BAKER, Andrew

ISBN 978-1-922452-32-0 PAPERBACK

Fear Free Future

A collection of modern-day fables for today’s children.

In a world full of fear, 13 fables to enable you and your child to live a FEAR FREE FUTURE.

Featuring the legendary fable THE HIPPO WHO POOED ON US parts 1 and 2.

13 fables, 13 Animated films, 13 Steps to a FEAR FREE FUTURE.

  • 216mm x 216mm
  • 334 pages
  • Full colour throughout
  • QR code links to 13 online animations

KNIGHT, Connie- Fairy Series

Fairy Colors by self-published author Connie Knight

Book 1
ISBN 978-1-922527-18-9

Fairy Colours

This book has 12 colourful fairies.

With it’s rhyming storyline, children will be captivated with their colours and playful personalities of each fairy. For all ages up to 10 years, Fairy Colours sparks imagination and creativity with each colour.

Fairy Places by self-published author Connie Knight

Book 2
ISBN 978-1-922527-35-6

Fairy Places

Fairy Places is about a journey on a dragon that a group of fairies take to visit eight unknown forests to explore. Bursting with colour and rhyming pages, children will be swept away by these magical places as they too experience this journey. For all ages up to 10 years.

Fairy Faces by self-published author Connie Knight

Book 3
ISBN 978-1-922527-91-2

Fairy Faces

Rhyming with spectacular colour, Fairy Faces captures the characters and personalities of Twelve fascinating Fairies. For all children up to ten years of age.

Fairy Fun by self-published author Connie Knight

Book 4
ISBN 978-0-6451513-2-9

Fairy Fun

Fairy Fun is about a group of fairies out for a playful day, filled with games and activities for the fairies to enjoy. Lots of colour and rhyming words with loads of fun. For all ages up to 10 years.

About the Author

Connie Knight started writing Children’s books 25 years ago when she was a single mum with three very young daughters Olimpia, Candice and Sabrina.

Watching her girls play and listening to their imagination inspired her to write 7 childrens books that the girls loved. Twenty-five years later Connie has started to write again back to creating fun short stories that rhyme and bring joy and learning for children.


ISBN 978-1-92452-51-1


A Gift for Humanity

Author Ilka Patten

ONE explains food, our bodies, health, emotions, colours, your soul, Earth & our energy connection to all, most importantly messages from the greater consciousness to help humanity.

Using food as the conductor and our body as the reactive, Ilka has energetically proven that living energy is aware and shares a live consciousness with us, physical proof that positive and negative energy can be exchanged and transferred to and from different objects and places. Why everything people speak, do, think, use, apply and feel makes a worldwide effect on the planet. Why is this breakthrough important? Because it is proof we can change the world we live in for the positive by bringing light love and peace to our lives and to all living energy. Read this and know

YOU are the person who can make a difference to the Earth!

Consciousness exists with everything living. This is your new love and compassion Bible. We can change the world loving and nurturing it back to life. We are all connected we are ONE.

It all starts with an apple…

DE KLERK, Petrus

ISBN 978-1-922337-89-4

Terence in Africa

Follow Terence the turkey during his action-packed holiday in South Africa.

He got lost in Lost City, caught some thieves in Durban by the sea, and saw a ghost in Potchefstroom! An elephant nearly stomps on him in the Kruger National Park! He had to run away from Zorro the crazy zebra on a game farm!

Meet Bosluis the vicious baboon, Lazarus the ‘dead’ leghorn, and Dodo the dump donkey! The stories in Terence in Africa are a combination of real-life experiences by the author, fictitious animals and tall tales.

The FUN SHEETS will provide Bible values, life lessons, vocabulary, fast facts, and quizzes – a variety of tools to help children learn and grow whilst having heaps of fun.

Enjoy the action in AFRICA!

About the Author

My experience and adventures as a primary school teacher during the last decade inspired me to target the seven to eleven age bracket. Communication with students about my new book gave me sufficient feedback to feel that the ‘Terence the Turkey’ series would be well received by the young generation.

This book consists of short stories, with most adventures taking place on a farm with a variety of animals. The main character is of course Terence, and he is well supported by others like Gopher the goose, Baby the bull, Patrick the pig, Ernie the eagle, Gerald the goat, Uncle Murdock, the Fearfeathers, Aunt Suzie the swan, and many others.

My main idea is to tell interesting, and some funny stories in every chapter. Each story concludes with a ‘FUNSHEET’, and hopefully this will get the children’s attention!

The ‘fun sheet’ includes a Bible scriptures, life lessons, vocabulary, and interesting facts. There will be questions and quizzes, and all the answers will be provided at the back of the book.



ISBN 978-0-6485111-1-3

Bushtown: The Green Ball of Death

“Come and see where the wild things are”.
Bushdude looked at his phone. It was 2:30 in the am. The voice was a faint whisper.
“Who are you?” said Bushdude, still half asleep.
“Come and see” replied the voice.
A dystopian science fiction bordering on reality and fantasy, each page accompanied by a high-quality illustration.

About the Author

Yeppoon author and illustrator, John Doyle recently released his debut, Bushtown: The Green Ball of Death.