ISBN 978-1-922722-12-6

Surfa Saurus

Surfa Saurus on the move surfing to the big–wave groove!

Sid Surfa Saurus and his best friend Dally are not your usual dinosaurs – they surf. But they didn’t always.

Thousands of years ago, while being chased by meat-eaters, they ran into the ocean to escape danger and discovered the coolest lifestyle imaginable – surfing. Sid and Dally were the very first surfers on planet Earth.

What happened next, was unimaginable. The climate changed – not once, but twice!

First of all, the ice age came and their world froze. They were caught, mid-wave, inside icebergs for millions of years … One day, the world began to warm up and the icebergs melted. Sid and Dally then found themselves in a modern world full of sun, sand and yes; surfing!


ISBN 978-1-922722-02-7


Perversity to deviate from the truth. Not to deviate from what is expects of you as a father or a person holding a position of power. (authority).
Undermine – to erode the foundation of… Not to erode the child’s faith and trust.
Sensibility – The quality of being able to respond to complexed emotions. In this case the victim and the long term affects.
Inre – In the matter of (this story).
Life – Existence
Logic – Reasoning.
Nous – Common sense.
Meaningful – Serious, important thinking of your actions.
Self – An individual – you.

NEWMAN, Telesha

ISBN 978-0-6451562-5-6

To Be Cool, You Must Be Kind

To Be Cool, You Must Be Kind; is a children’s story with a hidden message. It touches on a variety of behaviours school aged children would typically experience when trying to fit in and be accepted for who they are. The book goes through what children may perceive as ‘ being cool’ versus what it actually takes to be cool and ultimately that is found in the way of kindness and acceptance.

This is a great children’s story suitable for school aged children, that not only has a great message; but is also enjoyable to read.

Telesha Newman, self-published author of 'To Be Cool, You Must Be Kind'

About the Author

Mother by Day, Writer by night!

I am a mother of four with three boys and one girl. Although I have always had an urge to make a bigger contribution within society, it was my children that gave me to inspiration to pursue my passion to make a difference. One of my biggest challenges is to try and change the stigma’s associated with so many situations we faced as children and our children continue to face today. My book, ‘ To Be Cool, You Must Be Kind; was written to try and change the way we perceive someone being cool. It touches on a variety of behaviours typically seen in school aged children and walks the readers through what it really takes to be cool; and ultimately that is being kind.

All of my stories both present and future will have hidden messages written in a child friendly and enjoyable manner.

Our children are the future and we can change the way they think and perceive the world, one book at a time!