SHEN, Jessie

ISBN 978-1-922337-28-3

Book About Basics Everything and Love

This book is dedicated to all life on Earth and from different galaxies.

Dedicated to all less fortunate beings.

All those who come to this planet, and those who love life and stars.

It is dedicated to my great-grandfather, a rebel young member of Royal Family in the Ching Dynasty who used the Canton Diplomatic Trading Factories to support the revolution against the Ching government.

It is dedicated to my family who supported and funded an orphanage school in Hong Kong and the Alliance of China during 19-20th century.


ISBN 978-1-922803-24-5

The Day the Queen Bee Quit

The Queen Bee has had enough!

She’s NOT happy with the humans and has decided to shut down all the hives and close up the colony of hard-working bees. But, what will happen to all of the humans if bees don’t come back to work? Is there anybody who can change the Queen Bee’s Mind?

Go on a journey inside the hive to see what has happened to the bees and why the Queen Bee has quit in this entertaining story with a meaningful message by 10 year old, Zara Matta.

About the Author

Hi there! I’m so excited that you’ve chosen to read my book – thank you! I’m Zara Matta, a 10 year old primary student from Sydney, Australia. I started writing this story a year ago after learning that the number of bees were declining because of our actions.

Bees are so important! Did you know that they pollinate many of the crops that feed the world’s population? Without bees we would struggle to feed the 8 billion people on Earth. That’s not all! The disappearance of bees would mean a major change in our ecosystem. Some plants would be lost and then the animals that feed on the plants may eventually become extinct.

When I read about all of this, I wanted to see if there was a way I could raise awareness through the power of words and pictures. We can all do our bit to save our bees habitats, reduce pollution and stop poisoning the environment where they thrive.

So many kids are fighting for a world where we can look after our environment, plants and animals. They don’t have a voice, but our generation IS their voice. By fighting for our earth and all the living things that make it so beautiful, we are also fighting for our future.

So come on everybody – let’s work together and SAVE the BEES!

BEYER, Natasha

ISBN 978-1-922803-42-9

Cali The Happy Puppy

Cali was a little puppy in a town East of Perth dreaming of one day finding her forever home. Eventually that day came!

Follow her adventure in this book and see why she just might be the happiest puppy in the world!

Natasha Beyer author

About the Author

Natasha Beyer is a Perth based Author who wrote Cali The Happy Puppy in 2021. She has always had a love for animals and adopting Cali has brought her so much joy.

Cali has been the inspiration of this book which highlights just how much love a rescue animal can bring, no matter what they look like or where they came from.

She hopes this book will inspire families to talk about adopting an animal when considering a pet.


ISBN 978-1-922722-74-4

Gus: the Southern Purple Spotted Gudgeon

Southern Purple Spotted Gudgeons were thought to be extinct however a small number were rediscovered several years ago and some were captured for breeding stock, which has led to several groups becoming involved in breeding programs.

Students can investigate native aquatic and land-based animals that rely on healthy wetlands, billabongs creeks and rivers.

How are billabongs and wetlands formed? What causes some animals to become extinct? How do introduced fish affect native fish species?

By reading the story of Gus, students can create a wetlands food web.

gerry mccarthy author

About the Author

Hooked on fishing from and early age, Gerry McCarthy and his dad Martin were regular hopefuls on all of Adelaide’s metropolitan jetties. Interestingly Gerry’s extensive teaching and educational leadership appointments were always situated close to water! In 2015 after forty-six years in educational settings, Gerry established his own teaching business Teachfishsa and South Australian schools took the bait.
Gerry’s passion for all things fish saw schools engage in STEM projects through aquaponics as well as fishing camps and fishing excursions. However, Gerry’s most recent focus as been to help save critically endangered native fish. The story of Gus the Southern Purple Spotted Gudgeon (a fish that until recently was thought to be extinct) is shared by Gerry and his illustrator niece Elise Fitzgerald in the hope that others will join the cause and help save fish like Gus. 
Elise Fitzgerald Illustrator Gus book

About the Illustrator

Elise Fitzgerald is a Year 10 student at Mercedes College Adelaide and this is the first book Elise has illustrated. Elise has always loved art and in order to further develop her skills is taking on lessons outside of school. Elise has a preference for oil paintings and portraits.
When not producing outstanding art pieces, Elise spends a lot of time on her other passion gymnastics. Elise hopes to pursue illustrating and other creative avenues into the future.


ISBN 978-1-922722-75-1

Redzel: King of the Everest

Commencing life as an orphan foal, champion racehorse Redzel would go on to win The TAB Everest–the world’s richest horse race on turf–in its inaugural year and come back to successfully defend the title in 2018.

Redzel King of the Everest is a narrative of Redzel’s illustrious racing career, told from the firsthand perspective of an owner. From spelling, pre-training, jump-outs, trials, pre- and post-race reports and the Everest celebrations, you will follow along with Redzel’s journey and share the experience.

graeme andermahr breaking free from sexual barriers

About the Author

Timothy Cheng is a business owner/operator specialising in computer software solutions for the Australian bus and coach industry. Tim is a full-time single father of Jasmine and David, a gym junkie, a diehard Sydney Roosters supporter and a passionate horse racing participant. Racing was always destined to play some role in Tim’s life, as the first and only thing he would read was the ‘yellow form guide’ in the Telegraph Mirror every Friday. His late grandfather Bill Sun was also a penciller for big bookmakers Bill Waterhouse, Les Tidmarsh and Terry Page during the 1970s and 80s, so it would be fair to say racing was in his blood. Known for his bright red suit, Tim’s post-race celebrations and antics with some of his fellow Redzel owners are regularly played in racing carnival promotions today.